Saturday, October 29, 2011

White supremacist Pat Buchanan on EWTN

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise.
 – Galatians 3:28-29
I hope that Raymond Arroyo gets a ton of emails complaining about inviting Pat Buchanan to come on his show. Buchanan has demonstrated time and again that he is a white supremacist. In fact the book that he is currently promoting has a chapter titled "The End Of White America". Here are a few quotes which are obviously designed to stir feelings of racial hatred towards Hispanics and Blacks.
The white population will begin to shrink and, should present birth rates persist, slowly disappear. Hispanics already comprise 42 percent of New Mexico's population, 37 percent of California's, 38 percent of Texas's, and over half the population of Arizona under the age of twenty. ... Mexico is moving north. Ethnically, linguistically, and culturally, the verdict of 1848 is being overturned. Will this Mexican nation within a nation advance the goals of the Constitution-to "insure domestic tranquility" and "make us a more perfect union"? Or has our passivity in the face of this invasion imperiled our union?

...Those who believe the rise to power of an Obama rainbow coalition of peoples of color means the whites who helped to engineer it will steer it are deluding themselves. The whites may discover what it is like to ride in the back of the bus.
Supposedly Buchanan is a Catholic and that justifies him being on the program. There is also a chapter in the book titled "The Death Of Christian America". I have certainly shared my concerns about the attacks by Our Secular President on Christianity, but Buchanan twists this into another racist argument by denying that Hispanics also come from a predominantly Christian culture.

I give credit to Arroyo for initially challenging Buchanan on this subject. But I have to say that I was very disappointed that he did not confront Buchanan about his repugnant reply.
UPDATE 1 [Oct 30]:

After reviewing a list of the chapters from Buchanan's book (see update below), I have to ask: which of these was Arroyo calling "a chapter on immigration"? The one that it seems he was most likely referring to is "The End of White America". Arroyo and EWTN should be ashamed to be promoting such a blatantly racist book. Arroyo clearly knew what type of answer to expect from Buchanan about Hispanic immigration. I have had issues before with Arroyo over his conservative politics, but this goes far beyond standard political ideology. This is racism at the level of the KKK.

Please write to EWTN at or call them at 205-271-2900 to let them know of your displeasure. And if you are a financial contributor, you should tell them that you are not going to contribute to them anymore and let them know why. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!
It is people like Buchanan that give Republican conservatives the label of "racist". There is no better way to get Hispanics and Blacks to run into the arms of the Democrats than to allow him to continue to spew his racial hatred. Hispanics and Blacks are attracted by the pro-Life and pro-Family messages of conservative Republicans and would seem like a natural fit, but the overt racism displayed by Buchanan screams out to Hispanics and Blacks that they are not welcome.

Here is the video from the "World Over Live". You can come to your own conclusions. (The exchange about Hispanics begins at 18:10 and ends at 20:30.)

The whole Republican Party position on immigration has huge anti-Hispanic overtones. The other day at the CNN debates the Republican candidates were asked directly about what their message is for Hispanics. The only reply was that they would produce more jobs -- they ducked the issue entirely. The only person that had any positive message for Hispanics was Rick Santorum, who stood up for the pro-Family values of Hispanics. (Buchanan, on the other hand, specifically chooses to attack Hispanic family values.)

I was especially disappointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry. He could have said something positive about the large number of Hispanics in Texas. Instead he just made a generic statement about creating jobs for everyone. In his first debate, Perry spoke proudly of having helped Hispanic immigrants to be able to achieve a college education. But after coming under fire for supporting Hispanics, he has assumed the racist immigrant stance of his fellow Republicans.

As much as I would like to vote for a Republican for President based on the vital pro-Life and pro-Family issues, it will be very hard for me to do if they continue to attack Hispanics by using the issue of immigration as a cover for their racism.

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San Juan Diego, ruega por nostros.

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UPDATE 1 [Oct 30]:

Below are excerpts from each chapter in Buchanan's book titled "Suicide of a Superpower". It is racists like him that give Christianity a bad name. To him, "Christian America" and "White America" are synonymous. What makes it worse for me is that he calls himself a "Catholic". Usually it is the Protestants that spew this kind of hatred. Please rest assured that Buchanan does not represent the Catholic Church which embraces people from all backgrounds and of all nationalities.

I have to wonder if Buchanan is really working for the Democrats in disguise. This type of polarizing politics can only help Obama. But if the Republican candidates do not publicly denounce him then people will assume that he is speaking for them. And maybe he is.
Chapter 1: The Passing of a Superpower

“We have accepted today the existence in perpetuity of a permanent underclass of scores of millions who cannot cope and must be carried by society -- fed, clothed, housed, tutored, medicated at taxpayer’s expense their entire lives. We have a dependent nation the size of Spain in our independent America. We have a new division in our country, those who pay a double or triple fare, and those who ride forever free.”

Chapter 2. The End of Christian America

If [Christopher] Dawson is correct, the drive to de-Christianize America, to purge Christianity from the public square, public schools and public life, will prove culturally and socially suicidal for the nation.

“The last consequence of a dying Christianity is a dying people. Not one post-Christian nation has a birth rate sufficient to keep it alive....The death of European Christianity means the disappearance of the European tribe, a prospect visible in the demographic statistics of every Western nation.”

Chapter 3. The Crisis of Catholicism

“Half a century on, the disaster is manifest. The robust and confident Church of 1958 no longer exists. Catholic colleges and universities remain Catholic in name only. Parochial schools and high schools are closing as rapidly as they opened in the 1950s. The numbers of nuns, priests and seminarians have fallen dramatically. Mass attendance is a third of what it was. From the former Speaker of the House to the Vice President, Catholic politicians openly support abortion on demand.”

“How can Notre Dame credibly teach that all innocent life is sacred, and then honor a president committed to ensuring that a woman’s right to end the life of her innocent child remains sacrosanct?”

Chapter 4. The End of White America

“[W]hite America is an endangered species. By 2020, whites over 65 will out-number those 17 and under. Deaths will exceed births. The white population will begin to shrink and, should present birth rates persist, slowly disappear.”

“Mexico is moving north. Ethnically, linguistically and culturally, the verdict of 1848 is being over-turned. Will this Mexican nation within a nation advance the goals of the Constitution -- to “insure domestic tranquility” and ‘make us a more perfect union’? Or have we imperiled our union?” (Page 134)

Chapter 5. Demographic Winter

“Peoples of European descent are not only in a relative but a real decline. They are aging, dying, disappearing. This is the existential crisis of the West.” (Page 166)

“Not any Iranian weapon of mass destruction but demography is the existential crisis Israel faces....By mid-century...Palestinians west of the Jordan river will out-number Jews 2-1. Add Palestinians in Jordan, it is 3-1.”

“In a startling development of history, Russia’s population has fallen from 148 million in 1991 to 140 million today and is projected to plunge to 116 million by 2050, a loss of 32 million Russians in six decades.”

Chapter 6. Equality Vs. Freedom

“Those who would change society begin by changing the meaning of words. At Howard University, LBJ changed the meaning of equality from the attainable -- an end to segregation and a legislated equality of rights for African-Americans -- to the impossible: a socialist utopia.”

“Where equality is enthroned, freedom is extinguished. The rise of the egalitarian society means the death of the free society.”

“A time for truth. As most kids do not have the athletic ability to play high school sports, or the musical ability to play in the band, or the verbal ability to excel in debate, not every child has the academic ability to do high school work. No two children are created equal, not even identical twins. The family is the incubator of inequality and God its author.”

Chapter 7. The Diversity Cult

“The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality,” Wattenberg trilled.4 Yet, one wonders: What kind of man looks with transcendental joy to a day when the people among whom he was raised have become a minority in a nation where the majority rules?”

“Historians will look back in stupor at 20th and 21st century Americans who believed the magnificent republic they inherited would be enriched by bringing in scores of millions from the failed states of the Third World.”

Chapter 8: The Triumph Of Tribalism

America’s war of revenge against Japan was a race war. Newsreels, movies, magazines, comic books, headlines treated “Japs” as a repulsive race whose extermination would benefit mankind....Only well after the war was over was it re-branded a war to bring the blessings of democracy to...Japan.

We may deny the existence of ethnonationalism, detest it, condemn it. But this creator and destroyer of empires and nations is a force infinitely more powerful than globalism, for it engages the heart. Men will die for it. Religion, race, culture and tribe are the four horsemen of the coming apocalypse.

Chapter 9. ‘The White Party’

“Through its support of mass immigration, its paralysis in power to prevent 12-20 million illegal aliens from entering and staying, its failure to address the “anchor-baby” issue, the Republican Party has birthed a new electorate that will send it the way of the Whigs.”

Chapter 10: The Long Retreat

“We borrow from Europe to defend Europe. We borrow from the Gulf states to defend the Gulf states. We borrow from Japan to defend Japan. Is it not a symptom of senility to be borrowing from the world so we can defend the world?”

“Are vital U.S. interests more imperiled by what happens in Iraq where were have 50,000 troops, or Afghanistan where we have 100,000, or South Korea where we have 28,000 -- or by what is happening on our border with Mexico?...What does it profit America if we save Anbar and lose Arizona?”

Chapter 11: The Last Chance

“We are trying to create a nation that has never before existed, of all the races, tribes, cultures and creeds of Earth, where all are equal. In this utopian drive for the perfect society of our dreams we are killing the real country we inherited -- the best and greatest country on earth.”


  1. UPDATE: I added a list of chapters from Buchanan's book. I also condemned Arroyo and EWTN for hosting this interview to promote this racist trash.

  2. “Historians will look back in stupor at 20th and 21st century Americans who believed the magnificent republic they inherited would be enriched by bringing in scores of millions from the failed states of the Third World.”

    It's a shame that he thinks like that and that EWTN would aired him. I emailed the network, I'm not sure they will pay attention to it, but is best to try.

    Thank you for exposing this, :)

  3. Hi Ride. Thanks for sending in an email. I'm sure it will help.

    It breaks my heart to see EWTN broadcast such an interview. I love EWTN. I hope they learn to stay clear of politics -- whether it's right wing or left wing. It has nothing to do with their mission of spreading the Gospel.

    "The World Over" has been the flagship show of the network. I'm wondering if it is time to retire the show or at least replace Raymond Arroyo who has shown that he cannot steer clear of Republican conservative politics.

    My main source of news these days is LifeSiteNews:

    While their main focus is on pro-Life issues, they also cover other related news about the Catholic Church. They don't identify themselves as a Catholic site, but they are clearly guided by the teachings of the Church.

    I have also been watching the daily YouTube videos from Michael Voris:

    They have a daily news roundup and "The Daily Vortex". While RealCatholicTV is very conservative from a religious perspective, it doesn't take sides on political issues. Actually, the proper word is "orthodox" not "conservative".

    I think we can go overboard on being too orthodox and becoming overly critical of the Church. This can also cause disillusionment with the Church, which I myself am currently suffering from.

    I take comfort in Pope Benedict XVI. He personifies all that is good about the Church.