Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bozo the pope

Because the pastors have done foolishly, and have not sought the Lord: therefore have they not understood, and all their flock is scattered.
 -- Prophecy Of Jeremias 10:21

Well this is embarrassing.

A quick Google news search indicates that none of the big mainstream news sources are commenting on this. It's even too embarrassing for them. And since they want to maintain the image of Bergoglio they simply ignore it. Just like they ignored the story about the homosexual Ricca who Bergoglio appointed to an important position.

You don't hear anything about the "gay lobby" in the Vatican anymore. And what about that big scandalous Vatican report that Pope Benedict compiled just before stepping down. You don't hear anything about that anymore either.

It's all good news from the Vatican since Bergoglio was elected. And even though the mainstream press is ignoring this Bozo the Clown moment at the Vatican, I'm sure this will seal Bergoglio's being declared "Man of the Year" for 2013 by the world press. No doubt about it -- he is their man in the Vatican.

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Believe it or not I actually had a dream the other day about the pope coming out dressed in a Bozo the Clown outfit. And I was wondering how the Catholic press would react to this. Somehow I was sure that they would turn it into "a good thing". What does this pope have to do for the majority of the Catholic media to begin to criticize his words and actions which are destroying the Catholic faith?

Doesn't anyone care anymore?


  1. Hello Michael,
    the deafening silence of the priests and bishops worldwide reminds me of the "peace, peace"-call´s condemned in Ezechiel and of Isaias´"mute dogs".
    It is all mind-boggling and horrible.

    God bless

    Yours in Christ

  2. Hello Martina,

    When I first saw this photo, I was sure it had been Photo-Shopped. I had to go do my own search online to verify that it was the "real thing". As far as I can tell from doing Google searches, none of the Catholic media has commented. However, this photo appeared in the Daily Mail which means millions of people have seen it.

    Can you just imagine what St. Francis of Assissi would have to say to this pope? I'm totally positive that at a minimum the real Francis would have this phony Francis thrown in prison….

    I expect to see him next on Saturday Night Live doing a parody of himself. Careful… the way things are going it could really happen.

    There is already an official "The Pope App" from the Vatican.

    You can't get any humbler than that. Sorry, but this pope brings out my sarcastic side.

    Just imagine if this pope lived to be 140 like his New Age doctor hyperbolically stated? What do you do as an encore to a Bozo nose? Anything is possible. I cannot rule out even the most insanely ridiculous (and at the same time horribly tragic) possibility.

    And it hasn't even been a year yet….

    Pray for the Pope.

    Yours in Christ,

  3. Hello Michael,
    thank you for the links, I didn´t know them before. The Pope and his crew are really up to date. How can one start such a PR-machine out of nothing? As I wrote some time ago, I think this has all been planned in detail for a long time.

    Do you know what Card.. Bergoglio´s long-term friend Alicia Barros said about his election? It´s in Spanish and my google-translation doesn´t work very well.

    All of this make me so tired, fighting every day – against the Pope!
    I really hope it will last no longer than 2017, the 100th anniversary of Fatima.

    One day before the terrible storm on the Philippines I made a post about the pagan dances in the seminaries they perform on a feast called sinulog. These half-naked men are really seminarians.
    There are more videos out there, I put them together in this post;
    Everybody thinks this terrible storm is about "global warming"....

    Last year a German-speaking bishop - I think he was Austrian- dared to say that catastrophes are God´s chastisement. He was persecuted for days even by some of his fellow bishops.

    Let´s pray that we will perserve until the end even if we are abandoned by the high ranking shepherds.

    God bless.

    Yours in Christ

  4. Hello Martina,

    Yes it is very tiring having to be constantly vigilant over the state of the Church and especially the Vatican. I was thinking the same thing regarding all the PR and how this pope is being marketed. I was even preparing to write a post about it. I think he may have changed his glasses to something more stylish and in many photos he appears without glasses. The photos always show him smiling... and always waving. It seems deliberate that he isn't offering a blessing, but just a "friendly wave".

    I too am wondering what will happen in 2017 with the anniversary of Fatima.

    Thanks for the links. I will take a look at them later.

    Yours in Christ,

  5. Hello Michael,
    I´m looking forward to your post regarding the PR and the marketing.
    Since Vatican II giving a blessing is out of fashion. Not to mention the blessing with three fingers as all the former Popes did it - looks much too pious and could offend the members of the other "religions".
    Did you see this new short video?
    El Papa separa las manos de un monaguillo
    I wish I could understand what he said to the boy whose joined hands he separated
    And all this kissing of boys, in this case altar boys.

    Randy Engels´open letter to the pope was vitally needed although I think she will get no of his famous calls and no answer:
    An open letter to Pope Francis
    On a Papal Commission of Inquiry into Homosexuality, Pederasty and La Lobby Gay in The Catholic Church

    Yours in Christ,

  6. Hi Martina,

    I saw this video earlier. He says to the altar boy something like, "Are your hands glued together?…[separates hands]… There that's better."

    It's offensive and a "violation" of this altar boy. I use the term "violate" in the sense of a rape. It is a humiliation and a forceful physical act against the will and morals of the altar boy.

    And the kissing is another example of the degradation of the Chair of Peter by Bergoglio. It is a very "common" act. Meaning that it would be appropriate in "common" circumstances, such as an uncle greeting his nephew. It fits right in with the vulgar language that Bergoglio uses which is full of slang and very "common" language like you would hear on the street or on a public bus. In those situations it is appropriate but it is a blasphemy coming from the mouth of the pope.

    Yes, the word that best describes Bergoglio is "vulgar". In the sense of "unsophisticated". And it is clear that he does this intentionally since he has a good education. This is all part of his "theology of the poor". It is all an act. And people thought that John Paul II was a good actor. Bergoglio is such a great actor that he falls right into the character of the "humble pope" and people totally buy into it.

    I thought that perhaps by "being Peter" that Bergoglio would "become Peter" over time. But he refuses to "be Peter". He doesn't act like Peter or speak like Peter. And he is right to do this if his plan is to not "become Peter".

    In essence we are a Church without a Pope at this time. I would not go as far as to say that "the Chair is empty", but it is occupied by an empty figure.

    He embodies everything which is modern and humanist -- which is emptiness. Without God life is empty and meaningless …. and Bergoglio is so far from doing the will of God. He has completely separated himself from God and His Church.

    The Church to Bergoglio is just an instrument to be used to further the "world revolution" of the humanists/naturalists. Instead of God -- man. Instead of prayer -- action. Instead of the Bread of Life -- tasteless bread that neither satisfies the soul nor the body.

    God have mercy on us.

    Yours in Christ,

    + + +

    P.S. Did you see the video I posted by Cornelia Ferreira? She talks about the "World Revolution and Diabolical Disorientation" and its goal to destroy the Church.

    And yes, I saw the letter from Randy Engel. It is a very sad time when the pope needs to be lectured on such fundamental Church teaching.