Saturday, September 11, 2010

IBM smarter global dictatorship

IBM tells us in its latest ad blitz that it's building a "smarter planet".

Innocuously dropped into the things "we need" is...
BUSINESSWOMAN: We need smarter people.

How do we get "smarter people"? I can quickly come up with two rather unpleasant ideas.
1. Create a smarter transhuman by embedding IBM computer technology directly into people.
2. Get rid of the "less smart" people.

Of course she could just mean that we would have people that are "smarter" because they have access to more data. I have two problems with that.
1. We already have more data than humans can deal with. Any more would just be overwhelming.
2. At best, that's not really "smarter" people, just better informed people.

And the result of all this is...
KID: Happier people.

How can we possibly be any happier? Weren't we promised happiness when we bought that new car, or new house, or new TV? If we're all so happy, then why do we snarl at each other as we drive in traffic? And if those other things didn't make us "happy" as promised, then why should a "smarter planet" be any different?

Unless of course by "happier people" you mean the people on the board of directors of IBM?

Here is the response from We The People Will Not Be Chipped! - "IEM - Let's Build an Enslaved Planet". [MUST SEE!!!]

"We can build a controlled planet... We need slaves... Connect them all together and what do you have? Slavery!... That's what I'm working on. I'm an IEMer... Let's build an enslaved planet." (IEM - International Enslavement Machines)

And if you liked that video, you will absolutely LOVE this one from the same folks - "Satan is going on vacation and needs a replacement". In the video candidates for Satan's job include CEOs from Positive ID, Verichip, Raytheon, Monsanto and Goldman Sachs.

In a moral world ruled by Christian principles, the idea of a "smarter planet" would not be a threatening one. But in a world which worships the "cult of reason", there are no real moral restraints on human activity - even though people like the British Humanist Association continue to insist that morality does not depend on religion. This is a falsity deliberately disseminated to get people to go along with their agenda. Previously, humanists described themselves as "deists" that believed in a creator god. Once that position became socially tolerable, they moved on to describe themselves as atheists - but still moral. What's next? Immoral atheists. We've seen them before in the communist Soviet Union. Only now instead of Marxists, we have "free market" atheists.

The end result won't be much different. Whenever someone promises a utopian society or heaven on earth - run! The latest variety of this global paradise is called a "smarter planet" by IBM. This is the vision of a planet run by a technocracy using "rational" principles. Communism was also supposedly based on "scientific" principles.

With the latest advancements in technology, what we need more than ever is the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pope Benedict XVI warned in 1997 of a New World Order based on "liberal" scientific principles in the wake of the collapse of communism. (At the time he was Cardinal Ratzinger. See links here and here.)
On the one hand, there have been systems of Marxist orientation that promised the attainment of the desired reign of man by way of their ideologically-driven politics; an attempt that obviously failed. On the other hand, efforts to build the future have been made by attempts that draw more or less profoundly from the source of liberal traditions. Under the title New World Order, these efforts take on a configuration; they increasingly relate to the UN and its international conferences, especially those of Cairo and Beijing that transparently reveal a philosophy of the new man and of the new world, as they endeavor to map out the ways of reaching them.

IBM's all-seeing planet

Meanwhile, the manipulation of man by man is proceeding apace with even greater impudence. The visions of Huxley [Brave New World] are definitely becoming a reality: the human being must be no longer begotten irrationally but rather produced rationally. But man as a product is at the disposal of man. The imperfect specimens are discarded, so as to develop the perfect man by way of planning and production. Suffering must disappear; life must be nothing but pleasant.
But in this way new forms of oppression are born, and a new ruling class arises. Ultimately the destiny of other men is decided by those who have scientific power at their disposal and those who manage the finances. Not remaining behind in research becomes an obligation from which there is no escape and which itself determines the direction of it.

From IBM website

My suspicions regarding all of this were initially aroused when I watched the ad that begins with a new born baby in a hospital. The narrator begins by saying, "This is a baby". But what struck me was that while he was saying this, the image seen on the screen was one of an abstract image apparently intended to represent data. So is IBM saying that humans can be reduced to a collection of data?

This is a baby?

Bonus video. Here is a video of the making of the "this is a baby" video. It features an interview with the "lead character".

One last thing. I just can't help but throw in a reference to an infamous TV ad campaign that also depicted global harmony in the name of an international corporation. I'm referring to the "I'd like to buy the world a coke" "I'd like to teach the world to sing" TV ad which struck such a chord at the time. It's interesting to compare it with IBM's current global happiness ad campaign.

Notice the inverted triangle form of the crowd in the closing shot. A cheap attempt to evoke the female genitals with the phallic coke bottle placed just above it. I suppose we should interpret this subliminally as Mother Earth loves Coca Cola.


  1. I like your post, was not aware of this new IBM 'initiative'. I've worked for many companies in my time, one of them was a major player in the world of I.T. and the global 'tech-security'. The company's slogan was/is 'The Human Network'. Everyone use to laugh at this becuase the company and others like it were the antithesis of this concept. I worked for some guys that were responsible for finding 'flaws' in the security products that were sold to governments and banks and other institutions...
    We discussed the issue of a 'global armageddon' which is theoretically possible once all systems are intergrated and connected...
    e.g. the water, elec, telecoms, gas, fuels, etc. If you sabotage one you can bring the whole network to a standstill...
    So if IBM is thinking along these lines of linking then it becomes all the more possible.

    P.S. When they filmed that segment with the baby they obviously did not think about the poor childs health, that that amount of lighting SO CLOSe to the childs eyes can be very damaging at that age...irresponsible filmakers!


  2. Hi Marty,

    I think all the big technology companies have a similar "vision" of interconnecting all the devices out there. Your right that this certainly creates new hacking opportunities whether for criminal elements or even for cyber war. At the same time we shouldn't allow the government to use this as an excuse to take away our freedoms on the internet.

    IBM's "smarter planet" concept sounds a lot like Big Brother. There is a video on their website that talks about how they would be able to track a person whether they used a name like "J. Smith" or "John Smith". What I think was implied was that they would also be able to link that same person with other "IDs" like their IP address, Social Security number, credit card number - even their face, fingerprints and DNA.

    They could track all purchases a person makes, along with all online comments. They could track location through mobile phones. Privacy would be a thing of the past.

    The other side of this is that it could create a global Artificial Intelligence. IBM is working on various AI projects. A "smarter planet" certainly sounds like a "intelligent planet".

    The "smarter planet" symbol could be interpreted as a "light bulb turning on" symbol indicating a "bright idea". Or it could be a giant eye with eyelashes, which reminds me of the Freemason all-seeing eye. It also reminds me a bit of the rays coming out from the head of the Statue of Liberty which is the depiction of a pagan goddess. In that case it represents a symbol for a pagan Mother Earth deity. And also evokes a Luciferian light bearer type of symbolism.

    Already we are so dependent on "the Network". If the plug were pulled abruptly on it, our society and economy would virtually collapse. How many of us Humans are already dedicated to serving the Network? It may not be conscious yet, but it already has a great deal of control over us. The God of Progress demands constant human sacrifices so that it can grow bigger and stronger.

  3. "The imperfect specimens are discarded, so as to develop the perfect man by way of planning and production."

    It's a scary thought for me to think that this will become massive. Something like a technological holocaust.

    I can't help to worry about the world's future.

  4. The "technological holocaust" has already begun with the legalization of abortion. In fact I was just writing an article on the topic of "planned parenthood" which has the largest network of abortion centers in the US. Did you know there are over a million abortions each year in the US?

    The beautiful thing is that the Catholic Church already has the perfect strategy to combat this war against Satan's forces. And it has received its orders directly from Jesus Christ. It is through the Church's uncompromising pro-life, pro-human stance that God will prevail.

    In past centuries there was a physical threat to the Church through the Muslim conquests of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean. The Holy Land was lost and Crusades were mounted to regain a Christian foothold in the land where Christ was born and preached his message; and ultimately was crucified and resurrected.

    Today the Kingdom of God on earth is threatened by an ideological enemy. Many thought that once communism was defeated, that the battle was over. But communism was only one aspect of the "liberal" and anti-religious philosophies that were born out of the Enlightenment and that first emerged in the French Revolution.

    The Church is engaged in a spiritual battle with the forces of "liberalism". As you can see from Pope Benedict XVI's writings, the Church is well aware of the nature of the enemy that it faces. This makes the Catholic Church unique, because most Christians have not come to realize the full nature of the "liberalism" which they have embraced. It is once again proof that the Catholic Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ. The Church rejects the temptations - the seductive advances - of the modern world; and instead embraces the FULLNESS of the Truth which Christ taught us in His short time here on earth.

    We are in a new age of persecution against Christianity. But don't look for Christians to be thrown to the lions or crucified. It is in times like these that our faith is tested, but also strengthened.

    When the Pope goes to visit England, he will be truly entering into the Lion's Den. It was in England that Darwinism and Eugenics was born. Pray for our Holy Father that he will be filled with the Holy Spirit as he prepares to undertake this daunting task. Pray to St. Michael that he will protect the Pope against all his enemies - seen and unseen.

  5. P.S. Ride, I hope you will comment on the post "Does AI believe in God?" I don't know if it was clear what I was saying in this article. I am saying that if Man does somehow manage to create a true Artificial Intelligence, that I believe that this super-intelligent creature cannot help but realize the Truth of Jesus Christ.

  6. "Pray for our Holy Father that he will be filled with the Holy Spirit as he prepares to undertake this daunting task. Pray to St. Michael that he will protect the Pope against all his enemies - seen and unseen."

    Thank you Baba! your words are very helpful, I will remember our Holy Father. :)

  7. Ride - This site from the "Catholic Herald" in England is providing excellent coverage of the Pope's visit:
    Catholic Herald - Papal Visit 2010

    The complete schedule for the Pope's visit is here:
    This is from the official site for the visit. His most important speech is expected to be Friday night at Westminster Hall. I also noticed there is a vigil on Saturday night. It is a "Prayer Vigil on the Eve of the Beatification of Cardinal John". Once again, there is that idea of a "Public Vigil".

    By the way, I got the book you recommended "An Exorcist tells his story" by Gabrielle Amorth. I looked through it quickly. It has many references to Pope Leo XIII and his prayer to St. Michael.

    I also got the book I mentioned "Father Elijah" by Michael D. O'Brien. I'm almost half way through it and so far I'm really enjoying it. It is about a modern day Apocalypse. Maybe I'll write a review when I'm done. I sent the author an email and asked him to read some of my articles on my blog. No answer yet. :)