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bergoglio's anti-Catholic dream-team of cardinals

bergoglio's anti-Catholic dream-team of cardinals

Ever heard of Constance Cumbey? She wrote a book on the dangers of the "New Age" from a Christiean perspective titled "THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW". She is not Catholic, but at this point in time she is "more Catholic than the pope".

I came across an old article of hers where she (deservedly) goes after EWTN's Father Mitch Pacwa for his luke-warm criticism of new age thinking. I gather that Pacwa was once involved in "new age" practices and thinks very highly of fellow Jesuit Teilhard. Not surprising.


She has a recent article about her concerns of how "new age" thinking is inflitrating the Church. In that article there is a rather remarkable list from 2004 of men that were potential candidates for pope at the time.


The list is broken down as those in favor of "liberal change".in Church teaching and those opposed.

For liberal change:
-- Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
-- Cardinal Godfried Danneels, Mechelen-Brussel, Belgium
-- Cardinal Cláudio Hummes, São Paulo, Brazil
-- Cardinal Walter Kasper, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in Rome
-- Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga Tegucigapa, Honduras

Aganist liberal change:
-- Cardinal Francis Arinze, Nigeria
-- Cardinal Ivan Dias, Bombay, India
-- Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, Mexico City
-- Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Vienna
-- Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, Milan

Where are those on the 2004 "for liberal change" list now?

As we all know bergoglio is pope -- the anti-Catholic pope of "change".

Danneels has been invited to attend the synod on the family even though he is openly in favor of "homosexual marriage" and is a protector of homosexual priests that sexually abuse young boys.


Hummes (cardinal emeritus) is bergoglio's "greatest friend and most influential Cardinal". He was standing next to bergoglio at the moment of his presentation to the world. And Hummes favors more "reforms" to the Mass as reported by Rorate Caeli.


Kasper is of course bergoglio's personal (heretical) theologian.

Maradiaga is the head of bergoglio's personal "council" of cardinals and acts as bergoglio's personal mouth-piece in favor of all things heretical and anti-Catholic.

This is a "dream team" from hell.

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