Tuesday, March 31, 2015

boycott the NCRegister?

boycott the NCRegister?

Of course you would actually have to be reading it first... and if you're reading this blog, you're already probably not reading the NCR -- is that the register or reporter?

It used to be confusing... then I figured out that the reporter was the bad guy while the register was the good guy...

... then bergoglio's "new status quo" came along and it got very difficult to distinguish the white hats from the black hats... as if they were all wearing grey hats... or hoodies... in a lame effort to be cool...

And then there is the blithering idiot Mark Shea (among others) who drools like a mutt whenever bergoglio's name is mentioned...

So if you were still forcing yourself to read the register just for the goodies from the Archbold brothers... well i have good news... they've been fired...

Goodbye, good men... indeed... the lavender mafia strikes again... oh, so tolerant... oh, can't you just feel the spirit of open dialogue...

...not really... what you are actually feeling is the sound of a gay mafia hitman's gun firing and the bullet penetrating your brain... who's next?


Dear Pat,

Now that you've got that monkey off your back... what do you really think of the bergoglio papacy... no need to pull any punches anymore... let 'em fly...

... of course that means no more excuses... are you in or are you out?... it's no time for fence straddling... a bit uncomfortable if you ask me... and dangerous to more than just your family jewels... I'm thinking of a little thing that most people don't believe in anymore... your soul... and i'm not talkin' 'bout chitlins... i'm talking about your immortal soul...

... you might want to give Louie Verecchio a call... he's been there...

Yours in Christ,


CORRECTION: I just found out that they fired Pat, but kept his brother Matt... what's that all about... oh well... read all about it here:


NOTE: In case you are wondering "goodbye, good men" is indeed a reference to the books by Michael Rose...

"Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church"

"Goodbye! Good Men: How Catholic Seminaries Turned Away Two Generations of Vocations From the Priesthood"

Full Disclosure: I never read either of these books myself, but I would still recommend them based on other people's reviews and comments. And I don't get a cent if you follow my links... darn!

Here's a link from the publisher:

Book description from publisher:
"For anyone who has asked how pedophiles or predatory homosexual priests could possibly have been tolerated–here is the answer, in the most explosive book on the Catholic Church in a generation."

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