Monday, May 26, 2014

Bergoglio blames (new?) Adam

[22] Pilate saith to them: What shall I do then with Jesus that is called Christ? They say all: Let him be crucified. [23] The governor said to them: Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out the more, saying: Let him be crucified. [24] And Pilate seeing that he prevailed nothing, but that rather a tumult was made; taking water washed his hands before the people, saying: I am innocent of the blood of this just man; look you to it. [25] And the whole people answering, said: His blood be upon us and our children.

-- Gospel According to Saint Matthew 27:22-25

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Bergoglio tells Catholics to stop obsessing over abortion and euthanasia -- that's BAD!


.... apparently he thinks it is good to obsess over the loss of Jewish lives at the hands of the Nazis during WWII -- even though most of us were not even born at the time; even though we hardly need to be reminded since it is constantly in the news and in the movies and in the school curriculum....

Now Bergoglio tells us that it's all Adam's fault. In what sounds like a masonic or kabbalistic prayer, Bergoglio puts the following FALSE words into the mouth of Almighty God the Father:

“Adam, who are you? I no longer recognise you. Who are you, o man? What have you become? Of what horror have you been capable? What made you fall to such depths? Certainly it is not the dust of the earth from which you were made. The dust of the earth is something good, the work of my hands. Certainly it is not the breath of life which I breathed into you. That breath comes from me, and it is something good.
“No, this abyss is not merely the work of your own hands, your own heart… Who corrupted you? Who disfigured you? Who led you to presume that you are the master of good and evil? Who convinced you that you were god? Not only did you torture and kill your brothers and sisters, but you sacrificed them to yourself, because you made yourself a god."

Frankly, this speech (or prayer) makes little to no sense....

Zenit news service says, "Pope Francis called on the Lord to give mankind the grace to be ashamed of the 'massive idolatry' that led to the Holocaust, and cried out: 'Never again, Lord, never again!' "

This is the first time I've ever heard that the Nazi campaign against the Jews was caused by "massive idolatry"....


..... what happens when your replace the name of Adam, with that of the New Adam -- Jesus Christ???

Suddenly, it all makes sense.... in a very perverse way.... in a way that would be clearly understood by those "perfidious" Jews that hate the Messiah and by freemasons of the highest order.

Bergoglio is blaming the death of Jews at hands of the pagan Nazis directly on Christ and on all Christians. He is saying "their blood is upon all Christians and our children".

This is the ANTI-gospel of the ANTI-christ.

Also Sprach Bergoglio!

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  1. Saw your link on call me jorge. Excellent summary. Yes, the post Vatican II 'popes" have all been ABOUT their "new evangelization" "new pentecost" "New advent" business of overthrowing Christ and all that remains of His Church in our day. I heard a freemason on a british internet talk show debating a conspiracist who said that the reason the Romans had put the early Catholics to death was because they saw their communion service and were "horrified by the cannibalism." You can't make this stuff up. The hatred and contempt for Christ and the Mass coming out of that man's eyes and mouth making this idiotic comment was totally palpable. The conspiracy reporter guy he was debating was even taken aback since during the rest of the interview the mason tried to appear the condescending, reasonable gentleman, trying hard to defend the "innocent" masons from the "unjust" attacks of the Philistine conspiracy theorists. It was really amazing to view.