Monday, January 28, 2013

The Liturgy -- Heaven on Earth

This is a preview of a DVD on the liturgy of the Catholic Church.

Blessed John Paul II is quoted in the DVD: “The mystery brought about in the Liturgy is truly great. It opens a glimpse of Heaven on earth,” I have felt this same way myself and I think that I have even expressed this thought in one of my articles in PublicVigil.

“Our celebration of the worship of God in this world is a preparation for the eternal celebration of God in heaven, which will never end.” This quote comes from Cardinal Francis Arinze, Prefect Emeritus of Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. This is another thought that I have had and it is wonderful to hear a high ranking Vatican official confirm this as official Church teaching.

I believe the Mass is intended to prepare us for entering into Heaven. As Catholics we are privileged to share in this act of preparation as we humbly receive the Eucharist. One day with the help of the Divine Mercy we will stand before the throne of God and sing with the choirs of angels as we receive the heavenly Eucharist.

I have not seen this DVD other than this preview, but I would recommend it regardless. And I think this would be a far better choice for Catechism of those preparing for First Communion than the DVD set produced by Father Robert Barron.

THIS is Catholicism! Catholicism begins and ends with the Liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. And so it is fitting that this DVD which is part of a series should begin with the Liturgy.

There is more information and I believe it can be purchased here:

There is an article in Zenit about this DVD here:

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