Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blessed Elizabeth

"We must live on the supernatural level .... A supernatural soul never deals with secondary causes but with God alone."


  1. I have to ask :
    Was this from Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity !

  2. Yes! Isn't she the most wonderful soul that you have ever known? The fact that saints like her exist is proof that God exists. According to our modern mythology it is impossible for someone to live the life she led. But with God all things are possible.

    I adapted her prayer to the Trinity to music. You can listen to it here:
    O Trinity that I adore

    She wanted to be known as "Praise of Glory" (Laudem Gloriae) because she said that this would be her mission in Heaven. I just got the two volume set of her collected writings. It is so full of love of God. She is such a Catholic mystic -- I think the greatest. Her vision of the world is I think the closest to that of Jesus that I have ever come across. She saw the world through the eyes of God as much as humanly possible. I think she is similar to Mary Magdalene who I also consider to be a great mystic. And as a matter of fact she was born on the feast day of La Magdalena.

  3. Actually, I was wrong. Elizabeth was not born on the feast day of Mary Magdalene, she was baptized on that day -- July 22nd 1880, She was born on July 18th of the same year.

  4. I have 2 books with her writings also ...how splendid !
    She is a radiant light for our Jesus and her writings are so beautiful and pierce my heart!
    Blessed of the Trinity Pray for us!
    God Bless you Michael!

  5. Hi Jeanne. I have thought for a while that the great mystics of the New Testament are Peter, Mary Magdalene, the Apostle Paul and the greatest of them all -- the Virgin Mary. Peter and the Magdalena demonstrated faith in walking on water and believing that Christ could resurrect the dead Lazarus. Their faith and their love of God was complete. Mary, the Mother of God, put her complete trust in God.

    It took me a while to realize that St. Paul is also a great mystic. It is easy to read his writings and miss this, because his message is both temporal and spiritual at the same time. Reading Blessed Elizabeth it is clear that she has been touched by the spiritual teachings of St. Paul. She is so in love with the Apostle to the gentiles that she is constantly quoting him. And then she explains for us the deep spiritual content of his message.

    Blessed Elizabeth teaches us what love really is. We have such a distorted view of love in our modern society. No wonder that Pope Benedict wrote his first encyclical on the subject of love.

  6. Thanks Michael for this beautiful post.
    I also listened to the song ...how lovely and so beautiful, I was touched deeply within my soul!
    God Bless you!

  7. Thanks Jeanne! Blessed Elizabeth radiates God's love in her writings and in her photographs. She said of one of her photos, "I was thinking of Him while it was taken so it will bring Him to you." This is true of her writings as well.

  8. Also I went home to see what marvelous books of Blessed Elizabeth I have , I have Volume One of her major and complete writings and Volume Two of her Letters and writings called Letters from Carmel...they are on my nightstand , oh I how I love Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity and her writings ...so full of beauty , love and inspiration as we grow in holiness in our own daily walk towards Eternity! A Blessed Christmas and a Holy one also ..may the good God bless you now and forever!

  9. Those are the same books I just got! God bless you too. Are you a Secular Carmelite? I just received my scapular although I don't deserve it. But I love Carmel so much.

  10. No I am not a Secular Carmelite , I did inquire but it is not the right fit for me Michael!
    I am in discernment with third order of St. Francis deSales called Society of the Sacred Heart! I have just begun ...so let us see if the good God says YES to me on this secular order!
    All for God ...God Alone !
    But I must say I am a Carmelite at heart .
    Pray for me as I will pray for you!
    The same books ...how marvleous is Our God!
    God Bless,

  11. Hi Jeannie. Happy New Year. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    The secular orders are a great (hidden) treasure of the Church. When I used to attend a Baptist church I was very impressed by the "fellowship" there. It seemed like this was something lacking in the Catholic Church. But perhaps Sunday Mass is not the best time for getting together. And a Catholic parish can be very large and diverse.

    And then I began attending the monthly meetings of my local Carmelite group and found a type of Catholic "fellowship" which is as much like joining a spiritual family as I can ever imagine. It fills my every need and I only wish that we could meet every week. But we also have retreats and gatherings a few times a year. We study the writings of our Carmelite saints like St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross and in this way we grow in our spirituality.

    I hope that you find a spiritual home in the Society of the Sacred Heart. It's very important to share our love of Christ with others.