Friday, August 20, 2010

Gay "marriage": war against religion

I have been struggling to write a post about the gay "marriage" debate. I have come to realize that in some sense the whole gay "marriage" debate is just a smokescreen. The real fundamental battle is about religion.

Urakami Cathedral is a Catholic church that was at Ground Zero of the atomic bomb that the US dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. It was the largest Christian church in Asia at the time.

By placing the focus of the discussion on gay "marriage", the anti-religious (atheistic) forces have already won a strategic battle. They have focused the battle on the definition of marriage, but the long term war they are fighting is against religion. Marriage is a fundamental institution of religion. It is one of the few reminders in the every day life of modern society of the religious foundation of our culture.

Marriage has been under attack by the secular (atheistic) forces for many years. In fact these attacks could easily be traced back to the French Revolution. The philosophies that gave rise to the attacks against the Church at that time are again at work in attempting to destroy the Church today. Only now rather than directly burning churches to the ground, the tactic is to morally corrupt the society to the point where the churches collapse from within.

Marriage and the family are targets because they stand in the way of the "brave new world" envisioned by the forces of atheism. This vision is described in Aldous Huxley's novel by the same title. In this world, humans reproduce not through natural procreation, but instead through a manufacturing process.

As the Church is the greatest obstacle to achieving this vision, it is the Church that is under attack. The Church rightfully defends marriage and the family as part of God's Plan for humanity. The atheists see this Divine Plan as a way of keeping Man from achieving the status of a neo-God; a SuperMan; a Master Race. This vision of a Master Race was of course explicitly stated by Hitler and the Nazis, but it is no different from the ultimate goal of communism or capitalism.

This causes great confusion in terms of the politics of modern society. What hardly anyone seems to realize is that both liberals and conservatives have adopted the thinking of the French Revolution. Both streams of political thought see technological progress as the ultimate principle upon which to build society. This philosophy is inherently anti-religious and destructive to the moral life of mankind.

Even though many conservatives claim to be motivated by religion, they are so thoroughly indoctrinated by the rationalist (atheistic) philosophies that they steadily lose ground to the so-called liberals. In fact there is little difference between most conservatives and liberals. They are mostly just engaged in a battle between themselves for power over who will reap the economic benefits of the increasing secularism of society.

When I speak of religion I am mostly focused on the Catholic Church which is the original church of Christ, but the attack is equally aimed at all of Christianity. And what most Christians do not appreciate is that this same attack is aimed in other parts of the world on established organized religions such as Islam and Buddhism.

In order to effectively fight this war, Christianity must unite with Islam and Buddhism and other religious groups. The Catholic Church has been reaching out to Muslims for some time in hope of achieving just such a coalition. It should be no surprise that Catholicism and Islam are the main targets of the forces of atheism.

In the case of gay "marriage" we see how this attack works in the real world. The atheistic forces insist on a redefinition of marriage on a purely logical basis without any religious component. They insist that marriage is not a sacred union of man and woman, but simply a legal contract that is entered into between two people. They are supported in this by years of erosion of the concept of marriage by liberals and conservatives alike that have gradually given up ground on the sacred definition of marriage.

Once the "rights" of gays to marry are accepted, then this "right" is used as a club to further hammer upon the religious forces. When a Catholic group refuses to place children into adoption with gay parents then they are sued, and eventually they are forced to disband. What will happen when a priest refuses to marry a gay couple?

Already we have seen the case of a professor that was fired for stating the Catholic position on homosexuality. This was declared to be "hate speech".

But again, this is not fundamentally a battle about "gay rights". The Catholic Church and most Christians are not against homosexuals as persons, but against immoral behavior in general. This does not just include homosexual immorality, but includes all forms of sexual immorality. In fact the biggest problems in today's society with regards to immorality have to do with heterosexual activity such as sex outside of marriage and pornography directed at heterosexuals.

Many conservatives are not really interested in the subject of immorality, but are simply interested in using this debate as a way to further their cause. In doing this they often feed off of popular sentiment which is in fact very rabidly anti-homosexual and is not at all based on Christian beliefs. This only serves to further the cause of the atheists which try to paint Christians as hypocritical and hateful.

Gays should not get too comfortable with their apparent triumph, because when the ultimate plan for a Super Race is revealed they will most likely end up with the same status as they were given under the Third Reich. The doctrine of atheism does not look at people as children of God, but only as mere commodities. This is the path that society is on, and ultimately this leads to the concentration of power into the hands of a few for their singular benefit.

It is the very same forces of religion and specifically the Catholic Church that is the biggest impediment to the implementation of this Super Race. So even from a practical perspective, homosexuals would be better off supporting the Catholic Church. But ultimately, the battle that is being waged is a spiritual battle and only a profound faith in Christ can assure the ultimate victory.

I have written before about transhumanism. This is the new face of the Master Race. While this option looks tempting, providing such benefits as immortality - don't be fooled. These benefits will not be enjoyed by all, but will be limited to the few who will rule over the rest or will simply "eliminate" the masses that are not found to be useful to such a society.

Thankfully, after more than 2000 years, the Catholic Church is still a strong and vibrant force in the world. Next month, the Pope will travel to Great Britain to beatify Cardinal Newman. This will once again show the world the power of the Papacy. This power does not come from military force, but directly from God the Creator. Even England, where the schism between Catholicism and Protestantism began, must recognize this.

Not surprisingly, the forces of atheism in Great Britain are sponsors of the "Protest the Pope" campaign. At the head of this campaign is the British Humanist Association (BHA). You probably wouldn't know by their name that this is an atheist organization, and that this is one of the groups that has spearheaded much of the anti-religious campaigns worldwide. And in case you think that I'm going too far in calling them atheist then just look at one of their own statements, "Humanists do not believe in a God or gods, or any other supernatural or divine entities." This sounds like a pretty good definition for atheism.

Now look at more of their self-definition, "Humanism is the view that we can make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values and that we can live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs." Sadly, this Cult of Reason has been infecting our society, and even many Christian denominations. The is the same Cult of Reason that provides the basic philosophy for both liberals and conservatives and is the reason why they are essentially the same.

[Note: During the French Revolution religion was abolished and the Cult of Reason was instituted to replace it. At that time Catholic priests were forced to swear an oath of fidelity to the state or be sentenced to death. Many priests refused. This was part of an organized campaign to "dechristianize" France. It was at this time that marriage first became a secular institution in France.]

Not surprisingly when it comes to gay "marriage", the BHA is one of the leaders, "we oppose discrimination against same-sex couples, where civil partnerships represent an unsatisfactory compromise."

And looking further on the BHA website, we can clearly see the reason that compromises like "civil union" are not considered to be acceptable. It is because "civil unions" are strictly licensed by the state, whereas marriage is a religious institution. Once gay "marriage" becomes well established, then the gay community (serving as a proxy for the atheists) will demand to be married within the Church. This is the confrontation that the atheist forces are ultimately determined to create. This is the way that they hope to inflict a mortal blow on the Church and religion in general.

Do not be fooled; this is not just a battle about gay "marriage", this is a war against religion. It's time to take a stand and begin to fight back.


I can't end this post without mentioning that one of the past presidents of the British Humanist Association was none other than Julian Huxley. He was the brother of Aldous Huxley, the author of "Brave New World". The Huxley family has been one of the leaders of the eugenics movement. Please see my post, "Agnostica Eugenica Transhumana - A Dragon's tail".


  1. Hello Baba!

    I agree with you, through history there have been many attempts to destroy religion, marriage and family as a whole. However this is a delicate topic for me, one of my best friends is homosexual. To take a position it's necessary but hard for me.

    You mention many interesting things that I ignored, like the intentions of the BHA and the Cult of Reason. In this time is necessary to know how to distinguish in order to not to fall into a lie.

    "I can't end this post without mentioning that one of the past presidents of the British Humanist Association was none other than Julian Huxley. He was the brother of Aldous Huxley, the author of "Brave New World". The Huxley family has been one of the leaders of the eugenics movement."

    That truly shocked me, to be honest.

    Thank you for answering the other comment, the sign of peace is a practice that I personally like. I didn't know that for Muslims "As-Salamu Alaykum" means "peace be upon you". There is always something new to learn. Thank you for everything. :)

  2. Ride - As you say, gay marriage is a "delicate topic" which is why it took me so long to write about it. I certainly don't want to put fuel on the fire and take the side of those who are openly hostile towards gays simply because they are different.

    However, the Catholic church's teachings on the subject of marriage are very clear and also very strict. In fact the Church teaches that ANY form of sex outside of marriage is a sin. And even within marriage, the Church only blesses sex that is open to procreation. Even the use of condoms is not permitted. Only the use of the "natural method" is allowed to limit family size. (This is what most people call the "rhythm method".)

    This is very hard for most people living in America to hear, because they don't want to give up their sexual "liberation". It is through the use of issues tied to sexuality that the atheist groups have had their greatest success in attacking the Church. The Church has always understood this, and has always held that sexuality is a gift from God which should not be abused.

    Rather than becoming sexually "liberated" we have become slaves to our sexual desires. How many men have become addicted to pornography? Look at the issue of divorce. Jesus spoke out clearly against divorce, and yet most Christians and even Catholics feel free to divorce and then remarry. So I detect a great deal of hypocrisy on the part of most conservatives when they come out so vocally against gay "marriage".

    But the real underlying issue is an attack on religion. Gays are just a proxy - like smaller countries were used as proxies in the Cold War. What will happen when gays demand to be married inside the Catholic church? Look at what happened when Catholic adoption services refused to place children with gay couples. They were forced to go out of business.

    Religious groups need to have their rights protected. Catholic hospitals should not be forced to perform abortions. Catholic counselors should not be forced to condone pre-marital sex. Catholic priests should not be forced to marry gay couples.

    It must be recognized that there is no basis for morality without a belief in God. The "humanists" (actually atheists) would like us to believe otherwise. But they know that this is a lie. Without God we are left to define good as "what's good for me".

    The first step in restoring society is to accept that God exists and that without God we are lost. Then of course we must fully confess our sins and ask for forgiveness. This is exactly what Jesus teaches us in the parable of the prodigal son.

  3. I agree with most of what you are saying here baba. It is an attack on has nothing to do with 'freedom'...except for the freedom to keep the Christian faith in tact, even with all the aspects that don't translate well into today's society. Christianity is being attcked on all sides, its been going on for a while and is continuing. Although I come from a tradition of Orthodox Eastern Christianity, I can understand the Catholic as I went to a Roman Catholic school until I was 12.
    I like to look at these arguments from a sort of common sense angle... in nature there is the male and female principle, used together to create life, without it there is no life, no survival, no future ...its as simple as that.
    The numbers of paragraphs and passages I can't quote, but I know that in the New Testament I've read (and I have actually read it!) St Paul warns of sexual immorality and Gods punishment. It could also mean immorality between a man and a woman depending on what the heck they are doing to each other, but aside from that, there are paragraphs where the people are warned that marriage is sacred because of the bond it creates and also the idea that people who cannot control themselves can be safe within their bond....Perhaps we were being warned about sexually transmitted diseases, among other things? I am also thinking about the whole genetic code, DNA, bloodlines etc...
    Recently I started a strange new job, I moved from the world of high finance to working in the health sector, gynecology to be more precise. I have witnessed an alarming weekly rate of abortions taking place, of sexually transmitted diseases in young women, physical problems due to 'un-natural' sexual practices etc etc...this is on top of a lot of other things I am privy to in my work as a clinic administrator. To say that it has changed my view of the world is an understatement...There is a universal 'falling away'...and it is very scary!
    P.S. I keep saying I will quit this job because it makes me feel literallly sick daily, but I am still hanging on

  4. Hi Marie - Yes, you would think that "common sense" would win the day. I'm still in a state of denial with regards to gay "marriage". How did we come to this? This is just another example of how desensitization can be used to drive a groups agenda.

    But the real issue is religion. In one of Obama's books he talks about his days as a community organizer, and he says that the first thing he learned was that you needed an issue that people cared about in order to organize them. You can't just talk abstractly about improving the neighborhood, but you can organize people around getting a playground built on a particular empty lot.

    Abortion and gay "marriage" are just hot button issues that the humanists (atheists) have use to organize women and gays to support their cause. In general, sexual "liberation" has been used very effectively to turn people against religion. In the past this would not have worked because there were laws in place to put a limit on this. Yes, I'm talking about censorship laws. These were abolished in the 1960s.

    But rather than creating more freedom, this has resulted in a loss of real freedom as people become addicted to sex. And a sex addiction is not like other addictions. If you want to quit smoking, you can stop buying cigarettes and avoid other smokers. But in the case of sex addiction, there is no escaping our own inherent sexual nature. And on top of that there are the soft-porn images with which we are constantly bombarded.

    I keep thinking that Aldous Huxley was a central figure in getting all this started. He moved to Hollywood and was influential among the people there. He also was instrumental in starting much of the new age movement in California. And most people know that he was very influential in starting the drug culture by promoting the use of LSD. This all served to undermine Christianity which seems to have been the ultimate goal.

    The old religious wars have been replaced by ideological wars. The weapon used is propaganda. The humanists (atheists) have been very successful in getting their ideas adopted without most people questioning the source of those ideas.

  5. Hey Baba,

    I live in Poland and it just makes me sick how the whole nation is being programmed by the propaganda. I mean people in the 90s almost 95 percent of the society claimed to be Christian. But now the only thing they do in the mainstream media is to ridicule the Catholic church, calling all the Christians dumb, xenophobic, ignorant , not "progressive" etc. and i could go on and on about it.

    But its just all to create the hate between ppl, as a Roman Catholic i have had some issues with my faith cause the media tries very hard to get you thinking that The catholic church spread the words of hate, and its against equality etc, which i believed and its not long ago that i realised that most of it is just so exaggerated

    and there is this thing going on in Poland about making our country secular,

    they want to take all the Holy Crosses from school walls, stop teaching children religion at school, not to mention to follow the trend of the european union - to imply the unlimted abortion, euthanasia...

    but there is this political party , the one that media attacked for being "conservative' etc the only one that was against new abortion regulations etc its called "PIS", all the time in the media there is this constant attack on them, by admitting to voting for them you were putting yourself in danger of being called diffrent nicknames they used in media but still there were many ppl who support them who didn’t get fooled by this fake image of them. And its just plain hypocrasy to say that the media promote equality by ignoring the views of majority of the society and simply offending them.

    Thank God there are still ppl who dont get so easily manipulated, but not long before the election, Poland's President, his wife
    and the whole elite of this political party died in the plane crush in Russia.

    and theres just this unbelievable conicidence, 2 days before that prime minister went there , to the same place to meet with Wladimir Putin , it happened on 10th of April and till this day they just give only confusing information about this what happened on the news, it just makes me sick, and i just cant watch it anymore, how the former Russian agent , Komorowski used this tragedy to gain the popularity and of course became new president of Poland. And the most outrageous seems to be this issue :

    Its just plain to see this "conflict" is created intentionally.

    Im sorry for getting so far away from the subject, and i realise that it makes it confusing especially the fact that my English is so poor.

    getting back to the point just want to say that cant agree with You more on this :

    " But rather than creating more freedom, this has resulted in a loss of real freedom as people become addicted to sex. And a sex addiction is not like other addictions. If you want to quit smoking, you can stop buying cigarettes and avoid other smokers. But in the case of sex addiction, there is no escaping our own inherent sexual nature. And on top of that there are the soft-porn images with which we are constantly bombarded."

    Its unbelievable how you can easily fall prey to sex addiction, by pornography that is everywhere . And its so so sad, when you can see this teenage girls behaving oversexually.

  6. Re: Poland

    Hi. First of all, thank you for the wonderful comment. I learned a lot from reading it. I had heard about the controversy regarding the cross in honor of late President Kaczynski, but I had no idea about the story behind it.

    Poland is historically important to Catholicism because it is on the border between Catholic and Orthodox countries. It also resisted Protestantism. It's no wonder that there is a battle going on there to undermine the Catholic faith.

    Most Protestants probably wouldn't accept this, but the Protestant Movement opened the door for philosophies that are non-Christian. This runs the full spectrum from Communism to Rationalism. The United States is itself a product of "Enlightenment" thinking. Most of the colonists fighting in the Revolution were undoubtedly Christian, but the leadership was dominated by Deists.

    For centuries the anti-Christian forces tried to hide their true intentions, but now they have come out in the open. What changed? Public opinion. This was done through subtle manipulation in the movies which were used in a propaganda campaign. (These same propaganda techniques were perfected during WWII.) It is also done through direct indoctrination in the schools by banning religion and implementing a secular curriculum.

    Once public opinion has been changed, then they can go on the attack in the open with confidence that they can drown out the Christian opposition. It sounds like what you are experiencing in Poland is a highly accelerated version of this process.

    I. like yourself, was seduced for many years by all the talk of "freedom". Pope Leo XIII has a wonderful encyclical about freedom titled "Libertas". In it he offers these two quotes:
    "The wise man alone is free."
    "Whosoever committeth sin is the slave of sin."

    When we give in to temptation it does not make us "free". We are just using our freedom to choose to serve a different master.

    But don't worry. Christianity has flourished for over 2000 years despite persecution. You don't need me to tell you that since you are from Poland. I was just reading for the first time about Otto von Bismarck's anti-Catholic and anti-Polish "Kulturkampf" (culture war). Bismarck declared the the polish people must be "exterminated". This is a part of history that we are never taught here in the United States.

  7. Hi,

    I didnt manage to finish your article because i saw something i had to comment on. You say the Catholic church is the original church of Christ, but what about the Orthodox church? Didnt the Catholic church separate from the Orthodox church long time ago? And what makes it so special? Forbidding the priests to marry ( why would that take away marriage from the priests ) and now is responsible for the molestation of uncounted number of victims whose life is destroyed. It would seem to me that the Catholic church is itself rotten. Anyway, i am an Orthodox Christian... going back to my roots recently.

    Anyway i would like to hear what you think about this.


  8. @anon - Good catch. When I made the comment regarding "original church" I had in mind the Protestant schism. The schism between Catholics and Orthodox is as you know more complex. My understanding is that it arises out of the breakup of the Roman Empire and the creation of the Byzantine Empire. It seems to me that due to separation, the two churches slowly drifted apart until the final schism happened around 1000 AD. And in part the differences were exaggerated by pressure from the political forces in Rome and Constantinople.

    This is very unfortunate and I know that the Popes have always tried to reunify the two churches in some fashion. As you probably know there are Catholics that practice the Eastern Rite which I believe to be very similar to Orthodox practices. (I know Pope Benedict XVI reached out to the Orthodox Church when he visited Cyprus.)

    I don't think any Christian can be happy with the divisions among us. It certainly makes it very difficult to convert someone from another faith when they see so much division and animosity between us.

    My goal here is not to criticize other Christian denominations, but rather to offer a Catholic point of view on certain issues. I think that some Protestants may be reconsidering some of the hardline positions of the Catholic Church now that they can see the consequences of some of the more liberal positions that were taken since the 1960s. Without a firm foundation for our faith, we slowly drift towards humanism (atheism). And if we don't challenge our culture to achieve a higher standard then morality slowly declines.

    We need to maintain a constant *vigil* against the forces that are united against Christianity. (At the same time I strongly caution against reactionary sentiments such as mindless hatred of Muslims.)

  9. The gay marriage arguement is not an attack on christianity or religion. It is simply about the right so people, who happen to be gay, to form relationships, and to give the same rights to each other that married heterosexual couples have. I would be so simple if the gay couples could simply sign a contract and give each other all of those rights, but the law does not work that way. I know many gay couples who are have a strong christian faith, and many churches that recognize and perform same sex marriages, so to conclude that gay marriage is an attack on religion and christianity is utterly obsurd.

    On the contrary, when you look at the so-called christian groups and churches who oppose same sex marriage, they are not content to apply their beliefs to their own congregants, but rather they want to apply their rules and beliefs to everyone through the use of legislation and law.

    It is not the same sex marriage proponents who are attacking religion, it is the religious who are attacking gays and same sex proponents.

    One writer in this thread worries that a Catholic priest may someday be required by law to perform a gay marriage. This is utterly rediculous. Is a Catholic priest required by law to marry anyone that is not Catholic? Of course not. Is a Catholic priest allowed to decide who he feels is suited to get married and who is not? Of course! Then, it is a rediculous stretch of the imagination to conclude that a Catholic priest might be required by law to marry to gays.

    Making gay marriage legal for those same sex couples that want to get married has not effect on anyone whatsoever, other than that couple and their immediate family. We all would be better off if a the Catholics, Mormons, and Southern Baptists would stick to preaching to their flocks and stop trying to control the rest of the country through legislation and the law.

  10. Dear anonymous. First of all, thank you for the civil tone of your comment. You make many good points and I admire the way that you back up your conclusions with logical thinking.

    That said, I obviously don't agree with your conclusions. There is no "discrimination" against homosexuals that want to get married – as long as one is a man and the other is a woman. And that they can maintain a monogamous relationship with their legal spouse.

    The whole argument about gay partners having hospital visitation rights has nothing to do with marriage. That's a legal issue that can be dealt with directly. Yes, there are some legal benefits that are associated with marriage, but those are really side issues.

    Yes, there are definitely some people that are against "gay marriage" that are really just anti-gay and they are hiding behind their Christian beliefs. But again, that is not what this is about.

    It is the gay community itself that says that "civil union" is a "separate but equal" status and that insists on "gay marriage". "Civil union" is not acceptable to radical gay activists precisely because it does not provide a tool to attack Christians as I described in the article.

    It is not "ridiculous" to conclude that gays will demand to be married in the Catholic Church. Already some openly gay people demand that they be given communion when this is against Church teaching.

    You can be Catholic and be in a homosexual relationship. It's just that you would be in a state of mortal sin and not entitled to communion. A person who is Catholic and gay could demand to be married to his homosexual partner in the Church. Of course the priest would refuse, but not because the person isn't Catholic.

    In a case like this if "gay marriage" was already legal and if there was an established legal right of "equality" granted to homosexuals, then the Catholic Church would be forced to perform "gay marriages" or be subject to legal persecution. That is an unavoidable fact and no pledges to the contrary will prevent that from happening under those circumstances.