Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pray for our country

"Shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?"
 -- Job 2:20
The civil rights movement which begun with Reverend Martin Luther King championing the rights of African Americans has been a failure. It failed because it did not convert others to Christ. We see in a tragic and monumental way the fallacy of protest and why the saints have not followed that path.

The early fruits of the civil rights movement seemed to be good. It made great progress in racial equality, but what has become of that? Too many African Americans are still trapped in poverty and the the faith in God which once sustained their communities has been severely eroded. Their fate has also been the fate of our nation as a whole.

As a result of this loss of faith families have been torn apart, drug addiction has become an epidemic, and the sins of the flesh have ensnared us.

The mature fruits of the protest movements of the 1960s which were spawned by the civil rights movement are abortion, fatherless children, divorce. The Church itself is forced to defend its teachings on marriage and the priesthood.

How has it come to pass that the first black President of the United States is also the most pro-abortion one? Especially when abortion is targeted at black and hispanic communities?

Eugenics has made a comeback disguised as women's rights and environmentalism. But the disguise is wearing thin.

We pray that the African American community will lead us in a new direction by restoring that faith in God. But this is not an easy path and requires great sacrifice, and the evil one will put up many obstacles which will be difficult to overcome. It will require the virtues of patience and perseverance and faith in the power of the Holy Spirit to triumph.

The Israelites lost their faith as they crossed the desert on their way to the Promised Land. They rebelled, but eventually they came back to God. We saw how God punished them before giving them their final reward. We must be willing to accept God's punishment and trust in His Mercy.

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