Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ave Maria!

A miracle has happened in Ohio! The beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary in front of Lilla and Wieslaw Kozlowski's condo can stay right where she has been for the last ten years.
HILLIARD, Ohio -- Lilla and Wieslaw Kozlowski say they have received a certified letter from the Hilliard Village Condominium Association letting them know that the statue will not be forcibly removed and that the Kozlowskis will not have to pay a fine for having an unauthorized lawn decoration.

Nicole Oehlers, a neighbor who first contacted NBC4 about the situation, wrote in an e-mail that Lilla "also wanted to thank her neighbors, and everyone for the overwhelming support from people all over the nation."
Hail Mary! Full of grace. The Lord is with thee!

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