Thursday, September 18, 2014

bergoglio is the successor of judas

bergoglio is the successor of judas

Kasper -- little judas -- leaves no room for doubt about bergoglio -- big judas.

This is not "the church of nice".... this is "the Church of Hell".

Next to bergolio and kasper, the great apostate martin luther is a like a saint. At least luther had the decency to be open in his protest and to leave the church.

These satanic snakes -- bergoglio and kasper -- remain in the church spreading their venom and doing their un-holy utmost to desecrate and destroy the Body of Christ.

If the prophet Elijah were alive today, he would surely call down fire and lightning from heaven to strike down these high priests of Baal.

May God have mercy on their souls. May God have mercy on all of us.


LINK [H/T Rorarte Caeli]

Did you expect this controversy regarding your address to the Consistory?

"I'm not naïve. I knew that there are other positions, but I didn't think that the debate would become, and now is shown to be also, without manners. Not one of my fellow Cardinals ever spoke to me. I, intead, [spoke] twice with the Holy Father. I agreed upon everything with him. He was in agreement. What can a cardinal do, if not being with Pope? I am not the target, the target is another one."

Is it Pope Francis?

"Probably yes."

What else do you say, finally, to your opponents?

"They know that I have not done these things by myself. I agreed with the Pope, I spoke twice with him. He showed himself content [with it]. Now, they create this controversy. A Cardinal must be close to the Pope, by his side. The Cardinals are the Pope's cooperators."

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