Friday, December 31, 2010

TRON: another gnostic fairy tale

I just saw TRON. This is another gnostic fairy tale from Hollywood. A combination between Star Wars and the Matrix. That's all you really need to know.

The story involves the typical gnostic yin-yang universe, where good and bad battle each other and eventually cancel out. Nothing new or original here.

Too bad because the computer operating system world of Tron has potential for an interesting story. And the graphics are innovative.

It's interesting to compare Tron to Avatar – James Cameron's version of a gnostic fairy tale. Both are imaginary worlds brought to life on screen. While Avatar is organic, Tron's world is synthetic; Avatar is realistic, Tron is abstract.

Tron also incorporates elements of the movie Metropolis – a gnostic classic. You'll just have to take my word on that because I don't feel like going to the trouble of making the detailed comparisons, but trust me they are there.

It seems that Hollywood, and in this case Disney, never gets tired of the old gnostic theme. It's their answer to the spiritual void left by the anti-Christian culture that we live in.

Instead of peace be with you, it's...
The force be with you. And with you also.

There is even a laser sword in one scene. And then there is the father-son, creator-savior theme.

The whole Campbell hero myth formula is strictly adhered to.

Quorra - Princess Leia - Trinity
Sam Flynn - Luke Skywalker - Neo

Yeah, we've seen this film before. I don't encourage people to delve too deep into gnosticism. It is a truly poisonous belief system. I have only looked into it deeply enough to recognize it when I see it.

"Old heresies never die."

If only Hollywood would apply it's highly impressive technology to making truly Christian movies instead of anti-Christian movies. Imagine how the apparitions of the Virgin Mary could come to life on the screen. But perhaps it is for the better that they don't. I would not want these miraculous visions to be subjected to the full Hollywood commercialization treatment.

P.S. I think the word TRON has something to do with the Tetragrammaton. That is the four letters that spell out the name of God in Hebrew – YHWH. This is just a hunch, but a strong one. Note that the 'W' is a placeholder for 'O' or 'U'. It's not too hard to imagine a 'T' transforming into a 'Y'; 'R' to 'H'; 'N' to 'H'.


  1. Hi, Baba. A little correction:

    The movie who was reviewing here is the 2010's sequel of TRON, called TRON Legacy (made by Disney). The original TRON is a 1982's movie from Disney.

    About the referencies to Star Wars and The Matrix in TRON Legacy, it is not surprising that some movie reviewers (especially from IMDB, see this website if you are interested:;start=0) compared parts of TRON Legacy to The Matrix.

    Anyway, here there is a resume (in Spanish) from the 1982's version of TRON, the original one:

    And some videos of the original TRON movie (the 1982's one): (They are in 7 parts)

    Watch the 1982's version and reply me (about both versions of TRON).

  2. Hi Anon. You must be a fan from way back. I recently changed my online name to Michael.

    Yes, my comments apply to Tron Legacy. The original as you say is from 1982. Both are Disney productions.

    I looked at some of the comments on IMDB. It's clear that viewers were disappointed by the lack of originality and the similarity to Star Wars, The Matrix, etc.

    I don't think people realize that the common factor between these movies is the the gnostic symbolism. I could have done a detailed article on TRON like I did with Iron Man, but it gets old repeating the same things over and over again. Maybe Vigilant Citizen will do a piece on TRON. There is a discussion over there on the forum about the movie, and some of the commenters have gone into detail about the gnostic symbolism in TRON:

    I didn't link to it in the article because I really don't want to encourage people to get overly obsessed with gnosticism. It's best to stay away from that stuff. But sometimes it needs to be confronted, as in the case of the Da Vinci Code.

    Sadly, the sci-fi genre of movies being produced by Hollywood has become a gnostic dumping ground of biblical proportions. There is the gnostic gospel of Star Wars, the gnostic gospel of The Matrix, the gnostic gospel of Avatar, the gnostic gospel of Iron Man...

    And how about Disney dumping Daft Punk on the kiddies? See my comments on some of their previous work:
    "Interstella 5555" video by Daft Punk

    Yes, Disney once again reveals just how much evil lurks underneath those Mickey Mouse ears. See my previous article:
    The Disney deception

    Hey, but "it's just a movie". Don't worry about it. Right?