Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel at Garabandal

La Virgen del Carmen
Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of our religion:
  He was manifested in the flesh,
  vindicated in the Spirit,
  seen by angels,
  preached among the nations,
  believed on in the world,
  taken up in glory.

   – 1 Timothy 3:16
From 1961 to 1965 the Virgin Mary appeared to four children in the small village of Garabandal, Spain. This apparition has neither been approved nor condemned by the Church. The girls who saw Our Lady are Mari Loli Mazón, Jacinta González, Mari Cruz González and Conchita González.
"Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are following the road to perdition."
 – Our Lady of Mt. Carmel at Garabandal (1961)

One cannot help but think of the sex abuse scandal of the Church when one hears the message of Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Garabandal.


There is another video about Garabandal that I would have liked to have posted, but I haven't found a way to embed it. You can find it at this website:
(Look for a link that says Mother Angelica Live. If you just want to hear the audio from the program click here.)

It is an interview that Mother Angelica conducted with Joey Lomangino who visited with the girls in 1962 and became an apostle of the message of Garabandal despite the fact that he is blind. He tells us that he was instructed to go there by Padre Pio. The whole story is quite amazing. In addition to Our Lady the girls also saw appear before them the Archangel St. Michael.

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