Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blessed Elizabeth's cell

A straw mattress, a little chair, a board for a desk, and there you have the furnishings, but it is filled with God and I spend such wonderful hours there alone with the Bridegroom. For me, the cell is something sacred, it is His intimate sanctuary, just for Him and His little bride. We are so much "together," I am silent. I listen to Him... it is good to hear everything He has to say.

Letters from Carmel: 168 [June 29, 1903]


  1. Beautiful , I think of my won "cell" and it is enough for me and my Jesus !
    Thanks be to God!
    I rejoice that I have a God who loves me in all my simplicity.
    I always want to let go of the world and things of the world ....GOD ALONE!

  2. I'm sure you meant "own cell". I hadn't thought about it but this could describe a home that is full of God's love or a heart... "the cell is something sacred, it is His intimate sanctuary".

    There is such a depth of joy and peace in Blessed Elizabeth's writings. She teaches us the way to find true happiness -- it is not through material possessions, but through love of God.