Saturday, August 20, 2011

USA Today's Cathy Grossman blasts World Youth Day

Protestors at World Youth Day

Cathy Lynn Grossman of USA Today who masquerades as a "religion" reporter once again demonstrates how much she loathes the Catholic Church. I would expect a "religion" reporter to show some interest in World Youth Day with regards to the fact that over a million young people have come from every nation to demonstrate the importance of the Catholic faith in their lives.

Instead Grossman has published two articles [here and here] which are blatantly anti-Catholic.

There is nothing religious about her "Faith & Reason" column. It is all "reason" and no "faith". She is a secular humanist whose sole purpose in life seems to be to destroy Christian religion in the United States.

Check out NewsBusters articles on Cathy Lynn Grossman's dubious reporting on matters of religion:

Which just goes to prove that secularism is really a religion for all practical purposes. And when the government pushes secularism on the rest of us through the schools and courts, it is a violation of the Constitutional separation between Church and State. Just because secularists don't have churches doesn't make them any less of a religious group. They have their set of beliefs which they are entitled to hold in accordance with the First Amendment, but they shouldn't be allowed to force their secular belief system on the rest of us.

And this in a nutshell is exactly what is happening. Christians need to recognize this and force the courts to stop the pretense that Christians can't impose our beliefs because they are based on religion, but its OK for secularists to impose their beliefs because somehow they are "non-religious". Sorry, but beliefs are beliefs. If you say you don't believe in God, that is a belief. If you say you believe that homosexuals should be allowed to marry, that is a belief.

It's absurd to say that as long as a belief is the antithesis of the Christian beliefs of a majority of Americans then it should have some special protected status. And holding up junk science -- like some opinions of psychiatrists -- does not make secularism any less a matter of a belief system. This is just Marxism and socialism which has been repackaged and is being forced upon Christian Americans -- like it or not.

I pray for the day when Christians wake up and begin to confront this assault on our religion. I just hope it comes sooner rather than later.


  1. These people are pitiful. It's the classic case of a party pooper. In order to assuage their burdened consciences, not to mention insecurities, they attack that which gives true meaning, fulfillment, and peace to its believers. These people do not even exercise reason. It's a heavily-biased, purely rhetorical point of view.

  2. Dear M. I know. I got so upset when I saw the Dawkins story. Really? Of course he is opposed to WYD. That's not news. That's just her using Dawkins to say what she wants to say! She knows if she just came out and said that anti-Catholic stuff without packaging it up, it would not be acceptable. Can you imagine if she used the same tactics against any other group. "So-and-so said such-and-such about this-or-that people.... Not that I agree with it, but I thought it was important to let everyone know what this hater is saying. Because otherwise no one would pay attention to this hater. And I thought while all of you are celebrating, you should know that there are some hateful people who see nothing to celebrate here." And she does this constantly and gets away with it. I used to like USA Today, but not anymore.

  3. M. I have seen a few news articles about Filipinos in Spain attending WYD being harassed by anti-Catholic people. It's very sad:
    CBCP: PHL youth delegates harassed by anti-Catholics in Madrid

  4. I heard about those too. It can be quite jarring for Filipinos because only recently have we experienced harassment in our own country. The most extreme I have seen on video is this: from Argentina. I can only describe the fervor and violence as demonic.

  5. M. Demonic is right. These are tactics straight from "Rules for Radicals" by Alinsky - a master demon. They use ridicule and make accusations of hypocrisy. It doesn't matter to them that they are hypocrites themselves. These people are provocateurs. They are socialists/anarchists. They use the freedom provided by Christian societies to tear the societies apart. The claim to be for freedom, but as soon as they get power they impose a brutal dictatorship.