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They Died for the Mass - Michael Davies

They Died for the Mass - Michael Davies

The Prayer Book rebellion in Cornwall and Devon took place in 1549 in opposition to the new liturgy imposed by Edward VI and Thomas Cranmer.

The link below will take you to the YouTube video:

The program is over an hour long and well worth listening to. As I listen to Michael Davies I can't help but be reminded of St. Paul the Apostle. Davies it seems to me is an apostle of our times. May his soul rest in peace.

Some of Michael Davies works can be found online at:



"It is the Mass that Matters"


By insisting that it was the Mass that mattered, and that it mattered more than anything else, the humble peasants of Devon and Cornwall displayed a profoundly Catholic instinct, a true sensus Catholicus. Their conviction that if
the Mass could be destroyed the faith itself would be destroyed was one that they shared with the arch-heretic Martin Luther, who once said: "Once the Mass has been overthrown, I say we'll have overthrown the whole of Popedom." 2 The Protestant heresy was directed not primarily against the papacy but against the Mass.

The Catholics of the west had demanded that those who would not accept their demands should "dye lyke heretykes against the holy Catholyque fayth." In the event, it was the rebels who died when the rebellion was eventually crushed, principally due to the presence of foreign mercenaries. The Catholic army fought in battle after battle with a courage that even their opponents acknowledged, but only one outcome was possible. The final battle took place at Kings Weston in Somerset on August 29. Exhausted by forced marches, the rebels were in no condition to withstand the royal army. After "great slaughter and execution" they were overwhelmed, leaving 104 men prisoners. Singly or in pairs they were hanged in Bath, Frome, Wells, Glastonbury, Ilminster, Dunster, Milverton, Wiveliscombe and other Somerset towns. At least 4,000 West country men died for the traditional Mass at the hands of the royal army, an enormous number at that time. The new Mass in English had received its baptism of blood. In their deaths as in their lives the peasants of the west had shown that for them it was truly the Mass that mattered. Some words from the Book of Wisdom seem to have been written specifically for these Martyrs for the Mass:

In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die: and their departure was taken for misery. And their going away
from us for utter destruction: but they are in peace. And though in the sight of men they suffered torments, their hope is full of immortality. Afflicted in few things, in many they shall be well rewarded: because God has tried them, and found them worthy of himself. As gold in the furnace he hath proved them, and as a victim of a holocaust he hath received them, and in time there shall be respect had to them (3:2-6).

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The Church's dialogue to death with the jews

The Church's dialogue to death with the jews

Di Segni, "But for the Synod Jews living in sin?"

LINK (to English translation by Google)

"Riccardo Di Segni, chief rabbi of the Jewish community of Rome, questions of a sentence in the final report of the extraordinary synod on the family just ended at the Vatican, advancing the question that emerges from the text, with regard to marriage, the idea that Jews would live in sin and they would have had ended."

"With a certain hardness of form and substance Bishops are telling us today that we who follow the Torah of Moses, we would sin and that our era is over. How hard is dialogue."


... off the record in a private conversation di segni added, "But for the Synod Jesus is the Messiah? How hard is dialogue."


More links to story:

NOTE: The original story on Vatican Insider is from Tuesday, 10/22. Just days after the release of the final synod document. The story is in Italian -- no English or Spanish version is available. And nobody in the secular or Catholic press noticed until now! Way to cover up for the enemies of the Church. Eponymous Flower is the one that is breaking the story.

Pro-life and anti-bergoglio

Pro-life and anti-bergoglio

The one good thing that has come out of the synod (on sex) is that more Catholics have begun to realize the truth about bergoglio's plan to destroy the Church.

This is particularly true of the Catholic pro-Life movement -- especially at LifeSiteNews.

I have been following LIfeSiteNews for years and know that they are very faithful to the Catholic Church.

LifeSiteNews is a powerful force in the pro-Life movement and in the Catholic Church. So for them to openly criticize bergoglio marks a major turning point in this papacy.

This essentially means that criticism of bergoglio for his anti-Catholic statements and actions has gone mainstream. (Despite the retreat by Michael Voris.)

It is clear that LIfeSiteNews had a very tough choice to make -- either they could support Life or they could support bergoglio... but they could not support both.

They could support the truth or they could support the lies being spread by bergoglio... but they could not support both.

The truth matters. Upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church matters. It matters to the young girl facing the "choice" of having an abortion -- the "choice" of destroying the life of her unborn child. It matters to young boys who are confused and mis-guided by the pro-sodomite propaganda in movies, TV and music. It matters to Catholic families and all families trying to hold together and fight off the pressures from secular society.

Please support LIfeSiteNews through your donations and through your prayers.


"Pope Francis revealing his take on Synod controversies in his private homilies?"


While Pope Francis has been silent about many of the controversial matters being debated at the Synod, both in the lead-up to the Synod and in the Synod Hall, veteran Vatican watchers say he has been obliquely making his views known through other avenues, including through some of his close advisors, as well his homilies at his private morning masses.

When it comes to advisors, none have sparked more speculation than Cardinal Walter Kasper, with debate swirling for months about whether Pope Francis himself personally supports Cardinal Kasper’s controversial proposal to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive communion in some circumstances. 

While the cardinal himself has repeatedly claimed the pope’s support, and Francis has repeatedly praised the cardinal on a personal level and his writing in general, no explicit confirmation of the pope’s position on the specific issue has been forthcoming. But in an explosive interview yesterday Kasper was arguably more explicit than ever before, bluntly telling Edward Pentin of Zenit that the pontiff “wants” the change. "Of course, the pope wants it and the world needs it," he said.

If so, it is hard to interpret a homily from Pope Francis on the morning of October 13, 2014, the day the controversial “mid-term” report was released, creating a firestorm inside and outside the Synod, as anything other than the pope strongly hinting at his views on this, and possibly other controversies at the ongoing Synod.

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Chaput is confused

Chaput is confused

Now Archbishop Chaput tells us that he was not criticizing the synod and saying that it was confusing... and of the devil...

CNA says, "Archbishop Chaput rejects 'false' media reports on synod comments"


The problem is that Chaput is just getting around to this confusing rejection on  October 24...

On October 21 the headline from Religion News Service (RNS) was “Archbishop Chaput Blasts Vatican Debate on Family, says ‘Confusion is of the Devil’.”

Apparently the Archdiocese of Philadelphia didn't like the tone of that headline so Religion News Service changed it to “Archbishop Chaput ‘disturbed’ by Synod Debate, Says ‘Confusion is of the Devil’.”


Chaput is confused... which way are the Vatican winds blowing...?

What is a spineless "conservative" bishop to do when confronted by bergoglio's "god of surprises"?

... back in the day when Ratzinger was pope it was cool to be conservative... all the cool bishops were conservative...

Now it is so confusing for spineless bishops... twisting and flapping in the wind... crawling on their spineless bellies...

Is it cool to be like Burke...?

What is going to get me the most airtime on EWTN?

... apparently Chaput has come to the conclusion that the short-lived palace coup by the ratzingerians has failed... and he no longer wants to be associated with the "conservative" crowd... like Pell and Burke...

... IMO Chaput is vying for a red hat and he will do and say whatever is needed in order to continue his ecclesial career climb...

It's all very confusing, I know... and confusion is of...?

So let me be very clear... my take on all of this is that Chaput wanted to send a message that he is still a "conservative" in spite of the obvious "liberal" shift in the
Church being orchestrated by don bergoglio. And so he had his people contact the RNS people and the story was  written with the first headline with his approval. And then Chaput decided that the first headline was a little too controversial and so his people contacted the RNS people and the headline was changed. A few days later Chaput decided that he wanted nothing to do with criticizing the synod and now he wants the story retracted... but it's too late. So Chaput denies that he intended to criticize the synod and tries to spin the story in a way that makes it sound like he was really criticizing the media protrayal of the synod and not the synod itself...

... it's called "plausible deniability" baby and it's the way the game is played in the always confusing world of politics...

... but the Church is supposed to be above politics... very confusing... and confusion is of... yes, that's right... confusion is of the devil...

... this confusing message brought to you by bergoglio and his demonic friends...

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Ratzinger vs. bergoglio?

Ratzinger vs. bergoglio?

"Retired pope says interreligious dialogue no substitute for mission" [See news story below.]

This is what happens when you have "two popes"... thanks to Herr Ratzinger and his surprise "retirement" to "prayer"... more confusion... as if we don't have enough already...

And confusion is of... the devil... even Cardinal Chaput agrees on this [LINK]...

Oops, I meant to say Archbishop Chaput... somehow, I think it is going to be a while before Chaput becomes a cardinal... if ever...

We´ll see a Cardinal Cupich before a Cardinal Chaput... I would be willing to bet bergoglio's pectoral "cross" on that...

So now does this indicate that there is an all out power struggle going on behind the scenes at the Vatican between the two modernist camps -- the ratzingerians and the bergoglians...?

We saw some signs of this power struggle come out in the open during the debates in the synod (on sex)...

What's next a rumble between the Jets (bergoglians) and the Sharks (ratzingerians)?

[The reference is to West Side Story for those too young to remember...]

Tonight... tonight!

Maria... I just met a girl named Maria...


"Retired pope says interreligious dialogue no substitute for mission"



VATICAN CITY - Retired Pope Benedict XVI said dialogue with other religions is no substitute for spreading the Gospel to non-Christian cultures, and warned against relativistic ideas of religious truth as "lethal to faith." He also said the true motivation for missionary work is not to increase the church's size but to share the joy of knowing Christ.

The retired pope's words appeared in written remarks to faculty members and students at Rome's Pontifical Urbanian University, which belongs to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. Archbishop Georg Ganswein, prefect of the papal household and personal secretary to retired Pope Benedict, read the 1,800-word message aloud Oct. 21, at a ceremony dedicating the university's renovated main lecture hall to the retired pope.

The speech is one of a handful of public statements, including an interview and a published letter to a journalist, that Pope Benedict has made since he retired in February 2013.

"The risen Lord instructed his apostles, and through them his disciples in all ages, to take his word to the ends of the earth and to make disciples of all people," retired Pope Benedict wrote. "'But does that still apply?' many inside and outside the church ask themselves today. 'Is mission still something for today? Would it not be more appropriate to meet in dialogue among religions and serve together the cause of world peace?' The counter-question is: 'Can dialogue substitute for mission?'

"In fact, many today think religions should respect each other and, in their dialogue, become a common force for peace. According to this way of thinking, it is usually taken for granted that different religions are variants of one and the same reality," the retired pope wrote. "The question of truth, that which originally motivated Christians more than any other, is here put inside parentheses. It is assumed that the authentic truth about God is in the last analysis unreachable and that at best one can represent the ineffable with a variety of symbols. This renunciation of truth seems realistic and useful for peace among religions in the world.

"It is nevertheless lethal to faith. In fact, faith loses its binding character and its seriousness, everything is reduced to interchangeable symbols, capable of referring only distantly to the inaccessible mystery of the divine," he wrote.
Pope Benedict wrote that some religions, particularly "tribal religions," are "waiting for the encounter with Jesus Christ," but that this "encounter is always reciprocal. Christ is waiting for their history, their wisdom, their vision of the things." This encounter can also give new life to Christianity, which has grown tired in its historical heartlands, he wrote.

"We proclaim Jesus Christ not to procure as many members as possible for our community, and still less in order to gain power," the retired pope wrote. "We speak of him because we feel the duty to transmit that joy which has been given to us."

The synod from hell

The synod from hell

... brought to you by the pope from... Argentina... which as far as we can tell is as close to hell as you can get without leaving the surface of the planet...

The Remnant has posted two new videos which review the synod and the impact it has had and where the Church is headed under the leadership of bergoglio.

Video 1: Remnant Underground, Episode 22: The Synod from Hell -- LINK

Video 2: The Remnant Forum: The Pope's Synod: ROUND 1 -- LINK


Here is a previous video from July 2014 from the Remnant that discusses the synod.

Occupy Vatican: Bracing for the Synod on the Family -- LINK

"The Remnant Forum's Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara break down Instrumentum Laboris—the working document for the coming Synod on the Family in Rome.  Question: Are the revolutionaries who broke the Church in the first place really in any position to fix it now?"


And this is what I wrote at the time regarding this video.

"Radical synod: Oktober 2014 revolution!"


Christopher Ferrara repeatedly makes the point that the next phase in the revolution is an assault on Church teachings on morality. This is the one area that was considered more or less out of bounds as the Vatican heirarchy officially  implemented changes in the Church "in the spirit of Vatican II".  And now that final fortress wall is about to be breached and the demonic army will come rushing through to attack the inner sanctum of the Church. The Holy of Holies.

So that is why I refer to the upcoming Oktober revolution as the "synod on sex" rather than the "synod on the family". The theme of the "modern crisis" of the family is simply a propaganda ploy to bring the sexual revolution into the Church.

The popular media likes to portray the Church as being "obsessed with sex", but actually they are the ones obsessed with sex and only cover the Church when it relates to how Church teachings impede the progress of the sexual revolution.

And of course bergoglio infamously chimed in and said that the Church was "obsessed" with issues of morality such as abortion and "homosexual marriage".

bergoglio and "friends" have chosen the issue of "communion for the divorced and re-married" as their perfect propaganda tool in which they can put into practice the world's largest "situational ethics" therapy session.

"How do YOU feel about that?"
"How does that make you FEEL?"
"What would YOU do when faced with this situation?"

God? Commandments? Dogma? Tradition? Even the teachings of Christ are thrown out in this phony excercise of mass "group therapy" where the unwitting guinea pigs are the Catholic faithful worldwide.

Kyrie eleison!
Holy Mother Mary, pray for us!

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The end of the Catholic World?

The end of the Catholic World?

Take it away Louie Verricchio with the Catholic version of "the end of the world as we know it"...


Hey Louie, where are the lyrics?

bergoglio's god of surprises

bergoglio's god of surprises

The following quotes are from bergoglio's homily inaugurating his papacy on 19 March 2013.



"... but we also see the core of the Christian vocation, which is Christ! Let us protect Christ in our lives, so that we can protect others, so that we can protect creation!"

What does it mean to be a Catholic according to bergoglio? What is at the "core"?

"To protect others"... in other words "peace and justice"... "anti-poverty" programs... in other words a man-centric religion... and even a marxist/socialist/masonic religion...

"To protect creation"... in other words "environmentalism"... which is really a code word for "population control"... which is really a code word for sterilization and abortion...

All very mundane... nothing about protecting souls and leading them to heaven... this is what a shepherd of Christ's flock is tasked to do... this is the job of the bishops and the pope... not "anti-poverty" programs and saving the whales... it is the duty of our shepherds to save souls... this is the "core"...


bergoglio goes on to stress the importance of "respecting the environment"... (see above)

He says we must "care for creation and for our brothers and sisters"... what's missing here? Love of God and love of souls. It is not enough to provide "bread"... man does not live on bread alone. And by "creation" bergoglio really means "the environment"... again...


"let us be 'protectors' of creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and of the environment."

There's "the environment" again...


"We must not be afraid of goodness or even tenderness!"

As we have since learned, this translates from "bergoglian" into English as... "who are we to judge" sodomites?


"we need to see the light of hope and to be men and women who bring hope to others. To protect creation, to protect every man and every woman, to look upon them with tenderness and love, is to open up a horizon of hope; it is to let a shaft of light break through the heavy clouds; it is to bring the warmth of hope! For believers, for us Christians, like Abraham, like Saint Joseph, the hope that we bring is set against the horizon of God, which has opened up before us in Christ. It is a hope built on the rock which is God."

Hope is used 5 times. Hope. Change. Hope. Change. Who does that remind you of?

And along with "hope" is "light". Is a picture forming in your mind of a lady with a light... the masonic Statue of Liberty of course.


bergoglio's god of surprises is none other than the masonic goddess of liberty... egalite, liberte, fraternite...


"to protect the whole of creation, to protect each person, especially the poorest, to protect ourselves: this is a service that the Bishop of Rome is called to carry out"

"give me your poor... your masses yearning to breath free... " or whatever. Sound familiar? It should. It is the usual liberal/masonic/marxist/atheist mantra.

What does Bishop Tobin really think about the synod?

What does Bishop Tobin really think about the synod?

From the Bishop Tobin's coliumn on the website of the Diocese of Providence


— In trying to accommodate the needs of the age, as Pope Francis suggests, the Church risks the danger of losing its courageous, counter-cultural, prophetic voice, a voice that the world needs to hear.

— The concept of having a representative body of the Church voting on doctrinal applications and pastoral solutions strikes me as being rather Protestant.

— Wherever he serves, Cardinal Burke will be a principled, articulate and fearless spokesman for the teachings of the Church.

— Pope Francis is fond of “creating a mess.” Mission accomplished.


H/T to Deacon Nick Connelly on Twitter

Founder of the suppressed blog Protect the Pope, launched in 2010 to protect good Pope Benedict XVI.

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Post synodal drip

Post synodal drip

The synod is finally over...

... or is it just beginning?

Drip... drip... drip...

... the Blood from the Cross...

Drip... drip... drip...

... the tears of the angels....

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What did Burke really say... Part IV

What did Burke really say... Part IV

This is the concluding chapter of the IV part tragic mini-series...

"Never has there been a tale of such woe then this of Michael Voris... and his bergoglio... "

"Michael Voris... Michael Voris... wherefore art thou Michael Voris?"

And now we come to the conclusion of our tragedy as our main character, Michael Voris, who at one point in this story seemed on the verge of greatness, plunges again into the depths of the bergoglian cesspool...

Scene 1 -- Wherein AngelQueen reports that the much heralded Voris report on how the "Pope [is] harming the Church" simply disappears in an apparent act of magic by some mysterious wicked sorcerer... [LINK]

Scene 2 -- Wherein our fallen hero Michael Voris releases a new video claiming that all is well in Rome... Alas! Et tu Michael Voris? [LINK to CMTV video]

Scene 3 -- Wherein Louie Verrecchio declares that there is something rotten at ChurchMilitant TV... and reveals the presence of a "quasi-internal menace” lurking behind the scenes... [LINK]

The fall of our hero Michael Voris is complete... "all are punished."

How now Michael Voris? How do you now answer AngelQueen's prophetic question?

"Michael Voris says ['Pope Harming the Church'] because he is reporting what Cardinal Burke said. Is Michael now ready to say the same on his own authority?" [LINK]

Dear Michael, are you perhaps in the grip of the cruel fates? Awake! Arise from your slumber Michael Voris!

Reject this bergoglian poison so that this story may have a happy and holy ending... all is well that ends well.


Part I [LINK]
Part II [LINK]

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Too bad for Kasper that true Catholic reporters still exist

Too bad for Kasper that true Catholic reporters still exist

I concluded my latest "bergoglio joke of the day" [LINK] with the following "dialogue"...


poor kasper...

yes, his comments about the African bishops did not go over very well...

if only it had not been recorded... he could have denied the comments...

well, he did try to deny them anyway...

but what kind of reporter would make such a recording public...?

a Catholic one?

yes, I suppose... they still exist?

apparently so... glory be to God...


And now Michael Voris has released a video where he interviews said Catholic reporter -- Edward Pentin.

Well done Edward Pentin!

Well done Michael Voris!

Yours in Christ,
Michael @ Public Vigil


More links...

Copy of original story by Edward Penting that was posted on Zenit but later removed with comments from Rorate Caeli -- LINK

Reaction from Rorate Caeli to the removal by Zenit of the interview -- LINK

The recording of the interview with Kasper that Edward Pentin posted online -- LINK

Link to Zenit page where the interview was originally published... "The page you were looking for doesn't exist." -- LINK


Kasper's denial...


“I am shocked.  I never said such a thing about Africans and would never say such a thing either.  I declare: no one from Zenit contacted me in recent days and weeks and no one asked me for an interview.  No one from Zenit got an interview from me.”  Kasper also announced that he would take the Zenit news agency to task.


Patheos blogger Deacon Greg Kandra takes the poisonous bait from Kasper and runs with it... "In the Kasper-Pentin fiasco, they’re both wrong". [No link provided because I do not want to feed the hungry wolves at Patheos...]

Of course, this is par for the course for Patheos... I wonder if Deacon Greg consulted on this story with his fellow Patheos blogger -- potty-mouth Mark Shea...

Word is that Patheos bloggers get paid by the number of page hits... so it is not surprising that they come up with the most provocative titles for their stories possible... as anyone associated with the media knows... controversy and sensationalism is good for business...

So please don't feed the wolves at Patheos... don't link to their stories and don't visit their website. Let them die of starvation!


Below is the statement by Edward Pentin that accompanies the recording of the Kasper interview. (He also includes a full transcript of the interview at the bottom of the page.)

I highly recommend listening to the full recording of the interview and reading the transcript. It gives you a feel for how a Modernist thinks and talks...

In the interview Kasper speaks quite candidly about his heretical views -- including how he has NO respect at all for Christ or Holy Scripture... the man is an ATHEIST! That's all there is to it. I call him little Judas, while bergoglio is big Judas.

... and both bergoglio and Kasper were made cardinals of the Church by ("saint"?) John Paul II (on the same day!)... knowing full well that they were both heretics...


His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper spoke to me and two other journalists, one British, the other French, around 7.15pm on Tuesday as he left the Synod hall.

I transcribed the recording of our conversation, and my iPhone on which I recorded the exchange was visible. I introduced myself as a journalist with the [National Catholic] Register, and the others also introduced themselves as journalists. I therefore figured the interview was on the record and His Eminence appeared happy to talk with us. In the end, I posted the full interview in ZENIT rather than the Register. ZENIT removed the article on Thursday in response to Cardinal Kasper’s denial.

His Eminence made no comment about not wanting his remarks published. It depends on the context, but normally in such a situation, comments are considered on the record unless otherwise requested.

The recording can be downloaded below. A couple of the questions came from the other two journalists and I included them as part of the interview. Some of the quality of the English has also been improved for publication.

If there was a misunderstanding, I apologise, but I stand by the interview that was published as a correct account of the exchange.

The view from the pro-Life trenches on the outcome of the battle at bergoglio's synod on sex

The view from the pro-Life trenches on the outcome of the battle at bergoglio's synod on sex

Many Catholic "traditionalists" have declared that the battle at bergoglio's synod on sex was a great VICTORY for the Catholilc cause...

... but those Catholics fighting daily in the pro-Life and pro-Family trenches have a very different view...

... does the following statement sound like it is declaring victory or DEFEAT for Catholics by the bergoglian forces at the battle of the synod on sex...?

[H/T The Remnant for providing a link to this article on their webiste -- LINK]


"Synod’s final report 'fails to resolve confusion', says pro-family coalition"


Paragraphs containing controversial ideas on sexual morality remain in the published document, even though these paragraphs did not receive the required two-thirds majority of Synod members. The Vatican’s spokesmen made clear that these paragraphs remain subject to discussion at next year’s Ordinary Synod. Although the final report contains some significant improvements on the original draft, the voting numbers reveal that most Synod Fathers remain open to proposals contrary to Catholic teaching, such as Holy Communion for Catholics in invalid ‘second’ marriages.

Maria Madise, Voice of the Family’s coordinator, said: “The architects of the Extraordinary Synod are responsible for deepening the confusion that has already damaged families since the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s. This confusion will now continue from today through to next year’s Ordinary Synod."

don bergoglio's gay mafia declares a unilateral truce... in the occupied Catholic territories

don bergoglio's gay mafia declares a unilateral truce... in the occupied Catholic territories

The gay bully boys that have taken full control at the Vatican have now declared a unilateral truce and issued a statement...

Catholics will be allowed to remain in their homes in the occupied territories and will not be be-headed... for now...

Oh, thank you, thank you, massa bully boy... you so kind...

Who are we kidding... we're being led to the slaughterhouse... there's a reason that we are being fattened up...


See Louie Verrecchio's Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II blog for the rest of the story...



There can be no question whatsoever at this point, at least in the minds of men of good will, that the primary instigator and Generalissimo of the internal assault against our Holy Catholic Faith, not just as it concerns the proceedings of the last two weeks in Rome, but in general, is none other than the pope.

Let’s not mince words as to what this assault entails; it is nothing less reprehensible than the scourging of the Body of Christ.

As such, the words that Our Blessed Lord spoke to Saul seem to apply quite aptly to the current Bishop of Rome, “Jorge, Jorge, why do you persecute me?”



I see little reason to focus on the last two weeks alone when in truth this pope has been doing great damage to the Church almost from the very moment he hit the balcony at St. Peter’s. He’s a veritable one man wrecking ball squarely aimed at the fundamental doctrines of the Holy Catholic faith, and the longer those with a public voice [remain silent about this???], be that person a Prince of the Church or a regular guy with a notable apostolate, the more souls will be deceived and the worse off all of us will be.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

don bergoglio victorious at synod on sex... despite suffering setbacks along the way

don bergoglio victorious at synod on sex... despite suffering setbacks along the way

Hooray... !

Did we win?

No we lost!

Why are you cheering then...?

It wasn't quite as bad as predicted...

Is that good?

Isn't it?

No... I don't thinks so...

I guess it would have been better if we had won, but...

But we lost... that's nothing to cheer about...


Sorry, to be the bearer of bad news...

It's OK...

Are you sure you're OK...?

I just need some time for it to sink in... that we really lost... I thought for a moment that we might actually win...

I warned you about this...

Yes, I know... I should have listened...

Well... it's time to start fighting back don't you think... and we can begin by accepting the fact that we lost... and not try to paint it as some sort of moral victory... it's not...

You're right... what's next?

Pray the rosary...

[Together] Hail Mary, full of grace...

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

the other night in the Casa Santa Marta kasper was scampering past the bedroom of bergoglio at an early morning hour when he heard cries of "i'm melting! i'm melting!" from within.

kasper quickly opened the door -- which was slightly ajar -- and called out, "are you ok, my dear bergoglio... i heard screams..."

bergoglio was sitting on a couch with his back towards kasper, he rotated his head 180° [just kidding], and replied, "oh, i'm fine, my dear kasper... i was just re-watching my favorite movie "the wizard of oz" with judy garland... the saddest part is when the witch of the west cries out "i'm melting!"... don't you agree that she is the most mis-understood character in all of western culture? She was just trying to help the poor dorothy after all and keep her from being taken in by that wizard of oz con-man... do you want to see? i have it here on my papal iPad... oops, it's time to send another tweet... "

"don't worry... baldisseri will take care of that... ," interrupted kasper

... and then just under his breath he muttered, "how many times do i have to tell him...?"

bergoglio didn't seem to notice kasper's interruption and just continued where he left off, "... actually i like the wizard of oz character as well... yes, he is a con-man, no?... but he is following his conscience... and so he is a good con-man... no? yes?..."

"yes... i mean no... i mean yes... ", responded kasper in obvious frustration...

bergoglio noticed the frustration in kasper's tone and asked delicately, "my dear kasper... are you alright... is it the synod... eh? no? yes?"

"yes... i mean no... i mean yes... ", responded kasper again... his frustration  obviously increasing...

"my dear kasper, you can tell me... what is it?... have you been having nightmares about recording devices again... they're everywhere you know... cameras, cellphones, even tiny microscopic ones that you can't even see... "

"really, jorge-cito...? is that supposed to make me feel better and calm down...? "

"oh, kasper-cito, i'm just trying to help... "

"... even the rodent John Allen Jr. has turned against us... he says the synod is like a soap opera... "

"... oh, but then CallMeJorge corrected him [LINK] and said that it is more like a circus... which of course makes me happy because then i get to put on my clown nose again and pose for some selfies... and then you can be the ringmaster... "

"ok, fine, das is güt, i feel better now... thank you jorge-cito... you always know the right thing to say to cheer me up... like when you complemented my 'profound theology' and even said it was like 'doing theology on one's knees'... that was just after all the Cardinals had attacked my speech back in Febraur... "

they both sat their silently for a while... just holding hands and looking at each other...

then kasper continued, "... yes, we will have another circus and i will be the ringmaster again... like at the half-time of the fütbol match für peace... "

"... yes, my dear kasper-cito... "

"just one thing," added kasper, "... this time try not to release the lions... "

"... but you know it was an accident... "

"... i'm just saying... they might mistake baldisseri, erdo and forte for Christians and eat them... "

"oh, that wouldn't be good... malo... muy malo... "

"yes, i agree... sehr malo... "


Here is a link for more bergoglio jokes of the day...


[H/T Mundabor -- LINK]


poor kasper...

yes, his comments about the African bishops did not go over very well...

if only it had not been recorded... he could have denied the comments...

well, he did try to deny them anyway...

but what kind of reporter would make such a recording public...?

a Catholic one?

yes, I suppose... they still exist?

apparently so... glory be to God...


"Too bad for Kasper that true Catholic reporters still exist" -- LINK

bergoglio follows Christian tradition... of Judas

bergoglio follows Christian tradition... of Judas

... and all the traitors, heretics and apostates in Church "tradition"...

How else to explain the following comments by Cardinal Kasper (little judas)...?

BTW, Rabbi Skorka was recently overheard saying to bergoglio in a thick yiddish accent, "... have I got a 'hundred year plan' for you..." (or maybe I just dreamed that... more like a nightmare that has become reality...)


"Kasper Talks About Pope's 'Hundred Year Plan' "

LINK (from Eponymous Flower)

Cardinal Kasper has bandaged the pontificate of Pope Francis with the mood of a "new springtime", so that among the participants in the Synod of Bishops, which comes to an end in a few days,  observed the much-touted "Francis" effect. With Francis, a "paradigm shift" has been completed. Accordingly, we could not squeeze him into the "familiar progressive-conservative schema" or determine to assign a "theological school of thought" to him.The "Catholic News Agency Austria" writes: "Rather, it combined elements of tradition in his understanding of the Church  with elements 'a ecclesia semper reformanda '- a church that is pushing for change. Francis thus consciously imagines the tradition of the conciliar Popes John XXIII. and Paul VI., who always wanted to re-interpret it in the light of the signs of the times' the unchanging gospel."

What did Burke really say... Part III

What did Burke really say... Part III

(Stay tuned for Part IV...)

The moral of the story...

Don't believe everything you read on the internet... especially if the source of the story is a website with a name like "BuzzFeed" (or BsFeed...)

Desperate for news that someone in the Catholic heirarchy is finally speaking out forcefully against bergoglio... much?

What did Burke really say.... Part II

What did Burke really say.... Part II

(Stay tuned for Part III...)

This Tweet is from @jlfeder aka J Lester Feder who apparently is the one who actually interviewed Cardinal Burke for BuzzFeed News.

LINK ( Tweeted at 6:07pm Eastern Time - 17 Oct 14 )

"We've added a complete transcript of my exchange with Cardinal Burke abt his removal from the signature:"

Thanks to Rorate Caeli for requesting the link via Twitter!

Now if Rorate could get them to publish THE REST OF THE TRANSCRIPT!

I may be going blind -- that's true -- but I don't see anything in the "complete" transcript provided so far that says "Pope has done a lot of harm" or anything like that... "truth in advertising" much?


The official incomplete "complete" transcript follows. (It's now available at the bottom of the original article.)


BuzzFeed News: I should ask you about the reports that you're being removed from the Signatura. What message is that sending? Do you think you are being removed in part because of how outspoken you have been on these issues?

Cardinal Burke: The difficulty — I know about all the reports, obviously. I've not received an official transfer yet. Obviously, these matters depend on official acts. I mean, I can be told that I'm going to be transferred to a new position but until I have a letter of transfer in my hand it's difficult for me to speak about it. I'm not free to comment on why I think this may be going to happen.

BFN: Have you been told that you will be transferred?

CB: Yes.

BFN: You're obviously a very well-respected person. That must be disappointing.

CB: Well, I have to say, the area in which I work is an area for which I'm prepared and I've tried to give very good service. I very much have enjoyed and have been happy to give this service, so it is a disappointment to leave it.

On the other hand, in the church as priests, we always have to be ready to accept whatever assignment we're given. And so I trust that by accepting this assignment, I trust that God will bless me, and that's what's in the end most important. And even though I would have liked to have continued to work in the Apostolic Signatura, I'll give myself to whatever is the new work that I'm assigned to...

BFN: And that is as the chancellor to the Order of Malta, is that right?

CB: It's called the patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, that's right.

What did Burke really say?

What did Burke really say?

AngelQueen says that Michael Voris says that "Pope is harming the Church"... which Voris attributes to Cardinal Burke...

Rorate Caeli says that Burke says that  "Pope has done a lot of harm"... whether the object of this harm is society or himself or Kasper's pet rabbit is not clear...

... to say that the Burke is saying specifically that the "Pope is harming the Church" seems a bit like putting words into Cardinal Burke's mouth...

Which is it? Should Michael Voris have finished his meal first and perhaps waited until the morning after sleeping it off to issue this "breaking news story"...? Is perhaps Michael projecting his own opinion on to Cardinal Burke...?

AngelQueen says "Michael Voris says that Cardinal Burke said it. Is Michael now ready to say the same on his own authority?"

The ultimate source of these quotes is a BuzzFeed interview with Cardinal Burke. The BuzzFeed article is written in a (deliberately?) ambiguous way... which leaves the interpretation of what Cardinal Burke is really saying up for grabs... BTW  the title of the BuzzFeed article is "Conservative Cardinal Who Clashed With Pope Francis Confirms He Has Been Ousted"... sensationalist much...?

... does Michael Voris know something that Rorate doesn't...? Is Michael giving us essentially the word on the streets of Rome... will Voris lead the storming of the Casa Santa Marta in the morning...? (Sorry, wishful thinking on my part...)

... this is how rumors get started... didn't bergoglio tell the Vatican Swiss Guard to protect the pope against rumors...? Watch out Michael Voris...


Here are all the links so that you can figure it out for yourself...

Rorate Caeli -- LINK

Michael Voris on YouTube -- LINK

BuzzFeed (sensationalist?) story -- LINK

AngelQueen -- LINK

Friday, October 17, 2014

reading the signs in the times of bergoglio...

reading the signs in the times of bergoglio...

Why does anyone read my "humble" blog?

I was wondering this myself after finding that Mundabor had devoted a column [LINK] to an article I had written [LINK].

Anyway, let me attempt to answer my own question...

Here are some of the reasons that we can safely eliminate...

1. I'm a great writer... Hardly. I was lucky to get a B- on a paper in school. I enjoy writing... and I have my moments... but for great writing there are a lot of other places to go on the internet...

2. I'm a great authority on Catholic teaching... Hardly. I wasn't raised in a Catholic household... I didn't go to Catholic school... I suppose I am self-catechized... if anything I have had to overcome a strong Protestant orientation because most of my close friends growing up were Protestants and I attended church with them... I have learned Catholicism online through papal encyclicals and websites like Michael Voris and Louie Verrecchio and yes, Mundabor...

3. I'm a strong traditionalist... Hardly. I didn't know anything about the Traditional Latin Mass until fairly recently... I have only attended a few times... although I am planning on going regularly now... up until the time that bergoglio became pope I knew nothing about the SSPX and couldn't even spell Lefebvre and wasn't sure what a "sedevacantist" was... I don't think I was a "neo-conservative" either... until recently I wasn't even sure what the Mass was all about, since I didn't realize that it was significantly different from a protestant service...

4. I'm a great authority on Vatican II... Hardly. I only began to learn any of the truth about Vatican II after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation... the proof is in my blog posts prior to that which show that I was quite an admirer of the former pope... was...

So why do people read my blog and even link to my articles?

My answer is a "proof by contradiction"...

IF there were other sources on the internet expressing the same thoughts that I am expressing

AND IF those sources were from a more mainstream Catholic website

WITH some of the characteristics I have outlined above... great writing... great authority on Catholic teaching... strong traditionalist... great authority on Vatican II... etc.

THEN no one would be reading my articles...

BUT WAIT... something is missing, because there ARE sources like that available online...

The missing ingredient I think is GREAT CATHOLIC TRUTH...

The TRUTH is such a rare commodity in these confused and confusing times that people will go out of there way to find it...

And that is what I think I have to offer... I'm not the only one... but there aren't a lot of us willing to say what has to be said... and to come to the logical (and truthful) conclusions no matter how un-tasteful and dis-pleasing that may be... and it is often times extremely un-tasteful to the point of being shocking and disgusting... and not fit for polite conversation...

I think my particular gift from God -- or charism if you will -- is to be able to read the signs of the time...

... actually I don't think it is that difficult to "read the signs"... they are staring all of us in the face... the difficult part is to set aside our liberal prejudices and to accept what the signs... signs from God... are clearly telling us...

It is very difficult when the signs from God are pointing in one direction and the world is pointing in a totally opposite direction...

One advantage I have is that I spent some time dissecting the messages coming to us from the secular culture... and what I found was quite shocking... it's frankly satanic... and it is moving in a direction from being implicitly and covertly satanic to being explicitly and overtly satanic...

It's becoming more and more difficult to deny this satanic influence in the culture...

And then we must realize that the same thing is happening in the Church... and it's not just at the local church level or a particular diocese... but goes all the way to the top... to the Vatican... and, yes, to the pope...

And then once you have allowed the "truth to set you free"... the Truth of Christ that is... the signs become that much more clear...

Christ is speaking to us through these signs... and also the saints... the times  of Christ and the times of the saints are no different from our "modern" times...

The same truths apply and the same signs are visible...

"Modern Man" is not a new species... "modern life" is not intrinsically different from life before the invention of the light bulb...

It is when we try to reject the past because we assume some sort of moral superiority based on a technological superiority that we get confused...

But how does technological superiority translate into moral superiority... are we perhaps less superstitious? In some ways perhaps, but at the same time we have lost our grasp of the supernatural by putting all our faith in the natural ("science" and pseudo-science)...

We may be superior in our "modern" technology... but the saints of times past were superior in a sort of super-technology which is called "faith"...

The saints had faith in God... and lots of it... we have no (or very little) faith in God... and we are morally inferior for that reason.

the ratzingerians react to bergoglio's machinations... finally...

the ratzingerians react to bergoglio's machinations... finally...

There's good news and bad news from the synod...

The ratzingerians have woken up... alarm bells finally went off when it became clear that their "sacred" incantation to turn Vatican II into a faux-Catholic council was under attack by the bergoglians... I'm referring to Ratzinger's famous magic words... "hermeneutic of continuity"... the phrase that patches all the holes in VII-land.

That's the good news.... and also the bad news... depending on how you look at it...

... but is it too-little-too-late with respect to challenging the bergoglian heresies... ?

... where were the ratzingerians when the Franciscan of the Immaculate were being destroyed... which by now is a fait accompli...

... will the ratzingerian revolt go further -- to where it truly needs to go -- and declare that bergoglio is an anti-Catholic heretic and therefore not a valid pope... one can dream...

I'm afraid not... no, this is just a feeble attempt by the ratzingerians to patch a few holes in the hull of Vatican II... and to re-arrange the lawn chairs on the deck of the Barque of Peter while watching her sink from the damage incurred by Vatican II...

We must save the Vatican II new-church! The True Catholic Church on the other hand should be scuttled... so say the ratzingerians.

.... sorry to be the bearer of bad news....

... I know that Cardinal Burke is a great defender of the Traditional Latin Mass, etc...

... but it is as if he was a token that Ratzinger allowed to hang around... and now bergoglio has no use for him....

... oh, but the neo-conservatives... and yes the traditionalists also... cheer mightily whenever he calls for communion to be denied to Nancy Pelosi and her ilk...

... but do we ever see this happening.... ?

... oh, dear... there he goes again with the whole "reality" thing... can't you just leave us alone in our fantasy world... it's so nice here in motu propio land... la-la-la-la...

bergoglio's 'new morality' was condemned by Pope Pius XII in 1952

bergoglio's 'new morality' was condemned by Pope Pius XII in 1952

bergoglio's "new morality" is not new.

It is called "situational ethics" [LINK] and was condemned by Pope Pius XII in 1952.

[ ... and by Pope Innocent XI in 1679. (See below.) ]

Later, in 1956, it was prohibited from being taught in seminaries by the Holy Office and was given the name of "the new morality".

The documents condemning the "new morality" (situational ethics) are available online, but only in Latin.

The condemnation by Pope Pius XII is contained in AAS 44 [1952] on pages 270-278 and pages 413-419.

The prohibition by the Holy Office is contained in AAS 48 [1956] on pages 144-5.

The AAS is the Acta Apostolicae Sedis and contain official Church documents for a given year. All of the AAS are available on the Vatican website at:

I have been only able to find a few brief excerpts in English in various articles on situational ethics. Most of the writers of these articles are anti-Catholic and are promoting "the new morallity".

Here are some quotes from the AAS that I found in a more favorable article.


"The Christian moral law is in the law of the Creator, engraved in the heart of each one, and in Revelation. . . . The first step or rather the first attack against the structure of Christian moral norms would be to free them from the narrow and oppressive surveillance of the authority of the Church. This would be done in such wise that, once liberated from the sophistic subtleties of the casuistic method, the moral law might be brought back to its original form, leaving it simply to the intelligence and determination of each one's individual conscience." AAS 44 pages 272-3

"It is not difficult to recognize how the new moral system derives from Existentialism, which either prescinds from God, or simply denies Him, and in any case, leaves man to himself."AAS 44 page 416

"From the essential relationships between man and God, between man and man, between husband and wife, between parents and children; from the essential community relationships found in the family, in the Church and in the State, it follows (among other things) that hatred of God, blasphemy, idolatry, abandoning the true faith, denial of the faith, perjury, murder, bearing false witness, calumny, adultery and fornication, the abuse of marriage, the solitary sin, stealing and robbery, taking away the necessities of life, depriving workers of their just wages, monopolizing vital foodstuffs and unjustifiably increasing prices, fraudulent bankruptcy, unjust maneouvring in speculation—all these are gravely forbidden by the divine Lawmaker. No examination is necessary. No matter what the situation of the individual may be, there is no other course open to him but to obey." AAS 44 page 417


It just so happens that I was looking at the Latin text of the speech of Pope Pius XII -- trying to decipher it -- when I noticed he used the term "metodo casuístico".

When I looked up this term it turns out that it is translated as "causuistry". This is an earlier version of "situational ethics" which was condemned by Pope Innocent XI in 1679. [LINK]

What is even more interesting is that there is a related term "jesuitism". [LINK]

"Jesuitism is a label given to particular casuistic approach to moral questions and problems often described by the adjective jesuitical, so called because it was promoted by some Jesuits of the 17th century rather than being the beliefs of the Society of Jesus as a religious order. The word seems to have been used for the first time in 1622."

"[Jesutism] stressed the importance of the 'case by case' approach to personal moral decisions and ultimately developed and accepted a casuistry (the study of cases of consciences) where at the time of decision, individual inclinations were more important than the moral law itself. It has been described as an attempt to achieve holy ends by unholy means."


This form of "jesuitism" is certainly at play in the bergoglio's synod (on sex) in attempting to justify immoral behavior.

However, in typical modernist style, bergoglio has actually made a statement warning against "causistry" -- even as he himself adheres to this anti-Catholic methodology.


LINK (May 27, 2014)

Regarding the two Synods of Bishops on the family he has called for this October and October 2015, the pope lamented what he characterized as an overemphasis, by members of the clergy among others, on the question of when divorced and civilly remarried Catholics may receive Communion.

The pope said focusing on that question posed the risk of "casuistry," which he has defined in the past as the practice of setting general laws on the basis of exceptional cases. He emphasized the synods would consider the pastoral care of the family in its totality.

"Today, we know, the family is in crisis, it's a worldwide crisis, the young don't want to marry or they live together," Pope Francis said. "The pastoral problem of the family is very large, very large."

Thursday, October 16, 2014

... from Ratzinger... to bergoglio... and beyond...

... from Ratzinger... to bergoglio... and beyond...

How did we get here (to a bergoglio papacy)?

What can we expect from the post-bergoglio papacy?

This is a reflection on two articles I read recently. The authors of the two articles are both troubled by the synod and the bergoglian papacy. And to a certain extent both challenge the authority of bergoglio as pope -- one very severely... the other less severely...

And yet I felt both authors were skating around the truth... and at least part of the reason is that they are both to lesser or greater degree still under the ratzingerian "hermeneutic of continuity" spell...

And in order to see clearly the fallen state of the Church we must emerge from the fog... the elaborate smoke screen... which Ratzinger has spent decades creating... this "hermeneutic of continuity"... this very cleverly applied "lipstick on a pig"...

One must give credit to Ratzinger because he has dressed up Vatican II so beautifully in traditional garbs that one can barely recognize the wolf under the sheeps clothing... but the odor of the wolf still hangs in the air...

+ + +

The first article comes from Deacon Nick Donelly who was the author of the Protect the Pope blog. That blog was ordered shutdown by his bishop... and so I was surprised to find out that Deacon Nick is active on Twitter and is writing articles...

The article is titled "On the chaos surrounding the Synod in Rome"... here is a quote...


Never in my life have I witnessed such confusion and disorientation about the Faith at the heart of the Church, the Holy See of Rome. During the past 35 years I have looked to Rome for certainty and consolation while the storms of dissent and disobedience ravaged the local churches. However, in this week my faith in the competence, even willingness, of Rome to uphold the Faith has been badly shaken.

+ + +

The second article comes from Mundabor who needs no introduction.

The article is titled "What JP II’s Catechism says about Francis"... here is a quote...


Is [bergoglio] the Antichrist? Poppycock. If Bergoglio were the best effort Satan can dish out, we would not be at this point. 

Is he, at least, the False Prophet? I cannot believe it, either. Too obvious, too vulgar, too vain, too imprudent, and too stupid, this man is not fooling anyone with some solid instruction and a basic thinking. I read around the blogs, and I have not been finding for months any properly formed intellect daring to support him. If it’s not silence (probably the most common reaction up to now, at least among religious) it’s incredulity, or attempt to think he said something else.

+ + +

Deacon Nick fits Mundabor's description of one who recognizes the errors of bergoglio. His article indeed as a feel of "incredulity"...

As if to say, "how can this be happening after the traditional/conservative/restorational papacy of Ratzinger?"

How indeed? This is the underlying question on the minds of many that are "traditionalists" (the Remnant) or at least leaning in a "traditionalist" direction (Deacon Nick).

And I think that Mundabor unintentionally gives us a clue as to the answer to "how can this be happening?"...

On the one hand I disagree with Mundabor's statement that bergoglio "is not fooling anyone" (even with his qualifications)... bergoglio is casting a wide net and he is reaping a great harvest of lost souls that otherwise might hear the call of Our Lord.

It is true that bergoglio is "vulgar"... although I don't think he is as "stupid" as some believe...

But the really interesting idea that Mundabor puts out there -- but then does not pursue -- is do we have examples that are the anti-thesis of Mundabor's description of bergoglio...

The perfect anti-thesis of bergoglio as described by Mundabor would be...

NOT too obvious...
NOT too vulgar...
NOT too vain...
NOT too imprudent...
NOT too stupid...

This man WOULD fool EVEN THOSE with some solid [Catholic] instruction and a basic thinking...



Is Ratzinger then the true anti-Christ or False Prophet?

No I don't think so, but he is a prototype...

... perhaps the next pope... or the one after that...

Imagine for example if Cardinal Burke were to become pope...

Clearly Burke would steer the Church away from the direction of bergoglio and move the Church in a more "traditional" direction... a la Ratzinger...

But would Burke be capable of totally repudiating Vatican II... ?

And if he didn't wouldn't he just be preparing the way for the next bergoglio... ?

... a la Ratzinger... ?

As long as Vatican II is still in force then the Barque of Peter is still among the rocks near the shore and in danger of destruction...

Of course Burke will not be the next pope so we can safely disregard this scenario...

... but what if Cardinal O'Malley were the next pope... ?

This is much more likely... (and scary)

He would be a slightly more "conservative" version of bergoglio... he would continue to steer the Church in the same direction but be capable of fooling "EVEN THOSE with some solid [Catholic] instruction and a basic thinking... "

Is bergoglio preparing the way for someone like O'Malley... ?

... in much the same way that John XXIII prepared the way for Paul VI... ?

Would that be followed by a pope bergoglio o'malley the first and second... ?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

REPOSTING 3 articles on bergoglio's diabolical mis-use of 'mercy'

REPOSTING 3 articles on bergoglio's diabolical mis-use of 'mercy'

I am re-posting 3 articles which highlight bergoglio's twisted (diabolical) mis-use of the virtue of "mercy".

The first of these articles titled "Papal plot to destroy the family" makes a  prediction regarding the synod -- a prediction that is coming true.

I say this not to boast, but rather to show that the results of this synod were very predictable and should surprise no one.

I hope that by now faithful Catholics will have accepted the unpleasant TRUTH regarding bergoglio -- that he is an enemy of the Church.

And I hope that faithful Catholics will not continue to simply react to bergoglio's plan to destroy the Church, but will begin to boldly challenge him with all their might... for love of God and for love of the souls of our fellow men.

+ + +

The articles I am re-posting are...

4/30/14 -- Papal plot to destroy the family [LINK]

8/3/14 -- bergoglio employs "situation ethics" and calls it "mercy" [LINK]

8/3/14 -- THE INTERVIEW and "situation ethics" [LINK]

THE INTERVIEW and "situation ethics" [REPOST]

THE INTERVIEW and "situation ethics"
OR "all you need is love"... and mercy
In the first interview granted by bergoglio to the press which appeared in America Magazine the topic of "the divorced and remarried" and other "problematic situations" were discussed.
I will try to demonstrate how bergoglio applies "situation ethics" in responding. And how in so doing he attempts to circumvent Church teaching on faith and morality.
BTW. The title of the article is "A Big Heart Open to God". This fits right in with bergoglio's theme that "all you need is love"... and mercy.
Here is the excerpt with my comments inserted. I also highlight the use of the word "situation" with asterisks.
I mention that there are Christians who live in ***situations*** that from the point of view of the church are irregular or somewhat complex, Christians that, in one way or another, live with open wounds. I mention the [situation of] divorced and remarried, same-sex couples and other difficult ***situations***. What kind of pastoral work can we do in these cases? What kinds of tools can we use? [Can we use situation ethics?] The pope signals that he understands what I mean [we both know I mean situation ethics] and he responds:
“We need to proclaim the Gospel on every street corner,” the pope says, “preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing [with love and mercy], even with our preaching, every kind of disease and wound. In Buenos Aires I used to receive letters from homosexual persons who are ‘socially wounded’ [an example of a "situation"] because they tell me that they feel like the church has always condemned them. But the church does not want to do this [actually it DOES]. During the return flight from Rio de Janeiro I said that if a homosexual person is of good will and is in search of God, I am no one to judge [that situation]. By saying this, I said what the catechism says [NOT really]. Religion has the right to express its opinion in the service of the people, but God in creation has set us free: it is not possible to interfere spiritually in the life of a person. [This is an expression of the anti-dogmatic teachings of situation ethics.]
“A person once asked me, in a provocative manner, if I approved of homosexuality [another situation]. I replied with another question: ‘Tell me: when God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person?’ [All you need is love] We must always consider [the situation of] the person. Here we enter into the mystery of the [particular situation of a particualar] human being. In life, God accompanies persons, and we must accompany them, starting from their ***situation***. It is necessary to accompany them with [love and] mercy. When that happens, the Holy Spirit inspires the priest to say the right thing [in the particular situation rather than relying on Church teaching and dogma].
“This is also the great benefit of confession as a sacrament: evaluating case by case [according to the particular situation] and discerning what is the best thing to do for a person who seeks God and grace. The confessional is not a torture chamber, but the place in which the Lord’s mercy [and love] motivates us to do better. I also consider the ***situation*** of a woman with a failed marriage in her past and who also had an abortion. Then this woman remarries, and she is now happy and has five children. That [situation in this case the] abortion in her past weighs heavily on her conscience and she sincerely regrets it. She would like to move forward in her Christian life. What is the confessor to do? [Apply situation ethics and take a merciful, loving approach while ignoring Church teaching? NO!]
“We cannot insist only on issues [situations] related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible. [Because we have to apply situation ethics instead.] I have not spoken much about these things, and I was reprimanded for that. But when we speak about these issues [situations], we have to talk about them in a [situational] context. The teaching of the church [dogma], for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the church, but [BUT I don't believe in dogma -- only situation ethics -- and therefore] it is not necessary to talk about these issues [situations] all the time.
“The dogmatic and moral teachings of the church are not all equivalent [some are more important than others depending on the situation]. The church’s pastoral ministry cannot be obsessed with the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines to be imposed insistently [dogmatically and consistently, rather the situation must be taken into account]. Proclamation in a missionary style [using situation ethics] focuses on the essentials, on the necessary things [not dogma]: this is also what fascinates and attracts more, what makes the heart burn [with love and mercy] , as it did for the disciples at Emmaus [interject an unrelated biblical reference]. We have to find a new balance [by taking into account the situation]; otherwise even the moral edifice of the church [tradition and dogma] is likely to fall like a house of cards [if not we will push it to fall by introducing situation ethics], losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel [of love and mercy]. The proposal of the Gospel must be more simple, profound, radiant [, anti-dogmatic]. It is from this proposition that the ["im-" or "a-"]moral consequences then flow.
You get the idea.... see also Wikipedia article on "situational ethics".

bergoglio employs "situation ethics" and calls it "mercy" [REPOST]

The reason I posted the information from Wikipedia on "situational ethics" is to point out the obvious. Which is that bergoglio employs "situational ethics" whenever he appeals to "mercy" in order to change or ignore clear Church teaching in the area of morality.
"Situational ethics" is a very powerful and highly effective propaganda technique for changing moral values of individuals as well as for influencing whole societies.
The basic propaganda technique is to over-emphasize some extreme special case and then apply any conclusions drawn from this to a more general case. This is done to gain public sympathy in order to sway public opinion on a controversial topic.
For example there was a recent case of a woman in Ireland that had some sort of problem pregnancy. (I don't remember the details.) The secular press used this particular extreme "situation" to argue for legalization of abortion. The press focused the whole abortion debate on this one particular extreme case in an attempt to create sympathy for the cause of legalized abortion in general through the natural sympathy with this woman's difficult "situation".
If you think about it I'm sure you can come up with your own examples on "controversial" moral issues such as "homosexual marriage", IVF, contraception, etc.
Also, you should be aware that "situational ethics" is used in the school system in areas like "sex education" or "drug prevention" programs. It is well documented that these "drug prevention" programs actually increase drug use among students.
But the main point is that the whole "synod on sex" is a gigantic excercise in "situational ethics". And that bergoglio is a master at using this propaganda technique to further the VII revolution. In fact his infamous "who am I to judge?" mantra is an expression of "situational ethics".
I was unaware of the "Christian roots" of "situational ethics" until I read the Wiki article. That in itself is shocking. It is especially shocking that this has the backing of some Catholic theologians because this is an anti-dogmatic approach to morality. It totally undermines Catholic teaching.
In fact it was condemned by Pope Pius XII and later (in 1956) prohibited from being taught at Catholic seminaries by the Holy Office which referred to "situational ethics" as "the new morality".
No doubt that Louie Verrecchio at "Harvesting the Fruits of Vatican II" could tell us how "situational ethics" has been incorporated into the texts of Vatican II.

Papal plot to destroy the family [REPOST]

Psalm 1

[1] Blessed is the man who hath not walked in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stood in the way of sinners, nor sat in the chair of pestilence. [2] But his will is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he shall meditate day and night. [3] And he shall be like a tree which is planted near the running waters, which shall bring forth its fruit, in due season. And his leaf shall not fall off: and all whatsoever he shall do shall prosper. [4] Not so the wicked, not so: but like the dust, which the wind driveth from the face of the earth. [5] Therefore the wicked shall not rise again in judgment: nor sinners in the council of the just.

[6] For the Lord knoweth the way of the just: and the way of the wicked shall perish.

 + + +

In his speech at the "canonization" of two of his recent predecessors Bergoglio remarked on the upcoming "synod for the family".

A careful review of the speech reveals that it contains a blueprint for his plot to destroy the Church's teachings on the family with the ultimate goal of a total destruction of the family as the basis of Christian society. This is in total keeping with his humanist/freemasonic way of thinking.

[You may be wondering what the final goal is. It is actually not a great secret. The goal is transhumanism. This has been revealed to us many years ago by the British Humanist Aldous Huxley in his book "Brave New World". Total destruction of the family is an obvious first step towards this humanist "utopia".]

The snake oil Bergoglio is using to sell this diabolical plot is "mercy". In this case "divine mercy". Yes, it is "divine mercy" but the question is what "divinity" does he worship?

The answer to this question is in the freemasonic symbolism behind the word "light". JPII attempted to impose on the Church the "luminous" mysteries. This is in honor of the "angel of light", the torch bearer -- Prometheus who stole fire from the gods to give to Man.... so that Man could be like God.

This "angel of light" is the divinity of Bergoglio. This is who he appeals to for "mercy".

In the name of "mercy" for the "divorced and re-married" he will un-mercifully destroy the family. He will tear the child from the mother's arms and hand him over to the state for his "development and education" -- totalitarian-communist style.

He will shatter the holy bonds of matrimony and instead place shackles of sinful pleasure on young people, so that marriage will become obsolete or reduced to a simple legal contract.

He will give his papal "blessing" to the diabolically perverted act of homosexual sex. An act that is an anti-baptism into the anti-church of the anti-christ. An act that can never bear fruit. A sterile blasphemous contraceptive act that brings the soul in union with the satanic.

These are not the actions of a "holy father" rather these are the actions of an un-holy father.

God forgive me. I pray that I am wrong.

All of this is part of the divine plan, and we must somehow maintain our faith in the all-powerful all-knowing God.

Still it is exceedingly difficult and painful to my soul to watch.

Our Lady, we place ourselves in your care.

God have mercy on us all.

[Pray the Psalms.]

Monday, October 13, 2014

bergoglio the beast

bergoglio the beast

Notice the similarities between bergoglio and the beast of the Apocalypse.

The beast comes from the sea... bergoglio from Argentina "the ends of the earth"... a land across the sea from Rome.

The beast is part leopard, part bear, part lion.... bergolio is 'ecumenical'... part muslim (leopard), part orthodox (russian bear), part jew (lion of judah).

The beast's death's wound was healed.... bergoglio had a lung removed as a teen -- a potentially mortal wound.

All the earth admires him... bergoglio is "person of the year".

The beast has a blasphemous mouth.... bergoglio...

The beast is given power for 42 months... will bergoglio's papacy end after 3-1/2 years? That would be 1916. He would be 79 years old then. Would he resign or die by then?

He made war with the saints and overcame them... bergoglio's synod is a revolutionary war against the saints and the Church...

Will the next pope be like the other beast... will he make the world adore the first beast -- bergoglio -- by declaring bergoglio a saint... ?

+ + +

The Apocalypse Of Saint John (Revelation) Chapter 13


[1] And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy. [2] And the beast, which I saw, was like to a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave him his own strength, and great power. [3] And I saw one of his heads as it were slain to death: and his death' s wound was healed. And all the earth was in admiration after the beast. [4] And they adored the dragon, which gave power to the beast: and they adored the beast, saying: Who is like to the beast? and who shall be able to fight with him? [5] And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies: and power was given to him to do two and forty months.

[6] And he opened his mouth unto blasphemies against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. [7] And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them. And power was given him over every tribe, and people, and tongue, and nation. [8] And all that dwell upon the earth adored him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb, which was slain from the beginning of the world. [9] If any man have an ear, let him hear. [10] He that shall lead into captivity, shall go into captivity: he that shall kill by the sword, must be killed by the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

[11] And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon. [12] And he executed all the power of the former beast in his sight; and he caused the earth, and them that dwell therein, to adore the first beast, whose wound to death was healed. [13] And he did great signs, so that he made also fire to come down from heaven unto the earth in the sight of men. [14] And he seduced them that dwell on the earth, for the signs, which were given him to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make the image of the beast, which had the wound by the sword, and lived. [15] And it was given him to give life to the image of the beast, and that the image of the beast should speak; and should cause, that whosoever will not adore the image of the beast, should be slain.

[16] And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. [17] And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. [18] Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.

NY Times says synod is leading the Church in the "direction [bergoglio] has set"

NY Times says synod is leading the Church in the "direction [bergoglio] has set"

... they didn't even need to spin the story. Their "religion" editor, Laurie Goodstein, must be ecstatic. She was in such a good mood that she forgot to mention the priest homosexual sex scandal... that's a first for her.


"At the Vatican, A Shift in Tone Toward Gays"


OCTOBER 13, 2014
VATICAN CITY — In a marked shift in tone likely to be discussed in parishes around the world, an assembly of Roman Catholic bishops convened by Pope Francis at the Vatican released a preliminary document on Monday calling for the church to welcome and accept gay people, unmarried couples and those who have divorced, as well as the children of these less traditional families.

The bishops’ report, issued midway through a landmark two-week meeting, does not change church doctrine or teaching, and will now be subjected to fierce debate and revision at the assembly.

But it is the first signal that the institutional church may follow the direction Francis has set in the first 18 months of his papacy, away from condemnation of unconventional family situations and toward understanding, openness and mercy.

Previous synods have produced little, but some participants in this one have likened it to the historic Second Vatican Council convened just over 50 years ago, which produced monumental changes in church liturgy, relations with other faiths and the conception of the roles of priests and laypeople.

Some analysts said that the synod’s document would influence pastors, even as it was debated over the next year.

The Rev. James Martin, editor at large of America, the Jesuit magazine, said that “even though this is an interim document, it represents a revolution in the way the church speaks about our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.”

bergoglio's synod on sex omitted NOTHING!

bergoglio's synod on sex omitted NOTHING!

CORRECTION (10/15): A reader has informed me that the statement from the Polish bishops was mis-translated by Rorate Caeli. It should say "the document omits entirely the topic of sin." (See comment below.)

My sincerest apologies to the Church in Poland for this misunderstanding. I don't have time to re-edit the whole article, but please take this information into account.

From draft document of bergoglio's synod on sex [ LINK ]:

"Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their [sodomites] sexual orientation?"

And yet we are told that "the doctrine presented in the document is marked by the sin of omission." [ LINK ]

Excuse me, but what was ommitted from this statement? Is there an omission because it does not include a graphical description of the actual sinful act of sodomy?


No, there is no omission. There is a direct call to accept and value those who actively and with great "pride" engage in sodomy and also therefore for this satanical sexual act itself.

We can pray for such terribly lost souls, but we cannot "accept and value" them as they are.

Sorry, this statement is a sin of comission and not omission and to say otherwise is to implicitly endorse such heretical statements and the unholy sexual practices that it promotes.

Dear pro-Life Catholics: Stop whining and start fighting!

Dear pro-Life Catholics: Stop whining and start fighting!

Pro-life Catholics have described the mid-way report from the synod (on sex) as a ‘betrayal’... [ LINK ]


'Betrayal' implies an element of surprise....

Are you surprised, really?

Haven't you been paying attention to the words and actions of bergoglio from the moment he stepped out on the balcony?

This is the man that said the Church must stop "obsessing" over pro-Life issues.

There is no 'betrayal' here.

For God's sake wake up. Stop whining and start fighting.

All of this nicey-nice talk of 'betrayal' is going to get you nowhere... except perhaps to the head of the line for the guillotine.

For God's sake fight! Fight like your lives depended on it... and the lives of your children... the lives of unborn children... the lives of elderly...

... and the souls of those nearest and dearest to you... and also of those strangers you will never meet.... we are all depending on you... please, for God's sake wake up and fight!

bergoglio unveils his 'brave new church'

bergoglio unveils his 'brave new church'

How do you like bergoglio now?

Do you still think he is not evil?

Are you still wondering about his intentions?

If so, get in line... to have your forehead stamped with 666.

The anti-Christ must be pissed that bergoglio is stealing his act... there is going to be nothing left for the poor anti-Christ to do by the time bergoglio is finished destroying the Church...

Sure he can cause all sorts of natural disasters... but where's the fun in that?

The real fun for the satanic crowd is leading souls to hell and bergoglio is hogging all of that for himself.

bergoglio and his 'brave new church'.... brought to you by satan and his demons.

97th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

97th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

Today is the 97th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun as predicted by Our Lady of Fatima to the Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta -- the three children seers of Fatima.

In three more years we will be celebrating the centenial anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.

I trust in God that by this time jorge bergoglio will no longer be "the bishop of rome".

I only pray that the successor to bergoglio will be a Catholic.

It would truly be a miracle if the sun were to penetrate the proceedings of the synod in Rome. Certainly, there has been some of that, but not enough I am afraid to make a real difference.

Of course we continue to pray for a conversion of bergoglio for his own good and the good of the Church, but realistically the expectations are low. I had hoped early on that taking the Seat of Peter would cause some profound change in the man, but he remains perfidious -- like his jewish brethren which he seems to regard as his closest friends.

He will be pleased to know then that he will share in their suffering in the afterlife.

When Lucia asked Our Lady about the fate of some who had passed away the answer was blunt. And Our Lady showed the children a vision of hell.

So the message from Our Lady is clear -- there is no guarantee of "mercy" as is suggested by kasper and bergoglio and company.

+ + +

"Our Lady of Fatima"


At the end of October 1918, Francisco and Jacinta fell ill, almost at the same time. When Lucia visited them, she found Jacinta elated she said;"Our Lady came to see us and said that she is coming to take Francisco to heaven very soon. She asked me if I still wanted to convert more sinners. I told her I did. She told me I would be taken to a hospital and that I would suffer greatly there, but that I should suffer for the conversion of sinners, in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and for the love of Jesus."

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pat Archibold quotes Pope Leo XIII and Pope St. Pius X -- again color me not impressed

Pat Archibold quotes Pope Leo XIII and Pope St. Pius X -- again color me not impressed

Pat Archibold has written a column titled "The Truth About This Crisis" published on the National Catholic Register website.


At one point he says:

"And while some well-meaning Catholics, desperate to believe all is well, try to mask the cracks in the façade of St. Peter’s with layer upon layer of ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ spackle, the furious work of destruction continues unabated within its walls."

He then quotes Pope Benedict XVI at the end of the article -- mr. ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ himself and head honcho facade spackler and masker of cracks...

Give me a break!

As if everything was all hunky dory during Ratzinger's papacy and the wheels only fell off afterwards... as if Ratzinger wasn't the one that appointed cardinals like Dolan of New York and Sean O'Malley of Boston himself -- to name just two off the top of my head.

As if it wasn't the same Cardinals that JPII ('the great one') and Ratzinger appointed that came up with the 'great' choice of bergoglio.... and  who came up with the 'great' choices of Cardinals bergoglio and kasper -- YES! It was 'the great one' himself... on 21 of February 2001 he 'elevated' both of these termites to become Cardinals of the Church... who knew that these termites could cause such damage... of course they were both known heretics prior to being appointed cardinals by JPII, but so what? Right? Eh? No? Yes? A little heretical diversity is a good thing, eh?

And speaking of bergoglio... bergoglio? bergoglio who?.... there's a guy named bergoglio that is the pope?

YES! Quick! Somebody tell Pat Archibold that bergoglio is the pope!

Because he doesn't seem to know... or he just forgot to mention it in his article... doh!

Is Archibold pulling a Voris? Does he thing berglio is the 'most misunderstood pope in history'? Is he secretly a sedevacantist?

Or is he just playing it safe and self-censoring because he knows that the day he writes a column and declares the REAL "Truth About This Crisis" is the last day he will be working for NCR (reporter or register or whatever... what's the difference?)

The TRUTH is as I have said that bergoglio does not think, act or speak like the successor of St. Peter, but rather like a successor to Judas [LINK]... That's the TRUTH about this 'crisis'... and 'crisis' is not even an appropriate word... how about 'heresy' or 'apostasy'.... those words are the language of the Church... 'crisis' is the language of a P.R. man who is trying to minimize the damage...

Archibold quotes Pope St. Pius X saying:

" ...they lie hid, a thing to be deeply deplored and feared, in her very bosom and heart, and are the more mischievous, the less conspicuously they appear. We allude, Venerable Brethren, to many who belong to the Catholic laity.... "

Dear Pat Archibold.... please take a look in the mirror... those words of Pope St. Pius X are directed at YOU!

YOU are the least conspicious of all and therefore YOU are the one to be most deeply deplored and feared....

You say:

"Whether these persons do this knowingly or unknowingly I cannot say, but I can say that it is evil."

Sorry, but how much proof do you need that bergoglio is doing these things "knowingly"? Do you need to see horns sprout from his head and hear him speak like a dragon? Or would that NOT be convincing enough so that you could conclude that he is "knowingly" destroying the Church. After all, "who are YOU to judge?"

You talk about "the cracks in Vatican II" as if VII were not an anti-Catholic revolution with the sole goal of destroying the Church in cooperation with humanists/atheists/modernists/freemasons.

Vatican II is simply not salvageable. It does not represent a 'crack' but a nuclear bomb exploded over St. Peter's... Archbishop Lefebvre describes it aptly as World War III.

And again, how can you -- knowing all that you know -- end your article by quoting Ratzinger, one of the principal 'fathers' of Vatican II... you know far too much to plead ignorance...

+ + +

Finally, dear Pat, I do not say these words out of hatred or anger, but out of a sense of love for the Church and a sense of love for the souls of our fellow Catholics... yes, it is time to speak the TRUTH, but we must speak the FULL TRUTH as Christ taught us.

Yours in Christ,