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bergoglio is the successor of judas

bergoglio is the successor of judas

Kasper -- little judas -- leaves no room for doubt about bergoglio -- big judas.

This is not "the church of nice".... this is "the Church of Hell".

Next to bergolio and kasper, the great apostate martin luther is a like a saint. At least luther had the decency to be open in his protest and to leave the church.

These satanic snakes -- bergoglio and kasper -- remain in the church spreading their venom and doing their un-holy utmost to desecrate and destroy the Body of Christ.

If the prophet Elijah were alive today, he would surely call down fire and lightning from heaven to strike down these high priests of Baal.

May God have mercy on their souls. May God have mercy on all of us.


LINK [H/T Rorarte Caeli]

Did you expect this controversy regarding your address to the Consistory?

"I'm not naïve. I knew that there are other positions, but I didn't think that the debate would become, and now is shown to be also, without manners. Not one of my fellow Cardinals ever spoke to me. I, intead, [spoke] twice with the Holy Father. I agreed upon everything with him. He was in agreement. What can a cardinal do, if not being with Pope? I am not the target, the target is another one."

Is it Pope Francis?

"Probably yes."

What else do you say, finally, to your opponents?

"They know that I have not done these things by myself. I agreed with the Pope, I spoke twice with him. He showed himself content [with it]. Now, they create this controversy. A Cardinal must be close to the Pope, by his side. The Cardinals are the Pope's cooperators."

Gardasil alert!

Gardasil alert!

I wrote previously about my suspicions that Gardasil could be deliberately used to cause infertility in young women.


I also said that this could be targeted at certain populations by "juicing up" the formulation distributed for specific groups of young women... for instance poor women, black or hispanic women... or even whole countries -- especially Catholic countries like Mexico, Philippines, or in this case Colombia....

Here is the latest evidence that Gardasil is NOT a safe vaccine.... so why is this being pushed world-wide on young girls who are entering into their child-bearing age?

What exactly is "guard"-a-sil supposed to be "guarding" against? No one even claims that it can prevent all forms of genital virus... only a small subset at best...


"Gardasil Suspected of Sickening Girls"

A "mysterious" illness sickened 240 girls in the town of El Carmen de Bolivar in Colombia -- population 95,000.


Hundreds of teenage girls in a small town in Colombia were sickened and hospitalized with symptoms believed to be an adverse reaction to the controversial cervical cancer vaccine known as Gardasil.

On one particular weekend, 120 girls were rushed to the hospital which all but collapsed the town’s limited medical facilities.

Authorities are unable to say what caused the sudden illness in the girls, who range in age from nine to 16, but parents say they all have one thing in common – they all received the Gardasil vaccine in recent months.

The symptoms the girls are presenting are suspiciously similar to those reported by the Centers for Disease Control whose published data from 2009 showed that adolescent girls and women between the ages of nine to 26 who were injected with the vaccine reported symptoms of dizziness, numbness, nausea, headaches and...

***** autoimmune disorders! *****

Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria denied any link between the girls’ illness and the vaccine and blamed the media for stirring panic. “On one side we have the weight of scientific evidence and on the other are opinions and moral prejudices,” he said during a radio interview.


Spain now joins a growing list of countries where criminal lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of the HPV vaccine, which includes France, India, Japan, and many more.


Gardasil: Criminal complaint filed in Spain

By Norma Erickson
SaneVax, Inc.

June 19 2014, Logroño, Spain: Attorney Don Manuel Sáez Ochoa filed a criminal complaint against Merck-Sanofi Pasteur Laboratories, Spanish National Health authorities, and the regional health authorities of the La Rioja province on behalf of Zuriñe Jiménez Guereño and her mother Doña Maria del Carmen Jiménez Guereño for injuries and disabilities suffered by Zuriñe after the administration of Gardasil.

The complaint states that Merck Laboratories failed to use an inert placebo during clinical trials, thereby manipulating data and marketing Gardasil under false pretences. Despite complaints of several young women with similar new medical conditions after Gardasil injections, the Spanish health authorities ignored calls for a moratorium on the use of Gardasil until the safety issues were resolved.

Both regional and national health authorities made no attempt to verify the accuracy of the safety data Merck submitted to gain approval for the widespread administration of Gardasil as a cancer preventative; nor did they make any attempt to inform the public that an already proven safe and effective means of controlling cervical cancer was already in existence.

The complaint goes on to say both national and local health authorities had adequate knowledge regarding the potential harmful effects of Gardasil and chose to recommend administration of the HPV vaccine anyway. The complaint alleges this showed an absolute disregard for the health and well-being of young Spanish girls.

According to the complaint, the attitude of the Merck pharmaceutical company and Spanish health authorities (both national and regional) before, during and after the administration of Gardasil shows they care nothing about the risk to which medical consumers expose themselves whenever Gardasil is used.

The complaint states, prior to administration, no one was concerned about possible adverse reactions to the vaccine. When adverse reactions did occur, those who experienced them were treated with contempt leaving them in a state of helplessness. There was allegedly not one single official inquiry about the girls’ post-Gardasil conditions even though they were healthy prior to being injected with Gardasil.

An outcry from the public calling for a moratorium on the use of Gardasil until safety issues were resolved was ignored by Spanish health authorities. Injections of Gardasil continued despite the damage left behind.

According to Attorney Don Manuel Sáez Ochoa,

(claiming) a possible exemption arguing that they did not know at the time of processing, the dangers of the vaccine (Gardasil) is laughable……Frankly this attitude seems clearly malicious and constitutes the offense of injury as per Artile 149.1 of the Criminal Code that states: To cause another, by any means or process, the loss or worthlessness of an organ or principal member, or a sense, impotence, sterility, severe deformity, or severe somatic or mental illness, shall be punished with imprisonment of six to twelve years.

Charges contained in the official criminal complaint

Merck-Sanofi Pasteur, Spain’s National and Regional (La Rioja) health authorities are charged with the following:

fraudulent marketing and/or administration of an inadequately tested vaccine;
failure to inform the public about the potential risks of using Gardasil;
clear infringement of the right to informed consent;
ignoring new medical conditions in those who used Gardasil despite the similarity of their symptoms and the relatively short period of time between vaccine administration and the onset of symptoms;
ignoring established and new scientific evidence illustrating the potential harmful effects of Gardasil ingredients and manufacturing methods;
callous disregard for those suffering new medical conditions post-Gardasil;
failure to inform the public that HPV infections are simply one of the risk factors involved in the  development of cervical cancer;
failure to inform the public that 90% of all HPV infections clear on their own without medical intervention;
failure to inform the publlic about alternative methods of controlling cervical cancer; and
criminal liability for the injuries resulting from the administration of Gardasil
Even if one assumes that Merck-Sanofi Pasteur and all of the government health officials were not aware of the potential risks and lack of proven benefit of Gardasil, there has been plenty of scientific and medical evidence provided since 2007 when the vaccine was approved for use in Spain.

Given their expertise, all of these people were aware of the fact that there are several methods to control cervical cancer that have already been proven safe and effective.

Zuriñe was a healthy, athletic and academically gifted girl until she received the recommended three doses of Gardasil via an immunization program at her school when she was 13 years old. Three weeks later, she was admitted to the emergency room of her local hospital suffering from a multitude of symptoms including dizziness, fatigue and convulsions.

After receiving no answers from her doctors, the conversations began to include hints of conversion disorder. Her parents decided to take her to a private specialist.

According to this specialist, Dr. Mark Mazzuca:

Zuriñe suffers severe cell disease, oxidative stress linked to a demineralization of her body. To put it graphically, she is an 18 year old girl locked in a cell body of a person over sixty years old. Zuriñe also suffers from hard infield Ortostátiaco Postural Syndrome polyneuropathy revealing a central character. It also presents as liver and bladder inflammation.

Five years after her last Gardasil shot, Zuriñe’s life bears little resemblance to anything she once considered normal. In and out of hospitals dealing with ‘mysterious’ new medical conditions every day. No one knows how much of her normal life she will be able to regain.

Thousands of young women around the world are finding themselves in the same position as Zuriñe. They have gone from being happy, active, and healthy to facing a multitude of autoimmune problems and neurological disorders. For them, the ‘possible’ adverse effects of Gardasil have become an all too harsh and brutal reality.

It is time for those responsible to be held accountable for their actions. Criminal prosecution is quite possibly the only way to accomplish that goal.

Perhaps six to twelve years in prison would remind those responsible what it means to conduct yourself in an ethical manner. Perhaps they would remember that their first duty is to maintain the public health, not destroy it.

On July 30, the Judge decided to open criminal proceedings and investigation of the facts. The first criminal case in Spain regarding Gardasil injuries and potential criminal liability begins.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

did bergoglio say "no, no, no NGO" or "go, go, go NGO"?

did bergoglio say "no, no, no NGO" or "go,  go, go NGO"?

NOTE: This is a followup to "Caritas -- what's wrong with this video?" - LINK

I commented in that article that "There's just one thing missing from the new Caritas video -- any mention of the Catholic Church. Also missing -- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

From Bill O’Keefe, a vice-president at "Catholic Relief Services" -- the American branch of Catholic charities, comes this remarkable statement:

"We assist people of all backgrounds and religions and we do not attempt to engage in discussions of faith. We’re proud of that. We like to say that we assist everybody because we’re Catholic, we don’t assist people to become Catholic.”

Essentially he is saying, "We’re ‘proud’ that we don’t discuss the Catholic faith."


Why do I have the feeling that O'Keefe would be more comfortable saying that he is a vice-president of CRS.... rather than CATHOLIC Relief Services....

That way he wouldn't risk potentially "offending" any muslims, jews, protestants, buddhists, hindus, atheists, satanists, freemasons, secular humanists, new age earth worshippers, etc.

One wonders whether O'Keefe actually believes in the salvation of souls through the Holy Catholic Church....

... ditto for bergoglio.... if it looks like an NGO and talks like an NGO and waddles like an NGO and likes to swim in an NGO pond with other NGOs.... then....


From LifeSiteNews


"For CRS to be ‘proud’ of the fact that it doesn't evangelize may help it to get grants from the federal government," said Steven Mosher, president of Population Research Institute. "After all, such activities are specifically forbidden to federal grantees. But it is an abdication of their responsibility as Catholics - really everyone's responsibility as Catholics - to spread the Gospel."

Michael Hichborn, director of American Life League’s Defend the Faith project, agreed.

“The bottom line is that there can be no division between charity and the work of evangelism,” he said.  “But CRS just stated that it is ‘proudly’ doing just that.”

Hichborn told LifeSiteNews he believes the statement highlights the fact that for CRS social works supersede evangelization.  

But in reality, he argued, charitable works “are the loving tools by which we evangelize. Any act to divorce evangelization from works of charity neuters the Church and relegates charity to mere philanthropy. Catholic Relief Services, by their own admission, is content to feed bodies and starve souls."

Don bergoglio makes Cardinal Burke an offer he can't refuse

Don bergoglio makes Cardinal Burke an offer he can't refuse

Obviously Cardinal Burke is doing something right.... otherwise he wouldn't be on the enemies list of the godfather of the gay mafia.

... and just in time for the synod on sex... i mean the sin-od on the family...


"Vatican Diary / Exile to Malta for Cardinal Burke"

As the impeccable prefect of the supreme tribunal of the apostolic signatura, he is on the verge of being demoted to the purely honorary role of “patron” of an order of knighthood. At the behest of Pope Francis

by Sandro Magister


+ + +

[28] Take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock, wherein the Holy Ghost hath placed you bishops, to rule the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood. [29] I know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock. [30] And of your own selves shall arise men speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.
-- The Acts of the Apostles 20:28-30


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beauty and the beastly

beauty and the beastly

NOTE: This started as a comment to my previous article titled "bergoglio's dream comes true -- imagine that !"


But after I had finished writing I thought it was a topic deserving of a new article.


I've seen a couple of comments about the slutty Argentine teen singer in the video that mentioned that she is "beautiful". I totally and completely disagree. She is not "beautiful" at all -- seductive... maybe, demonic.... definitely.

I would say that we have been trained by the pop culture to associate female "beauty" with the appearance of a seductive scantily clad street prostitute.

The true definition of feminine beauty is the Blessed Virgin. This poor child has no resemblance to Our Lady -- instead she models herself after a certain pop celebrity who uses Our Lady's name in vain in the hopes that she too will become a major celebrity.... like the pop "stars", like the movie "stars", like the sports "stars", like the political "celebrities".... like bergoglio.

.... like all the "secular saints" which the pop culture tells us that we should model our lives after -- the ones who claim that they are NOT "role models", but NOT coincidentally the ones that our children attempt to imitate.

.... of course the popular secular anti-God culture needs "secular saints" in order to displace the true saints of the Catholic Church. Of course the popular demonic culture needs to provide a way for us to feel like we are being spritually nourished -- when in fact we are being starved.

Jesus Christ said to the Samaritan woman at the well, " Whosoever drinketh of this water, shall thirst again; but he that shall drink of the water that I will give him, shall not thirst for ever: [14] But the water that I will give him, shall become in him a fountain of water, springing up into life everlasting."
-- Gospel according to Saint John 4:13-14


Of course this demonic "popular" culture which has spread all over the world is the embodiment of the prince of this world. It is the anti-church -- complete with an anti-religion and anti-saints. It can only offer false "beauty", false "happiness and a false god.

Only the One True Holy Apostolic Catholic Church can offer a vision of true beauty, true happiness and the One True God who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio and kasper were strolling hand-in-hand down the main corridor of the new Vatican II superstore that had just been built across the street from the Casa Santa Marta when an announcement came blaring out of the public address speakers.

"Attention Vatican II shoppers, there is a 50% sale of all bergoglio brand items in aisle 5."

kasper turned to bergoglio excitedly and said, "Oh, this is wunderbar. I have been wanting to buy some bergoglio brand who-am-i-to-judge t-shirts for all of my grandchildren..."

"what!?" interrupted bergoglio. "my dear kasper, how can you possibly have any grandchildren?.... you are a celibate priest..."

"i'm speaking of 'spiritual' grandchildren of course," replied kasper with a scolding look at bergoglio.

"oh, kasper that is so profoundly serene... can i wash your feet?"

"not now bergoglio... we are shopping... wait til we get back to the casa santa marta... "

"oh, alright... how many 'spiritual' grandchildren do you have?"

"At last count... about 6 billion or so... but how will i know what size to buy for all of them?"

"oh," replied bergoglio proudly, "that is the best thing about my bergoglio brand t-shirts... they have been carefully designed by my ecumenical consultants so that one-size-fits-all."

"oh, that's right... how could i forget. i recommended this myself during the preliminary studies."

"oh, that's right. in that case please allow me to donate one million dollars for the t-shirts from my personal Vatican account."

"natürlich, of course. how else did you think i was going to pay for them?"

"let's hurry then kasper... it looks like they may be selling out."

"don't worry, bergoglio... there is plenty more where that came from."


i don't get it...

what don't you get?

how can one size fit all? for instance a jewish rabbi and a protestant pentecostal minister?

i read that the secret is in the special "ecumenical spirit" material that the bergoglio brand items are made from.

so what is so special about this "ecumenical spirit" material?

i read that it's been specially treated in a very hot fire so that it can stretch to fit all false religions.

and what about Catholics?

oh the marketing studies found that this was such a small niche market that it wasn't worth going after.

so what happens if a Catholic tries on one of these bergoglio i-don't-want-to-judge one size fits all t-shirts?

oh no, it won't fit... but why would they want to do that?

maybe... to look cool?

oh you're talking about the Vatican II 'c'atholics... no problem. it will fit them perfectly.

phew, that's a relief.


modern technology is wonderful...

... and getting better all the time... that's progress

and 'c'atholics don't want to be left behind...

got that right...


yeah, coool

... so what used to be on the land where they built the new Vatican II superstore?

oh, it was a centuries old medieval cathedral

that's what i thought...

bergoglio's reaction to the horrifying murder of nuns in Burundi

bergoglio's reaction to the horrifying murder of nuns in Burundi

This is a horrifying murder and one cannot help but suspect that it was committed specifically as  an act of hatred towards Catholics.


CallMeJorge has compared the reaction of bergoglio to the sister's death with that of a true Catholic.


bergoglio: “May the blood shed by the sisters become the seed of hope to build true fraternity.”

Tertulian (2nd-century Church Father Tertullian): "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church."