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Public Pedophiles

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil; for thou art with me.
 – Psalm 23:4

Kinsey and Kenneth Anger in the house of Aleister Crowley
We are all victims of child abuse. It started with sexual pervert Alfred Kinsey.

All of us that have grown up since the 1950s when the deliberately falsified Kinsey reports on sexual behavior (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation) were released have been victims of ritual child abuse.

We grew up exposed to pornography. We were "fondled" by magazine covers and movies which portrayed sexually suggestive images.

We were "led on" by the liberal media that cooed it's alright, it's alright. Just do what feels good.

We were "seduced" by the music industry that planted hidden messages deep into our minds using  throbbing beats enhanced by flashing strobe lights, alcohol and mind altering drugs.

We were "molested" by Planned Parenthood that pushed on us easy access to "birth control" pills and other contraceptive paraphernalia that fueled our growing sexual addiction.

We woke up from our state of shock decades later and realized we had been "robbed" of our innocence.

It was too late to complain, and who would listen anyway? How do you file charges against a corrupt culture and a seductive society?

We thought we were casting off the old chains. Instead we found our selves imprisoned in a subterranean dungeon where we were forced to cater to the desires of our new masters in exchange for our basic necessities. But if we submitted freely, then the rewards could be quite generous.

And the abuse continues. A new generation is being "groomed" to take our place.

There is a man that personifies this "public pedophilia". You may recognize his name -- Paul Shanley. Father Paul Shanley, the infamous pedophile priest.

Shanley preyed on young vulnerable boys. That side of the story has been told very well by the media. But, how did he get away with it for so many years?

What the liberal media doesn't usually tell you is that Shanley was a celebrity in Boston. He was a darling of the liberal crowd. They bought hook, line and sinker his carefully crafted image as a savior of homeless children.
No one was more taken with the fiery, witty priest than the media.... Ordained in 1960, he quickly cropped up in the news pages. Boston Globe accounts from the time describe him as ''prodding the conscience of the Priests' Senate'' and preparing Thanksgiving dinners for homeless youths. In one 1970 story, Shanley predicted a massive summer flood of runaway teens. ''In Boston, it's a race between me and the predatory adults - the pushers, the pimps, the prostitutes, the hustlers, the addicts.''
Here was a priest that they could idolize. He was the embodiment of liberal ideals. The liberal media loved to contrast him to the stuffy old Catholic hierarchy.
In one stinging letter to Cardinal Medeiros, he wrote, ''That I am a Pied Piper leading youth astray has been an oft-alleged and mean-minded judging of my motives which deserves no reply.'' And in a letter to Monsignor Francis J. Sexton rebutting a 1967 accusation that he had molested three boys, Shanley declared, ''I am ... filled with rage and determined to fight and to make an example of this type of behavior to which we priests are subject, in a civil court case.''
He fit perfectly their pre-prepared script of the hip crafty "street priest" vs. the stodgy old Bishop.
Though it is difficult to recall in the face of headlines that now proclaim him a ''predator'' and ''pedophile,'' Shanley, as he rose to prominence in the 1970s, was not just a legendary ''street priest'' in blue jeans, but a vaunted crusader for the down and out, a man widely admired in Boston.
And when he went on to be the voice for homosexuals against the Church, that just heightened the plot tension. The liberal crowd couldn't get enough of it. He was their hero.
Representative Barney Frank, then a state legislator active in gay-rights issues, attended legislative meetings with him. One of only a handful of priests in the country assigned to work full time with homosexuals, Shanley charmed not only the media and city leaders, but clerical and youth workers throughout New England.
You could say that Shanley was ahead of his time. He was pushing for all the things that the homosexual movement is pushing for now. End priestly celibacy. Women "priests". Let the laity run the Church through a "democratic" process.
Not only did he preach that being a homosexual or bisexual was OK, he advocated fervently for gay rights from the lectern and in the media. He chided the Catholic Church for what he considered homophobia and testified at the State House on behalf of antidiscrimination legislation.
When Bishop Medeiros tried to challenge him in the 1970s, he ran to the liberal media of Boston. They were his ultimate protectors.
[Elaine Noble] said she was suspicious of his activities and complained to a host of city leaders, including the police and mayor's office. That nothing came of her reports she attributes in part to Shanley's popularity and potent connections.... Noble, who was also a highly visible gay figure in the 1970s, said that not only was it '' common knowledge in the community that Paul liked young men,'' but a number of young boys she knew told her about it in detail.... Noble says she took her concerns about Shanley to the Boston police; to Katharine Kane, then a deputy mayor; and to several priests who are now dead.... And when leaders in the gay community heard what Noble had done, she said, ''I got holy hell. People in my own community just didn't want to believe it. The truth is that people were afraid of Shanley. ... No one could shut down Paul Shanley.''
The "funny" part is that the liberal media wanted no part of him once he was exposed as a pedophile priest. Now they found a new role for him to play in the same old story about the evil Catholic Church. Now he was the perverted priest who could not find a release for his sexual drives within his celibate life and was forced to turn to preying on young boys. And all of this was due to the medieval practices of the out-of-touch Catholic Church.

As his media image went through a metamorphoses some very strange transformations occurred. No longer was he a champion of the homosexual cause. In fact the word homosexual was completely struck from the script. The new word was pedophile.

The horror of Shanley's monstrous preying on young boys and the repulsiveness of the sexual acts in which he engaged was further magnified by the breach of the faith placed in him as a Catholic priest. And yet somehow the homosexual nature of these degrading sexual relationships was denied by the liberal media.

The Catholic Church will never outlive the shame of the coverup of Shanley's crimes perpetrated by some priests and bishops of the Archdiocese of Boston. But I don't see how anyone can say that Bishop Medeiros was one of those that participated in this coverup. He reported Shanley to his superiors, but each time he attempted to reprimand Shanley the priest spilled the story to the Boston media and they rushed to the defense of the "street priest" by attacking Medeiros and the rest of the Catholic heirarchy.

Didn't anyone in the liberal press realize what Shanley was up to in the 1970s? It's not as if he kept it hidden. He spoke openly about homosexuality and pedophilia on radio shows and in public talks. There were complaints from faithful Catholics about his perversion of Church teachings, but no one in the liberal media seemed to care.
So daunting was Shanley's celebrity that some of those who followed his career and had suspicions about him didn't know where to go with their concerns.... The gay community [was not] particularly eager to have one of its most vocal champions linked to sexual abuse.
Shanley attacked the Church using the exact same arguments that homosexual activists use today. He used the same tactic of calling the Church bigoted, homophobic and out-of-touch. In this irreverent reply to Archbishop Medeiros written in 1973, he audaciously claims the moral high ground by comparing himself with the Good Samaritan while casting the Church in the role of hypocrite.
"Who can tell us why the Priest passed by the man lying by the roadside between Jerusalem and Jericho? Perhaps the victim was a homosexual, but the Samaritan cared not."
This was all part of the "grooming" process of society-at-large in preparation of forcing the homosexual agenda onto us.

In this way the victims defenses are lowered. Then the victim is lured into a compromised position. And finally the brutal act of homosexual rape occurs.
He met Shanley when he was 13 and had run from his South Shore home to the Boston ''scene.'' He recalls Shanley telling him that he was a psychologist who specialized in teen issues. And when the priest offered the boy a place to stay, he says he agreed, and Shanley took him to his third-floor bedroom at Warwick House. He says Shanley had the maid take his dirty clothes and offered him a robe. When it came time for bed, he recalled, ''Shanley said, `You can sleep with me.' I was thinking this is not a good idea. And then all of a sudden he is naked and touching me, and I am petrified ... I was completely freaked out.''
This was the technique that Shanley used on his victims, and it is the same technique that the homosexual movement uses to attack the Church and society.

What occurs next to the victim is a mystery. The intense shame of the act seems to cause an immediate state of shock. The victim is placed into a vulnerable mental and spiritual state where he becomes dependent on the man that just defiled him. The poor tortured soul loses its freedom.
''Shanley said, `It is better for you to come to me for this than it is to be down on your knees in some dirty alley for a stranger.' And I was so grateful. I was going to be  saved. Saved by a priest.'' He was molested by Shanley time and again.
The imposition on society of "homosexual marriage" is an act of rape. It is a violent sexual assault on our consciences.

Some people do not want to admit the shame that this causes to all of us. We have been disgraced. This is a scandal that was unthinkable in the 1970s when Shanley was sexually assaulting his victims. Even his deviant mind could not have conceived of what has just transpired in New York state.

Are we going to become helpless victims?

No! We will fight back as a people that trust in the mercy and justice of God.

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