Thursday, September 8, 2011

US Spends Billions on Population Control in the Philippines

And you will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth.
 – Luke 1:14

She doesn't look like a eugenicist, but don't let looks fool you.

Kristie Anne Kenney was the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines from 2006 to 2009 (she's now the ambassador to Thailand). She's the author of this 2008 diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks reporting on US population control efforts in the Philippines.
There has been a vigorous public debate,
extensively covered by the news media, between
those who advocate the Catholic Church position
against all "artificial" family planning and
contraceptive methods and others who caution
that the Philippines' population growth is
outpacing the country's economic growth and its
ability to meet the food-supply needs of the
entire population.  Landmark appropriations and
draft legislation reflect increasing commitment
within the Philippine Government to further
expand and sustain programs started forty years
ago with U.S. Government's assistance
USAID.  The U.S. Government continues to be the
largest donor in the Philippine population
supporting efforts to improve local
government service delivery and increase
private sector contributions to family health
She's the first female U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines. And yet the U.S. policy of population control as outlined by Henry Kissinger in 1974 in the infamous NSSM-200 document remains the same:
30. The World Population Plan of Action is not self-enforcing and will require vigorous efforts by interested countries, U.N. agencies and other international bodies to make it effective. U.S. leadership is essential. The strategy must include the following elements and actions:
(a) Concentration on key countries. Assistance for population moderation should give primary emphasis to the largest and fastest growing developing countries where there is special U.S. political and strategic interest. Those countries are: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.
(c) Increased assistance for family planning services, information and technology. This is a vital aspect of any world population program. (1) Family planning information and materials based on present technology should be made fully available as rapidly as possible to the 85% of the populations in key LDCs not now reached, essentially rural poor who have the highest fertility.
Anyone who thought that these eugenics programs would end because we now have an African-American President or because we have a female Secretary of State or because there is a female Ambassador to "key countries" like the Philippines or Thailand needs to re-examine their assumptions. And by the way, Ambassador Kristie Kenney was raised Catholic.

You can learn more about the battle in Catholic Philippines against population control at these links:

In addition to the population control agenda we have learned from recent Wikileaks documents that the U.S. State Department has been active in spreading the homosexual agenda across the globe:

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  1. UPDATE: I updated this article with information from a US diplomatic cable published through Wikileaks.

  2. Thank goodness for wikileaks! The debate in Congress is getting very heated. So far, one pro-life senator has exposed that three local pro-RH groups are pro-abortion and that they have ties and receive funding from foreign lobbies such as IPPF.

    The sad thing is the anti-life senators have brushed all these aside saying that they are simply responding to a need and have no agenda whatsoever. Here is a sad example: . The senator acknowledged the Kissinger report. Her brilliant solution? Clean up the language of the bill.

  3. M. Thanks for the link. People will not be so easily fooled by the attempts to deny the evidence of a population control agenda. The pro-RH group can argue that population control is good if they want to, but they cannot deny that this is the agenda. And they cannot deny that the US says it is in American interest to control Filipino population.

    These are the facts and the evidence is clear. The motivation is not to help women or poor people. That is a secondary excuse. There are other ways to help women and poor people, but the US chooses population control as the primary way. It's not a conspiracy theory. It is just the facts.

    And the Catholic Church is the only one that consistently stands against this agenda. So they say the Church is anti-woman. But isn't it anti-woman to manipulate woman into sterilizing themselves?

    Take a look at Puerto Rico, where I was born. This has been going on there first before anywhere else. It was the "laboratory" where they tried these things out. There are still poor people, but now there are also gangs and drug addiction. These things did not exist before when people were devout Catholics. And there are lots of unwed mothers.

    This is because the message is not just population control, but also promiscuous sex. The bigger agenda is even worse. It is to destroy the society with so much corruption and decadence that with a few million dollars the US can bribe the local politicians and gain control of whatever resources they want.

    Even the marxist/socialists say this, but they don't realize that the real solution is to turn to God. Nothing else will work.

  4. M. Also, I want to let you know that LifeSiteNews has also picked up this story. I contacted them to let them know about the HLI article, but they probably would have posted it on their own anyway.

    Here is the link to the article. It is the same article that is at HLI. They simply reposted it on their site. But this is very good because many pro-Life people read this site in the US and Canada:
    Wikileaks cable: U.S. gov’t largest supporter of Philippines population control in past 40 years

    As always, the Philippines is in our prayers.

  5. M. I also want to let you know that people are the most valuable resource that a country has. Even from a purely economic perspective the idea of population control is bad. (And this is always their primary argument, which is that there are too many people and this creates poverty.)

    But here is a quote from US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner when asked about the state of the US economy:

    “We have a young country, which is very important in this context,” he said. “Our commitments vis-à-vis our citizens in terms of pension, health care, are much, much lower than those taken by any other major economy,” said Timothy Geithner.

    What he is really saying is that one of the problems with the economies of Europe and Japan is that they have aging populations. This is because of population control. This is a huge drain on the economy and an unnatural imbalance. Because now a relatively small number of young working people need to support a relatively large population of old people who are not working. (Ironically, it is because of illegal immigration that there are so many young people in the US.)

    The solution to this age imbalance is of course to simply kill off the old people. The same way they killed off the unborn, they will next kill of the aging. That's why it is called the culture of death.

  6. Michael, thank you for your prayers and for featuring this issue prominently. The funny thing about the anti-life senators is the contradictory statements they churn out. When asked if they are in favor of population control, they say no. But they blatantly admit that they want people to use contraception to limit their families because they are poor. When asked if they are aware of a US-backed agenda, they say yes and are against it. But they fail to realize that even if they say they are against it the actions they seek to implement still fulfills the goals of the US. And I can go on and on...

    You're 100% right about the culture of death. They are all related. One will follow the other because of the values being normalized, the culture being reshaped. Again, it strikes me as ludicrous that most RH supporters will say they are pro-contraception but staunchly anti-abortion.

    You're also right about human capital as an asset. In fact, our Overseas Migrant Workers are the reason why our country was not affected by the financial crisis. They bring in billions of dollars in remittances annually.

    I will pray for the US as well. God bless!

  7. M. It sounds like your politicians are under more pressure from the media than what we have here in the US. The fact that there is a population control agenda is treated like a conspiracy theory here. And the US press would never dare to ask politicians direct questions on this topic.

    What is strange here in the US is that population control is most strongly defended by the left. Here it is the the Democrats, women, black and hispanic politicians that represent the poor that most strongly defend contraception and abortion. You would think that it would be the conservative right-wing -- which also tends to be more racist -- that would be pushing population control.

    But there is also what I call "Kabuki" in US politics. That is, for all the drama, nothing ever changes. So it seems to me that the two parties know their roles well and they just follow the script. I'm sure there are many Republicans that really are in favor of population control, but use the issue of abortion as a way to gain votes. And if Democrats really cared about the poor -- as they claim -- then they would be against abortion and sterilization, since this is clearly a eugenics program aimed at keeping poor people from having children.

    Logically, there should be a large percentage of Democrats who are against abortion, but this issue has been framed so strongly as part of the women's rights issue that abortion has become a core principle of the Democratic party. Democrats are also the least likely to believe in God. This is the biggest problem. Liberalism has been infiltrated by secular humanists. These are the same people that supported Communist Russia in the past. Their philosophy is basically marxist and atheist, but they have disguised it as a phony liberalism. And behind it all, there is big foundation money that keeps these "popular" movements well funded.

    The only people that are truly committed to the pro-Life movement are the Christians. And this has been led by the Catholic Church from the Vatican. The American Church has been infiltrated by secularists using peace and social justice as a cover for pushing their agenda.

    The pro-Life Protestants are almost all pro-contraception -- which is to say that they have bought into the population control propaganda to some degree or another. And in so doing they have rejected God's plan.

    Nobody knows what God's plan is exactly, but we know that from the beginning it does not include birth control, contraception, sterilization and abortion. Whenever Man tries to impose his own plan like in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia, the outcome is disastrous. We need to have faith and trust in God's plan.

    A society built on strong extended families will find a way to move forward through tough times without help from the government. But a society built on individualism and broken families will naturally turn to the government for help when times get tough. The government is a poor substitute for a loving and caring mother and father.

    God have mercy on us.