Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Christ LORD and Christ servant

Christ LORD and Christ servant

this is all that the washing of the feet of the Apostles by Jesus Christ on the evening of  his betrayal is all about...

... I am Christ.. your Lord.. and servant.. unto all eternity..

.. we Christians -- which is the same as to say we Catholics -- know that Christ is King -- the ultimate ruler and Lord of all the Universe.. and of all countries.. and over all earthly kings and princes.. dukes  and earls..

.. but Christ is also there to serve us in our needs... when we are sick.. Christ is by our bedside...

.. when we are lonely... Christ finds his way into our hearts and lites a fire to warm our souls..

Christ is there by our side throughout all of this miserable life... and he is waiting to be our guide and our servant when we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven..

.. o beautiful loving merciful servant..

.. o faithful kind just Lord..

.. the first will be last.. the last will be first..


  1. Beautiful post.

    And we hardly have enough time to give Him Thanks.

  2. ".. we Christians -- which is the same as to say we Catholics "
    I agree: only Catholics are truly Christians