Friday, March 18, 2011

The meltdown of the family

Stand therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness.
Ephesians 6:14

I realize that anything I write now at this time of tragedy in Japan could be seen as not showing the proper respect for the victims. But I had this strangest feeling as I was watching a video about the design of a nuclear reactor and I feel the need to share it.

The video was talking about the "containment system" inside one of the Fukushima nuclear power reactors. It was described as being similar to russian dolls – steel container, covered by a concrete container, covered by the actual building.

I suddenly had an image of Christianity as a similar type of containment system. At the core – or at least somewhere very close to the core – is marriage. And all the safety systems and containment that surrounded that core have been breached by the corrosive forces of secular humanism.

It occurred to me that when the Church of England first approved contraception (in 1930) in the case of married couples, it burst through the first layer of this religious and ethical containment system. This small crack became larger and larger, until finally an explosion occurred with the introduction of the contraceptive birth control pill in the early 1960s. This was followed by another eruption which was the legalization of abortion in 1973. And now the worst case meltdown scenario is occurring with the legalization of same-sex "marriage".

These facts are nothing new, but I think the imagery of Christianity as a system designed to protect the family is striking. It reveals the strategy used by the secular humanists in attacking Christianity, as well as revealing their ultimate goal. It also reveals the consequences if we stop fighting this battle. And it reveals how something that may seem like an insignificant crack in our Christian beliefs can ultimately have devastating consequences.

At the very core of Christianity is our belief in God. If marriage is obliterated, then nothing will stop the secular humanists from declaring that belief in God is itself a crime.

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