Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Vatican's timid response to Muslim attacks on Christians

[15] But if thy brother shall offend against thee, go, and rebuke him between thee and him alone. If he shall hear thee, thou shalt gain thy brother. [16] And if he will not hear thee, take with thee one or two more: that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may stand. [17] And if he will not hear them: tell the church. And if he will not hear the church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican.
 -- Gospel According to Saint Matthew 18:15-17
Take your choice:

1. The Vatican fiddles while Christian churches go up in flames in Egypt.

2. Vatican calls for prayers of peace in response to "Pogrom" against Christians in Egypt.

3. "Kristallnacht" against Christian churches in Egypt is virtually ignored by Vatican in order to preserve the false "ecumenism" of Vatican II.

And when I refer to the Vatican, I am specifically referring to Pope Francis. If these attacks were perpetrated against Jews or Muslims he would be one of the loudest voices speaking out, but he dares not forcefully defend Christians?

As a Catholic, I am bitterly disappointed and disheartened by this reaction of the Church leadership. The pre-Vatican II popes would have forcefully denounced this persecution of Christians by Muslims. And we must not forget the active roles of the United States and Israel in creating the state of anarchy in Egypt that allows this to happen.

It is past time to stop apologizing for the violence of Muslims against Christians and to uncategorically denounce these acts of hatred.

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  1. These are the fruits of the council document "Nostra Aetate".
    I could write books about it.