Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The pope of the dissenters

They profess that they know God: but in their works they deny him; being abominable, and incredulous, and to every good work reprobate.
 -- Epistle Of Saint Paul To Titus 1:16
It seems that everyone who doesn't for a second believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God loves this pope! Atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, humanists, communists.... all of these seem to be highly impressed for the first time with the Catholic pontiff.

If you visit the websites of dissenting Catholics, the comboxes are full of comments such as:
"I'm not religious. I gave up Christianity when I was 15. Now In my 30's, this is the first pope that I can say I have respect for."
And here is a top vote-getter:
"Had all Popes been like Francis there would have been no split between Protestant and Catholic. I am an agnostic however I recognize this Pope as a true holy man. The world sorely needs his guidance and his ministry."
Add to the list of ringing endorsements for Pope Francis that of Nancy Pelosi. She gets as giddy as schoolgirl when speaking of Pope Francis -- as if he were some sort of teen idol.

Obama, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Argentina's President Kirchner.... the list goes on and on. And they are all "hugely impressed" with Pope Francis.

Pray to God and the Blessed Virgin for a miracle so that these unbeliever's hopes will be dashed.

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