Thursday, August 29, 2013

The party's over

[18] What doth the graven thing avail, because the maker thereof hath graven it, a molten, and a false image? because the forger thereof hath trusted in a thing of his own forging, to make dumb idols. [19] Woe to him that saith to wood: Awake: to the dumb stone: Arise: can it teach? Behold, it is laid over with gold, and silver, and there is no spirit in the bowels thereof. [20] But the Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.
 -- Prophecy Of Habacuc 2:18-20
I just got back from a big night at the ballpark. The whole evening was charged with a carnival-like atmosphere. There was loud music that stirred up the emotions. There was a whole environment of excitement that was created around the event.

As I participated in this secular extravaganza, I began to think that I was missing something because my normal idea of fun is to engage in lively conversation with fellow Catholics after Mass.

And then I got home and felt that familiar empty, sinking feeling....

I began wondering what purpose such an existence could have.... in the past this would have led to a mild depression unless I was able to quickly join in another party-style event. Eventually, I would have to return to the echoing silence of solitude. In order to avoid this empty solitude society provides us with endless TV, Radio and movie entertainment. And for the those not satisfied with these choices there is alcohol, drugs and promiscuous sex.

Everything and anything to drown out the silence of solitude. It is in this silence that God calls to us. And if we accept Gods call then we find no need for the party-party, go-go, pleasure-seeking life. We find everything we need in God's love.

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