Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vatican III

[1] Woe to the pastors, that destroy and tear the sheep of my pasture, saith the Lord. [2] Therefore thus saith the Lord the God of Israel to the pastors that feed my people: You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold I will visit upon you for the evil of your doings, saith the Lord. [3] And I will gather together the remnant of my flock, out of all the lands into which I have cast them out: and I will make them return to their own fields, and they shall increase and be multiplied. [4] And I will set up pastors over them, and they shall feed them: they shall fear no more, and they shall not be dismayed: and none shall be wanting of their number, saith the Lord.
 -- Prophecy Of Jeremias 23:1-4
It keeps getting worse. Vatican III is coming.

Pope Francis to 'rip up and rewrite' Vatican constitution
As a group of eight Catholic cardinals handpicked by the Pope to shake up the Vatican’s murky and autocratic bureaucracy prepares to meet, the group’s leader has said they plan to rip up and rewrite the apostolic constitution which apportions power at the Holy See.
May God have mercy on our eternal souls.

Blessed Virgin Mary,
Queen of Heaven,
Mother of God...
Pray for us

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  1. A third council is Leonard Boff´s dream.
    In his opinion even atheists should take part:

    I´m glad I took Leonardo Boff seriously so I´m not surprised about the papal interviews:
    Leonardo Boff: 'This pope will change the church'

    He who knew in advance that the new Pope would take the name Francis obviously knows an agenda other people (except Hans Küng) don´t know: “On the social networks, I had proclaimed that the future pope would be named Francis. And I was right.…. Francis isn't a name; it's a plan for a Church that is poor, simple, gospel-centered, and devoid of all power. “
    There is much more:

    In my opinion it is better to prepare oneself for the things to come.
    Boff told us some time ago what he thinks will happen soon. You ain´t seen nothing yet:
    The other vision recognizes the weight of the monarchical papacy. It seeks to breathe life into the Synod of Bishops, a collegial organism created by Vatican Council II to assist the Pope in governing the Universal Church. But John Paul II and Benedict XVI, pressured by the Curia, who saw it as destroying the centralism of Roman power, turned it into a consultative rather than a deliberative organism. It meets every two or three years, but with no meaningful effect on the Church.
    All indications are that Pope Francis, by convoking the eight Cardinals in order to reform the Curia, with him and under his leadership, will create an organism through which he will preside over the Church. Let's hope he enlarges this collegiate organism, including representatives not only of the hierarchy but of the whole People of God, women included, because women are the majority of the Church. Such a step does not appear impossible.
    The best way to reform the Curia, in the opinion of experts on Vatican affairs and also of some important leaders, would be a major decentralization of functions. We are in the era of globalization, and of real time electronic communications. If the Catholic Church wants to adapt to this new period of humanity, nothing would be better than to undertake an organizational revolution. Why not transfer to Africa the Secretary (dicasterio) for the Evangelization of the Peoples? Relocate the Secretary of Inter-Religious Dialogue to Asia? That of Justice and Peace to Latin America? Couldn't the Secretary for the Promotion of Christian Unity be in Geneva, close to the World Council of Churches? Some secretariats, those involved with the most immediate things, would remain in the Vatican. Through video-conferences, skype and other communication technologies, they could maintain direct daily contact. This would avoid the creation of an anti-power, at which the traditional Curia is a great expert. It would make the Catholic Church truly universal, not just Western.