Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Saint" Vatican II

"Why hast thou conceived this thing in thy heart? Thou hast not lied to men, but to God."
 -- The Acts Of The Apostles 5:4
The "clever" cartoon below is from the heretical NCR.

Yes, it is quite clear to everyone that the Bishop of Rome intends to "canonize" Vatican II through the "intercession" of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. What is the rush? The "Spirit of Vatican II" isn't even dead yet.


  1. Hello Michael,
    thank you for bringing this cartoon to your reader´s attention.
    I fear NCR nearly always understands the real message of the papal actions in this papacy.
    I wish this could be said about "orthodox" Catholics too.
    God bless.
    Yours in Christ

  2. Hello Martina,

    Even if Bergoglio did nothing else, he has already caused great damage to the Church Militant. Today, we celebrated the great feast of All Saints… so many Catholics at Mass all praying for the Pope.

    In the past few days, Forbes published its list of people who rule the world. Bergoglio was #4 on the list. This puts into clear perspective the power of the Church. even when it comes to earthly matters. The reason given for the higher ranking of Bergoglio was specifically that he de-emphasized the message of the Church regarding abortion, homosexuals, contraception, etc.

    This also puts into perspective why the dissidents don't abandon the Church. They openly state that they do not follow the Church's teachings, but they remain attached to the Church in order to infiltrate Her with their filthy ideas. They recognize the power of the Church, even though they do not and cannot understand where Her true power comes from.

    Today I prayed that at least in some cases perhaps the infiltrators will become converted -- "infiltrated" by Christ. How can you pray in a beautiful Catholic Church and not be moved towards the Truth of Christ? But then again some of the newer churches along with the liturgical abuses are not going to inspire anyone to soften their hard hearts, are they?

    Also, over at NCR they featured an article from the "Jesuit" magazine America about "the Church of the poor". Bergoglio has given the green light to all the dissidents to accelerate the demolition of the Church of God and to replace it with the "Church of Man".

    And yet we have the reassurance from the Blessed Virgin Mary that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. I also see a role for St. Joseph, who St. Teresa of Avila was so devoted to. She said that St. Joseph could accomplish all things.

    St. Joseph, pray for us.

    Yours in Christ,

  3. Hello Michael,
    in the past days I read the Apocalypse in an old Vulgata with papal (St. Pius X.) approved magisterial explanations. I think we are in the stage of the "world-power" to whom the power is given for a relative short period of time. But this anti-christian World-power has enormous strength and persecutes all real Christians so that it is nearly impossible for them to take part in this World-society and earn a living. Don´t we see this yet? How many have already been persecuted and had to give up their for example bakery store because they refused to bake cakes for homosexual "marriages"? This Bible tells us that this world power has developed over a period of time. There the UN came to my mind. It took them 60 years to develop their world government. Joan Veon attended 103 UN meetings and said that World goverment isn´t coming, it is here.

    Pope Francis has made the UN program his own,. Everything he does is completely in .line with the UN´s millennium goals.
    Regarding his “power” you described. The UN thinks the same.
    “There are over 1 billion Catholics in the world. Recent data from the Church suggests that Catholicism is growing fastest in sub-Saharan Africa compared to other regions of the world. It is also the one region in which the MDGs are struggling the most. Having the titular head of the Catholic Church give this strong an endorsement of the MDGs–and of the UN’s development agenda more broadly — is a very big help to the cause.” -
    See more at:

    Have you already seen the worldwide survey for the coming synod on “the family”? The questions make me speechless.

    When I saw the pope´s new ferula I nearly fainted.

    All Saints, pray for us!

    Yours in Christ,

  4. Hello Martina,

    Regarding the ferula, if nothing else it is hideously ugly.

    I would be very careful regarding anything having to do with prophecy of the end times. We will have no advance knowledge of it and so should be always vigilant like the wise virgins, but St. Paul tells us to keep working and not be distracted by prophets of doom.

    We should support Louie Verrecchio through our prayers and financially if possible. At this time he is the one clear voice with any credibility that is sounding the alarm. I'm sure he is paying a heavy price for this in every sense.

    Yours in Christ,

  5. Hi Martina,

    I watched the video by Joan Veon.

    Believe it or not, all of these political and economic moves are a sideshow. The main battle is a spiritual battle.

    If the Church had done what God and Our Lady expected from Her during the 1960s the drug culture would have remained a tiny sub-culture rather than going mainstream. And that is but a tiny example of the power that God has given to His Church.

    It is after all God's Church and not our Church. That is what was forgotten at Vatican II. And as Louie Verrrecchio rightly notes, the post-Vatican II Church is all about creating the Church of Man.

    If the Church were to get back to doing God's mission which is saving souls, the whole world political and economic system would change almost overnight. And the world leaders know this and they are terrified of the power of the Church if she is led by a God fearing Pope.

    Instead we have this Jesuit sycophant who is occupying the Chair of Peter. He literally bows before the world's leaders -- imagine the Vicar of Christ on earth bowing before any secular leader.

    And yet God has a plan and we must hold on to our faith. Faith has the power to move mountains.

    If God so desires he could convert Bergoglio in an instant to the Pope we need -- instead of the Pope we deserve. We must suffer through these trials knowing that there is an eternal reward for those who stay the course as St. Paul would say.

    (The first sign of a true change in direction in the Church would be the re-establishment of the Holy Office of the Inquisition in order clean house and to provide moral direction for the faithful.)

    There is nothing new here in the history of the Church. We have always been persecuted or had to endure corrupt leadership. We must be purified in the crucible of chastisement so that God may extract the tiny fragments of pure gold which He Himself has placed within each of us when He created us.

    Keep praying. Today, All Souls Day, I prayed for my step-daughter's grandmother who passed away recently… better to suffer now than in Purgatory. Remember to always thank God for boundless mercy.

    Yours in Christ,