Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An open invitation to Archbishop Dolan and Bishop DiMarzio

Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz
"That they may all be one; even as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be in us."
John 17:21
Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz is the only Democrat in the New York State Senate that voted in opposition to the "homosexual marriage" bill. He has been outspoken in his support of marriage between one man and one woman in accordance with God's plan

He has invited Archbishop Dolan and Bishop DiMarzio in an open letter to join him in support of marriage at a rally in New York City organized by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Sunday, July 24th.

This is a historic opportunity for Christians to join in unity and show the world our love for God. I hope and pray that our Catholic bishops will join Rev. Diaz and that this will only be the beginning of a shared and fruitful labor of love in the vineyards of the LORD.

Full text of the open letter from Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz dated July 13, 2011:
Dear Archbishop Dolan and Bishop DiMarzio:

In the great spirit of interfaith unity, I invite you to join me and my fellow ministers on Sunday, July 24th at 3PM at a March for Marriage that has been organized by the National Organization for Marriage to be held outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s midtown office at 633 Third Avenue.

Our peaceful and prayerful rally will protest the redefinition of marriage and demand that all New Yorkers have the right to vote on this very serious social issue.

You know that I have tremendous respect for you and I am most hopeful that you and your fellow bishops and clergy will join us on the 24th.

Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz

National Organization for Marriage

Lord Jesus, at the request of your Holy Mother Mary you miraculously turned the water into wine. Turn this tragic defeat into a blessed victory for your faithful followers, so that all may believe in the power of Your Mighty Word. We ask this in Your Holy Name.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Jesus, we trust in You!


  1. I applaud Diaz for this initiative.

    A similar initiative for anyone unaware has been promoted by Chuck Colson (et al) for a few years now:

  2. Senator Diaz is a leader in the Hispanic community. Some of the biggest opponents to "homosexual marriage" have been from the Black and Hispanic communities. And yet homosexual activists still want to talk as if this is an extension of the civil rights movement for equality for African-Americans.

    Diaz has been VERY active in leading the opposition to "homosexual marriage". He has led massive rallies. Archbishop Dolan has given written support to Diaz recently. We'll have to see if he will be an active participant in the July 24 rally.

    This is organized by NOM. I know that Thomas Peters has stated that he is very active with them and gives them his full support. I have been to their website and they seem like an excellent group. I would like to see the Archbishop give them his support since their goals and the Catholic Church's goals seem to be fully aligned.

    BTW, I have written a couple of articles about the Manhattan Declaration. Archbishop Dolan is a signer. Again, this is an excellent opportunity for Christians to come together for a common cause.

  3. Let's pray for the success of this rally.

    O Lord, through the intercession of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, send forth your Spirit to enlighten the cardinals, bishops, priests and leaders. May they be given the fortitude to overcome human respect. And the courage to be true witnesses of the Gospel. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

    St Francis Solano, whose feast day we celebrate today, pray for us!

  4. Anon. Thank you for your uplifting prayers. God bless you.