Saturday, October 23, 2010

Luca once was gay

"Luca era gay" is the title of an Italian pop song by Giuseppe Povia which created quite a stir in February 2009 at the "Festival di San Remo". Here is a report from an Italian writer.
The title of his song, implying that some gays can change to heterosexuality, was sufficient to destabilize the Italian gay movement. Gay activists threatened to block the festival, and Europarlimentary member Vittorio Agnoletto asked for a European resolution to stop Povia from peforming the song.

Povia, himself, received death threats. The gay association "Everyone" denounced Povia to the Procura of the Republic for alleged "homophobia."

"Luca Era Gay" recounts the transformation of a man named Luca from the gay lifestyle. Without the help of psychologists and psychiatrists, he digs deep within himself to understand the sources of his homosexual attractions. An emotionally disconnected, detached father and a smothering mother, he says, created confusion about his sexual identity: "I looked for men who would be my father, I went with men not to betray my mother."

The song also alludes to a superficiality in homosexual relationships. He says, "between love and deceit, often we betrayed each other."

The song ends with this verse: "This is my story, only my story. No disease. No healing. Dear dad, I forgive you even if you didn't come back. Mum, I often think of you, I love you and sometimes I still bear your reflection, but now I am a father and I am in love with the only woman I have ever loved."

The music, a soft rap with dramatic tunes, carries a direct and honest text while never judging homosexually oriented people for their own personal lifestyle choices.... Povia's song went on to the finals and Saturday night, won second place in the San Remo Festival, while outside the theatre, gay activists continued to protest against him.
Here is the video and a translation of the lyrics. Judge for yourself. Is this song offensive? Would it ever get airplay in the United States?

"Luca era gay" lyrics translated by

Luca once was gay but he’s with her today. When Luca speaks, he holds his heart in his hands. Luca says: Today I am a different man.

1st Verse:
Luca says: Before I talk about the change in my sexuality, let me make one thing clear: If I believe in God, I can’t depend on human beings for my answers. Human thought is divided on this issue, so I didn’t look to psychologists, psychiatrists, clergymen, or scientists. My search took me into my own past, and when I dug down deep, I found the answers to my questions about myself.

My mother loved me—too much. Her love became obsession. Under the weight of her beliefs, her attention, I felt myself suffocating.

My father was a man who didn’t make decisions. I could never talk to him because he was always at work, though I suspected the truth was a little different. In fact, when I was twelve, my mom told him she wanted a separation. I didn’t understand what was happening, but my father said, “Yeah, that’s the right decision,” and after that he started drinking.

My Mom never had a good word to say about my Dad. She used to tell me, “Whatever you do, don’t get married.”

She was jealous of my girlfriends; it felt so unhealthy. And my identity was more confused than ever.

Luca once was gay but he’s with her today. When Luca speaks, he holds his heart in his hands. Luca says: Today I am a different man. (Repeat.)

2nd Verse:
Today I’m a different man, but back then I needed answers. I was so ashamed, I did my looking in secret. There were people who told me, “It’s natural,” but I studied Freud and he didn’t see it that way. I got through high school, still not knowing what happiness was. An older man made my heart race and that’s when I realized I was homosexual.

With him, I didn’t hold back. He showered me with attention, and I thought it was love. Sure, I could be myself, but then the sex became a competition.

I felt like I was the guilty one. I figured they’d catch him sooner or later, but I could make the truth disappear so he wouldn’t get in trouble.

I was looking for my father in all those men. I went with them because I didn't want to betray my mother.

Luca once was gay but he’s with her today. When Luca speaks, he holds his heart in his hands. Luca says: Today I am a different man. (Repeat.)

Luca says: I was with a man for four years. Sometimes there was love and sometimes only deception. We cheated on each other constantly.

I was still searching for my truth, for the kind of love that would last forever. Then one night I met her at a party. She was just there with a lot of other people. She had nothing to do with what I was going through, but she listened, she laid me bare, she understood. All I remember is: the next day, I missed her.

So that’s my story—my personal story. No sickness, no recovery.

Dad, I’ve forgiven you, even though you went away and never came back.

Mom, I think about you all the time, and I’ve never stopped caring. Sometimes I still see your face, but I’m a father now, and my heart belongs to the only woman I’ve ever truly loved.

Luca once was gay but he’s with her today. When Luca speaks, he holds his heart in his hands. Luca says: Today I am a different man. (Repeat.)


  1. Bingo!

    Finally a song which says the truth!. In decades, after plenty homosexuals have tried to justify their actions there hasn't been any, not even one, discovery or research which proves that homosexuality is right/ok/fine/natural.

    All the findings point to the fact that homosexuality is nothing but a bad adaptation of emotions, lack of love by the same sex parent, and an unstable childhood.

    Sad but true, love is the only answer, and homosexuals are both sinners and in an everlasting suffering.

    May God have mercy of their souls!

  2. I don't disagree with you, but I want to point out that everything you say is also true of heterosexuals that have adopted a contraceptive lifestyle. There is very little difference between homosexual promiscuity and heterosexual promiscuity. When we condone heterosexual sex outside of marriage, we provide the justification for homosexual behavior.

    Even contraceptive sex within marriage is just the first step down this path. All of these issues are tied together: artificial birth control, in vitro fertilization (IVF), abortion, promiscuity.

    I have been reading about the Kinsey sex report which first attempted to justify sexual promiscuity (free love) on a "scientific" basis in the early 1950s. These studies were funded by the Rockefeller Foundation at the same time that they were funding Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood. The driving force behind this was a eugenic policy aimed at the less fortunate.

    We have all been sexually abused as children as a result of these government policies. Our children are exposed to sexual images through society that are harmful. Young people are encouraged to become initiated into the diabolic cult of "free sex" through unsanctified sex.

    This began with the Protestant reformation which denied that Holy Marriage was a sacrament. This led to civil marriages. And eventually this declined into cohabitation and multiple sex partners. If one accepts all of these because of a humanist philosophy, then how can we argue against homosexual sex and even "gay marriage". This is the trap that the Protestants have fallen into. Thanks to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Catholic Church has avoided this pitfall.

    Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary for showing us the way to your Son Jesus Christ.

  3. Michael, I just can not see Homosexuality as a counterpart to Heterosexuality. Men are men and women are women, the rest are just modern labels.

    Men are attracted by nature to women, and backwards. Any other form of sexuality is an aberration, unjustified and completely against Natural Law.

    This does not mean I defend promiscuity. Promiscuity is also wrong, and is psychologically, morally and religiously wrong.

    If children learned about the true dangers of Promiscuity, and how being promiscuous opens the door to STDs and broken homes, then maybe they could start realizing the true value of monogamy, faithfulness and TRUE love.

    And like I said, in the end it is all about Love or the lack of it.

    And indeed, Blessed be our Mother, Virgin Mary, for showing us the clear path to Salvation through Jesus Christ.

  4. The sin of non-marital heterosexual sex is called fornication. This is still a crime in about one third of the states of the USA.

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church says:
    2396 Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices.

    The Catechism defines fornication here:
    2353 Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is corruption of the young.

    Notice the phrase "gravely contrary... naturally ordered". Fornication is against the natural law. Marriage is a sacrament.

    The Catechism says:
    2360 Sexuality is ordered to the conjugal love of man and woman. In marriage the physical intimacy of the spouses becomes a sign and pledge of spiritual communion. Marriage bonds between baptized persons are sanctified by the sacrament.

    Martin Luther denied that marriage was a sacrament. He endorsed civil marriage. Recently the courts used "civil marriage" among heterosexuals as an excuse to justify "homosexual marriage".

    Once we condone or even trivialize fornication among heterosexuals, how can we morally condemn homosexual sex? This is hypocrisy. Remember teachings of Jesus about the log (or beam) in one's own eye.

    Chastity is a word that is forgotten, misunderstood and ridiculed. We need to learn the meaning of chastity as a society and integrate it into our lives, so that we can receive the blessings from God that this virtue imparts.

  5. Hello!

    Thank You for great articles ; havent been checking Your blog for a while and now im catching up. I cant agree more with You. And its a pity that women and men who are prone to homosexuality because of their childhood or sth and try to be happy in homosexual relationships dont look more into themselves and choose REAL freedom.

    Last time we had a discussion at school over "gay marriage" and i was considered "homophobe" when i said im against. Also there is one homosexual guy in our class and i like him very much as a friend still he says that thanks to lady gaga hes so open about it. brrr

    I dont know if You heard the contorversy related to gagas videoclip for Alejandro ; which is just terrible and the most terrible thing is when she swallows the rosemary. its soo ofensive for roman catholics! and when i told in my class that i cant stand her because of offending my religion in a terrible way they just said that shes justified because shes an artist brrr.

    Keep up the good work and God bless You

    greetings from Poland