Tuesday, March 17, 2015

bergoglio's massacre

bergoglio's massacre

machine gun fire in the distance....

smoke on the horizon from expolding bombs dropped by fighter-bombers.... they also fired guided missiles at the defensless apartment buildings...

we are the victims

we are the ones mangled and mutilated... wandering through a wasteland...

Lord... bring fire from the skies....


  1. I just hope that illumination of conscience which has been said by some visionaries past and present will happen soon, may it can alter the course of this one Holly Catholic church and her people.

    1. Hello Anna,

      Yes. We are both speaking of spiritual warfare. Our Lady of Fatima declared that her Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end.

      The V2 (Vatican II) revolution has attempted to alter the course of the Holy Catholic Church in part by destroying her history. A Church without history -- that is Tradition -- can be led in any direction that the revolutionaries can concoct.

      The Church stood in the way of the masonic/liberal/atheist/humanist revolution... The Church stood in the way of "progress" and so they sought to destroy the Church.

      Tradition and Restoration is only part of the answer... we must understand clearly the goal of the "progressives" so that we can fight effectively against it.

      For instance, we did not understand the ultimate goals of the homosexual agenda and ecumenism and feminism and so we did not fight them at the early stages as we should have.

      The progressives use a creeping strategy -- I sometimes refer to this as "creeping creepiness".

      The progressives insist on small incremental changes, but they are never satisfied and once they get one change then they will demand another and another...

      Finally now with bergoglio, the ultimate goals of V2 become clear for everyone to see -- and in a way in which no rational person can deny the anti-Catholic nature of V2... and sadly this includes the New Mass which is infected/infested with modernism.

      The debate now (between Mundabor and Louie Verecchio) is whether it is a greater sin to attend the New Mass or to refuse to attend this modernist mass.

      Yours in Christ,

    2. Dear Michael,

      I have been searching the debate between Mundabor and Louie, but I still can't find it. Can you paste a link please. Sound interesting.

      Thank you,

    3. Hi Anna,

      I'm sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday. It was a very busy day.

      Here are some links:

      "WARNING: Novus Ordo"

      "The Novus Ordo and Us"

      If you send me your email in a comment I can provide additional information. Since I moderate all the comments, I won't publish it.

      Yours in Christ,