Friday, November 28, 2014

Schism is exactly what the enemies of the Church want

Schism is exactly what the enemies of the Church want

The enemies of the Church are pushing all the buttons to cause the Church to break up into many small and dysfunctional pieces.

Yes, we already have a defacto "schism" which is the result of Vatican II. Yes, it is not the traditionalist that have caused the current defacto "schism" but rather the radical revolutionaries who were put into power at VII by John XXIII.

Yes, the "schism" was deepened by Paul VI and his liturgical "reforms".

But in the eyes of the world and even in the official eyes of the Church, the ones who are in defacto "schism" are the traditionalists that reject in part or in total VII.

Yes, given the current situation of the Church it is clear that there is no turning back on VII by the official hierarchy -- the Cardinals elected schismatic bergoglio and when the time comes they will elect another schismatic to take his place.

So is schism inevitable?

Yes, I think it is.

But, if traditionalists are going to finally abandon the official Church it must be under their own terms and NOT those imposed by the revolutionaries in the Church and their allies in the media.

If you want to know what the agenda of John Allen and Austen Ivereigh is, it is IMO to promote divisions in the Church that will lead to schism. IMO these men are paid agents of the enemies of the Church.

And bergoglio? Yes, it seems clear that his election was influenced by those same enemies of the Church that are seeking to destroy her by breaking her into a thousand little pieces.

Now what about the sedevacantists? I believe that most of them are sincere, but it can be assumed that some of them are also paid agents.

And then again some of them may be very sincere and still be effectively doing the work of the enemies of the Church -- the useful idiots category.

No one should desire schism. I do not.

But as I said before, if it is inevitable and unavoidable then we should work to make it happen on our own terms.

Of course any formal schism will be painted by the media in the ugliest way no matter how skillfully and clearly we make our arguments.

But gentleman, the time has come.

And I say "gentleman" deliberately because this is a job for men and not squeamish women.

We will either move swifly, trusting in Christ to guide our actions and Our Lady to offer us her protection, or we will be crushed mercilessly...

These are our choices. These are our only choices.

A man  who thinks clearly can come to no other conclusion. Squeamish women and men who share their way of thinking will not come to this conclusion.

So be it.

Let us give our fiat as Mary gave hers to the message from God delivered by the Archangel Gabriel...

And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

-- The Gospel according to St. Luke 1:38

The new de-evangelization hits a new low

The new de-evangelization hits a new low... as if that was possible.


ZENIT: Could you shed some light on the increasing number of Evangelicals converting to Catholicism under (the pontificate of) Pope Francis?

Cardinal Koch: I don’t think that’s the goal of the meetings, to convert the others. It was a conviction of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and similarly thought by Pope Francis that proselytism is not a way of the Catholic Church and of ecumenism. However, when a person wants to convert to the Catholic Church this is a human right of religious freedom. But the goal of the meetings is to deepen the relationship of brotherhood, of friendship, between the Pope and Evangelicals, and to give common witness about Christ, about the presence of God in the world, and to deepen the missionary dimension of the Church.


H/T Deacon Nick Donnelly -- Formerly on Protect the Pope blog... now on Twitter @ProtectthePope

Friday, November 21, 2014

bergoglio's criminal mind at work

bergoglio's criminal mind at work

"If everything looks good, I have nothing to reproach myself about: I have a good family, people do not gossip about me, I have everything I need, I married in church …I am ‘in the grace of God’, I am alright. Appearances! Christians of appearance … they are dead!"

This is what bergoglio thinks of Catholics who follow the teachings of the Catholic Church... "they are dead!"

Mundabor writes about this crazy quote from bergoglio and remarks, "Now It’s official: Francis Hates You." [LINK]

I would have put an exclamation point at the end as in "bergoglio hates you!"... but lets not quibble over details.

This is the criminal mind of bergoglio at work. Here we have caught the criminal in the very act of committing his crimes against God.

If you blink you will miss it... like a pickpocket or a scam artist or a con man... bergoglio is skilled at covering up his crimes by way of a slight of hand... he distracts us for a moment... then slips his hand into our pocket and lifts our spiritual wallet... full of Catholic treasures... and off he goes...

... only later do we realize that something is missing... we have been robbed...

... the knife in the back so skillfully inserted that we scarcely feel a warm sensation at the moment...

... later we notice a trickle of something warm and then when we touch the spot and see the red stain on our hands come to the horrifying reality that we have been stabbed...

... the bullet that pierces the body... enters in one side and out the other... deliberately missing the vital organs... but causing tremendous internal bleeding... but only a slight sensation of pain at the moment of impact... but a few steps later... we faint from the loss of blood and the shock...

... and by then the culprit is gone... disappeared... there is only a kindly looking priest... smiling...

... and then he too is gone...

... bergoglio the meta-criminal moves on to his next victim...

Who is the one maintaining the false appearance of being a Christian?

Who is the one "who is dead"?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

bergoglio's criminal mind

bergoglio's criminal mind

John Rao has a great quote about bergoglio from an Argentine friend, "If you try to understand him, you will lose your Reason". [LINK]

In one sense Rao's friend is right, but there *IS* a way to understand bergoglio.

Rao hints at this... he suggests that bergoglio models himself as a fascist leader like Peron. And then he says that fascism has no ideology, but is built on a cult of personality.

Rao is always extremely academic, although in this case less so.

But I take a more direct approach and say that bergoglio is like a mafia godfather, and in fact I have called him the godfather of the gay mafia.. and this is the reason I refer to him as don bergoglio.

And if you think about it there is not much difference between a fascist government leader and a mafia godfather.

Rao also makes an interesting observation about bergoglio wanting to be loved by everyone... and so he will make a pro-life statement when speaking in front of a pro-life crowd and the that same evening heap tribute on a pro-abortion celebrity.

OK. We are familiar with this aspect of bergoglio by now. Mundabor speaks of bergoglio "feeding the pigeons" and I think he is on to something.

My take on this is very simple. Bergoglio thinks like a criminal. He knows what he is doing is wrong and he knows that in order not to get caught he must give the appearance of not being a criminal.

Every criminal leads a double life and this becomes part of their way of thinking. It is a way in which they become possessed by their own demons.

bergoglio instinctively acts in this criminal way -- because I don't believe anyone can actually "think" or "reason" this way because it is highly un-"reasonable".

When he instinctively feels that "the heat is on" from the authorities, he temporarily cleans up his criminal act and pretends to be the faithful 'c'atholic. He knows how to "act" 'c'atholic because he has observed how 'c'atholics act and when needed he can switch into that mode.

But in his criminal mind, all the time he is plotting how to continue with his criminal campaign.

And what is his criminal campaign?

His particular form of crime is not so much "normal" crime which is against society...

bergoglio is a meta-criminal... he does not attack society per se...

... instead he attacks the basis upon which society is built... and he has a particular type of society which he wishes to undermine... he attacks Catholic Society...

... which is to say that bergoglio's criminal activity consists of crimes against the Church...

... which is to say that bergoglio's criminal activity consists of crimes against God...

... which is to say that bergoglio is completely possessed by the devil...

... so now is not the time to enter into academic arguements about whether a pope can be a heretic...

... we have a pope that is a heretic in every sense... except that he does not declare himself to be a heretic...

... but then again how many criminals voluntarily confess to their crimes...

... pray to God to put an end to this plague on the Church...

Kyrie eleison
Christe eleison
Kyrie eleison

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cardinal O'Malley denies Christ

Cardinal O'Malley denies Christ

Cardinal O'Malley says [LINK]:

"If I were founding a church, you know, I’d love to have women priests,” he said. “But Christ founded it and it — what he has given us is — is something different.”

What's wrong with this statement? This statement is wrong in an infinite number of ways...

... by what it says.
... by what it does not say.
... by what it implies.
... by it's tone.
... by it's incertittude regarding the faith.
... by being blasphemous.
... by being heretical.
... by being incredibly shallow.
... by denying the divinity of Christ.
... by denying the divine nature of the Church.
... by being relativist.
... by being modernist.
... by kowtowing to a constituency -- radical feminists -- who are atheist and therefore have no interest in the Church except for finding ways to destroy it.
... by undermining the Catholic priesthood.
... by raising false expectations.
... by doing the work of Satan.

This statement alone should be enough to have Cardinal O'Malley excommunicated... but don't hold your breath because this will never happen as long as any of us are alive.

And you wonder why I say that the Church is dead?

Should I attend Mass in one of this Cardinal's parishes and give my offering so that it can be used to support him in his anti-Catholic and anti-Christ campaign in full harmony with the anti-Catholic and anti-Christ campaign of don bergoglio?

Should I pray for this man under the title of archbishop? NO!

I will pray for the man that he may be converted and saved from the fires of hell, but as archbishop, NO!

Nor will I pay or pray for bergoglio as pope. NO!

Pray for the man that he may be converted and saved from eternal damnation, YES!

... but as pope? NO!

These men with their small demon infested brains are killing the Church. They are anti-Catholic muggers and rapists. They are murderers.

If they want to "found a church" then go for it and take all of your demonic followers with you, but leave the Catholic Church alone. For God's sake!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

bergoglio as the successor of Caiphas

bergoglio as the successor of Caiphas

[49] But one of them, named Caiphas, being the high priest that year, said to them: You know nothing. [50] Neither do you consider that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.

[51] And this he spoke not of himself: but being the high priest of that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for the nation. [52] And not only for the nation, but to gather together in one the children of God, that were dispersed. [53] From that day therefore they devised to put him to death.

-- Gospel According to Saint John 11:49-53

Even though it has become clear to serious observers that bergoglio is on a mission to destroy the Church, there is still some confusion as to "why" he is doing this... what are his motives?

Is it because he is a modernist?

Is it because he is a Jesuit?

Is it because he is a Latin American?

Is it because he is losing his marbles?

Isn't the simplest explanation that he hates the Church?

And if he hates the Church, can't this only be because he hates Christ?

Of course bergoglio is not going to say, "I hate Christ." Instead he tells us how much he loves Christ... except that bergoglio's "christ" has no resemblance to the Christ of the Gospel...

And bergoglio doesn't go around saying that he hates the Church, even though his every act gives that indication. Instead he says that he loves the Church... except the "church" bergoglio loves looks nothing like the Catholic Church.

The "church" that bergoglio loves is the One World Church where all men gather together to worship a false god in full harmony with a secular One World Government.

And in order to create that One World Church the One Church of Christ must be destroyed.

The Catholic Encyclopedia makes the following remark regarding Caiphas. [LINK]

"At a time when high-priests were made and unmade by officials of Rome, and when the principal quality required seems to have been subserviency, it is no credit to the character of Caiphas to have enjoyed their favour so long."

Well, the secular authorities certainly have shown their great love for bergoglio and he has certainly been subservient to them.

Caiphas declared that Jesus must die "for the people" so that the whole nation would not perish.

St. John explains that this was prophetic and that Jesus had to die "not only for the nation, but to gather together in one the children of God, that were dispersed."

Now bergoglio tells us that he wants to "gather together in one the children of God", but bergoglio's "god" is not the Catholic God.

If his "god" is not the One Catholic God, then it must be an anti-god which can be none other than satan.

We know that the Crucifixion of Christ was required in order to redeem our souls... and now it seems that God is prepared to sacrifice the Mystical Body of Christ...

... for what reason and purpose, we do not know...

... and bergoglio is the high priest who unwittingly and unknowingly is executing God's plan...

... the Church is dead as I stated in my previous post... now is the time to go to the desert... to pray... and wait...

"Come, Lord Jesus."

Welcome to the desert

Welcome to the desert

"I know thy works, that thou hast the name of being alive: and thou art dead."

-- The Apocalypse Of Saint John 3:1

I was going to title this post "The Church is dead", but thought that this might turn away potential readers...

... but I will say it anyway, "the Church is dead."

I am not talking about a "sick" Church... no, the Church is dead. It is a rotting corpse.

This is not a time to speak of "restoration".. what the Church needs is a resurrection, but this is beyond our human capacity.

For some time it has seemed as if we were reliving the Passion, now the lifeless body of the Church has hanging on the Cross.

The October synod was the final piercing by the spear to see if there was any life left in the body... there was none...

In a curious way this means that everyone is right in their conflicting interpretations of the present times.

... even the fool bergoglio is right when he says that it doesn't matter whether someone receives the sacraments to be saved...

How can a dead Church offer valid sacraments?

So it doesn't really matter if the divorced and remarried receive the eucharist... from a dead Church.

The sedevacantists are right in saying the Chair of Peter is vacant... because if the Church is dead then what does it matter who is sitting in the chair?

I have been thinking often of the biblical account of two mothers going before Solomon and arguing over a child. Solomon offers to cut the child in half... what does it matter if the child -- the Church -- is already dead.

What does it matter if the traditionalists are right... or if the neo-conservatives are right.. or if the liberals are right... or if the radicals are right?

What does it matter if a dead Church falls into schism? A dead Church split into a thousand different pieces is still dead.

The SSPX can offer masses where they pray for the pope, but what does it matter if the is a pope of a dead Church?

The Church is as dead as Lazarus... dead and entombed... while Martha and Mary wept...

Now can Christ perform a miracle of bringing the dead back to life? ... yes, most certainly...

... but for now this is a time of mourning.

What should we do? Should we even attend Mass?

I propose that we should go into self-imposed exile in the desert... and work and pray and contemplate... and wait.

"Come, Lord Jesus."

-- The Apocalypse Of Saint John 22:20

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

anti-God auto-immune reaction

anti-God auto-immune reaction

The media is an organ of the anti-God society and whenever the media detects that the God "virus" is attacking the societal body it mounts an immune reaction to kill the "virus".

The problem for society is that God is an integral part of the society and by attacking God the media causes damage to the societal body.

The obvious analogy is to AIDS. The body ends up attacking itself. The organs that are supposed to protect society from sickness and infection instead act to destroy society.

And this is because our "modern" society is lost. We have come to the absurd conclusion that God is not only unnecessary for a healthy society, but that God is actually detrimental to society.

We have created the myth of the "god-virus" which must be eradicated from society. Ever more aggressive "treatments" are used to achieve this purpose.

With each "treatment" society gets weaker and weaker.

And now we are at the point where our "modern" society is actually dying from the "cures" promoted by the liberal-atheist cabal that is manipulating society in service to their satanical master.

A God-free society is a dead society.

The empirical evidence of this fact is all around us. And yet we continue to ignore it.

Instead we seem to be hell-bent to rid society of the "god-virus"...

How much further will we go... will we ever realize the Truth that is before our eyes...

No wonder that the world applauds a pope      that also views God as a "virus". The one organ of society that can bring the body of society back to health is the Catholic Church by leading us back to Christ.

And yet this most essential organ -- the very heart of society -- has become infected by this auto-immune disorder and has joined the lethal and diabolical campaign against the "god-virus".

God have mercy on us all.