Monday, March 2, 2015

Rorate's over-hyped interview

Rorate's over-hyped interview

Cardinal Burke speaking is nothing to get hyped-up about.

... look... not to say that we don't appreciate Cardinal Burke... we do... but Burke does not have the inner fortitude to fight a battle against bergoglio's bullies... never mind actually winning a battle...

... look... Burke's biggest weapon that he pulls out against bergoglio is the new catechism...

... this is the same new catechism that cites Nostra Aetate in order to promote a super-ecumenism that includes even non-Christians... such as jews and muslims...

... this is the same new catechism that was written by ratzinger in order to show how V2 is in "continuity" with Catholic Tradition... as in "hermeneutic of continuity"... as in pure bull crap...

... even if Cardinal Burke did have something significant to say... who's listening?

... besides the readers of Rorate Caeli?

... how could the voice of Burke be heard over top of the constant cacophony spewing from the mouth of bergoglio?

... no it can't...

Stop dreaming... wake up... face reality...

... it is the right Catholic way to act... we are born for fighting...

... do you see Burke fighting...

... then you should stop reading children's fairy tales... and grow up!


  1. I love this man honestly, but I will endorse bishop Athanasius to do the battle with those in Curia openly. He has no fear.

    1. Hello Anna,

      Please keep all the bishops in your prayers. It is not an easy thing for a bishop to go against the modernist changes that are promoted from within the Church herself.

      But the fact that it is not easy does not change the necessity of defending the faith of Christ -- especially when the attack is so blatant as those on the family.

      We have the example of Archbishop Lefebvre. Just think if he had not done all that he did to oppose V2... especially creating seminaries to train priests in the Latin Mass.

      Yours in Christ,

    2. Dear Michael,

      I will keep all the good cardinals, bishops and priests in my daily prayer.

      I admit I never been to TLM in my entire life because I don't have here. But I just found out , that here we have one sspx. I just want to ask you questions, can I go to their mass and take the communion???.
      Based on some information's that I gather we can go to theit mass but can't receive Eucharist.

      Thanks in advance if you can clarify this matter.


    3. Hello Anna,

      Yes, the sacraments from an SSPX priest are valid. So you can receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, but you will need to confess first and be in a state of grace.


  2. Thanks Michael.
    Father. Z just put to his blog re SSPX schism or.not.

    I confused when he commented on one of the comments said that it is valid but illicit.

    I wonder why those who preserve the identify of true Catholic can be labeled as schism but those who opposed to the doctrine of the church in their pastoral duty, they never been condemned. Sighs!

    1. Hi Anna,

      The reason that traditional Catholics, such as the SSPX, are not tolerated by the liberals is that we ruin their plans for a "one world religion"... because Catholics claim that TRUTH is exclusive and it only exists inside the Catholic Church.

      This is intolerable for those who preach "tolerance"... for them "truth" must be so watered down as to lose all its meaning.

      Truth has a soul... that soul is Christ.

      Christ's Church is the Catholic Church.

      So how is it possible that we are living in a time when an anti-Christ is pope? That is the real question. And all the "conservative" Catholic commentators are dodging the question... and most of the "traditional" Catholc commentators are also dodging the question.

      In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.... As it was in the beginning... is now... and will be forever.... Amen.