Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Plim Plim the occult magic clown (and bergoglio's friend)

Plim Plim the occult magic clown (and bergoglio's friend)

Dear reader. I don't want to waste too much of your time discussing an Argentine cartoon clown character for pre-school kids... but I thought you should know....

Please keep your kids away from this show -- and all TV and movies for that matter. This is first class brainwashing for kids. The music and images are addictive and hypnotic.

I at least give credit to the creators for knowing what they are doing in terms of brainwashing kids. This cartoon looks innocent, but this is diabolical training in the occult for kids that can't even read and  can barely speak.

A successful show of this type does not happen by accident. My guess is that behind the scenes there are numerous sophisticated psychological studies that were used to design the characters to make them especially addictive for kids. The question is, who paid the big bucks to create and promote this show?

Do you remember Yu-Gi-Oh? Plim Plim is the same thing only perhaps worse.

At lease one of the artistic creators of the show -- Claudio Pousada -- is a follower of Sri Ravi Shankar the founder of Art of Living Foundation. See for example this video on meditation by Pousada and notice the similarities in the sound effects and style with Plim Plim.


I don't have time to research Sri Ravi Shankar and the Art of Living Foundation, but I think it is safe to assume that this is more of the usual Hindu based New Age spirituality that we saw so much of in the 1960s and since.

Hindu meditation is based on occult practices and beliefs. Any Christian should stay far far away from it and that includes any form of yoga.


Besides the occult, Plim Plim pushes liberal multi-culturalism and environmentalism -- both of these are used by the humanists as very effective tools to destroy the basis of our Christian society.

It could be that Plim stands for "Power Latent In Man" which is one of those new age slogans, but it does not really matter. The fact is that the Plim Plim character is designed from the beginning to spread occult new age ideas to pre-school children.

.... and this occult promoting clown character is the one that bergoglio chooses to be the mascot of his "inter-religious soccer match for peace"....


Come to think of it.... Good choice!

Oh yes, and I almost forgot to mention that selling to pre-school children is a growing market with huge potential profit. Wall Street always has to get their cut of this diabolical business.


"A new hero's born as Plim Plim flies high"


When Sri Sri Ravi Shankar penned the Universal Declaration of Human Values and presented it in the United Nations a few years ago, he could hardly have imagined that his teachings would inspire two Argentina-based media professionals to create an animated series for television.

“Guruji said it was necessary that a new hero was born — a hero who should leave behind violence and embrace the flag of human values,” Claudio Pousada, the director of the series, told DNA recently. “So Plim Plim the Clown, A Hero of the Heart was born, with those characteristics. Each chapter is based on the Declaration of Human Values. Additionally, every character represents the layers of existence as Sri Sri has described it.”

Plim Plim is being aired in 22 countries in Latin America.

“It caters to children between the age of two and six, and enjoys the highest ratings in this age group. It is also popular with parents, since it focusseson values such as co-operation, solidarity, friendship, and caring for the planet in a way that is both funny and inspiring,” he said.
The series has several characters based on African, American, European, Indian and Chinese values.


See Indian language video featuring Plim Plim artistic creator Claudio Pousada and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Notice the kids watching the show frozen in a hypnotic trance state.



From Wikipedia article on Plim Plim


[With my comments in brackets.]

This series is inspired from and based on the teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar the founder of Art of Living Foundation.

The series revolves around the adventures of Plim Plim, a child who combines the features of a clown, hero and a magician. [Notice the use of magic -- i.e. the occult.]

Plim Plim helps his pals whenever they face situations that cannot be taken care of at school and leads them to a magical world where they can have fun and learn too. [Or how to make the occult/magic fun for pre-school kids. As they get older this can easily turn into an attraction for real witchcraft.]

Magical characters [They don't hide the fact that the show involves magic. They just assume that we Christians are so stupid that we won't keep our kids away from it. And they're right.]

Plim Plim: He is a 7-year-old child who combines the features of a clown, a hero, and a magician. He is the only human in this story. He shows up magically from a magical space-time. He is generous, valiant, enthusiastic, and well-intentioned. [Plim Plim has all the humanist/liberal masonic values.... but no God. And in fact he promotes the occult.]

Nesho: He is a 7-year-old elephant. His name has an oriental origin. [ Ganesha is the name of an Indian elephant deity. This is NOT a coincidence. ]

Hoggie: He is a 7-year-old pig who likes to contradict everybody. He is characterized by being moody, grumpy and selfish. His name has an Anglo-Saxon origin and means "pig" in English. [The anglo-saxon character is a pig. Nice "multi-cultural" touch....]

Arafa: She is a giraffe and is 25 years old. She is a sweet, sympathetic, and a motherly teacher. She is the only adult in the series. Her name means "giraffe" in Swahili (African ethnia). [Contrast this to the Hoggie character.]



  1. Now a TV cartoon on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    'Pilgrimage is a journey into oneself '- Sri Ravishankar Tells Priests

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar features among inspiring world leaders in Argentina

    Superclásico espiritual: Bergoglio vs. el Sri Sri , le vienen bien a la desesperacion de los argentinos !

    1. Hi CMJ. Thanks for the links!

      I was surprised to find that bergoglio was unwelcoming to Sri Sri back in Buenos Aires.

      I'm guessing that afterwards Rabbi Skorka must have set bergoglio straight.

      If anything that link proves that bergoglio was well aware of Sri Sri and his meditation movement. So bergoglio's choice of Plim Plim appears to be a conscious decision to endorse this hindu/buddhist based comic strip.

      It is incredible to me that a group of Catholic priests would invite this heir of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to give them a talk.

      Even the beatles were able to see through the maharishi's sham -- but only after they caught him having sex with their girlfriends.

      These "eastern religions" have been used widely by humanists to destroy Christian society. In the past they have been associated with satanists like the theosophists and others.

      Aldous Huxley played a big role in promoting eastern religions in California. And IMO Huxley almost single handedly started the New Age movement in the U.S.

      IMO Huxley was a british agent for the humanists. He went to Hollywood after WWII. He spread his humanists ideas in Hollywood in order to influence the movie industry to spread pro-humanist propaganda.

      Huxley also famously promoted the popularization of the drug culture in Hollywood and California, which later spread throughout the United States. This did more than anything else to corrupt the lives of young people and undermine their Christian upbringing.

      And of course along with drug culture came the sexual revolution which Huxley also promoted. Many of Huxley's friends were homosexuals and one would have to conclude that Huxley himself was also involved in homosexual sex.

      As Christ revealed, where there is one demonic spirit there is more often many. So Huxley was possessed by many demonic spirits that led him to promote drugs, satanic worship, and perverted sex.

      And he carried those demonic spirits with him from britain to the United States and unleashed them like a plague over this continent.

    2. The Huxley brothers were Fabian socialists like HG Wells and Julian was responsible for many screenplay adapations of famous novels - not necessarily totally faithful but famous adaptations - in the 'golden era' of Hollywood - the Greer Garson/Lawrence Oliver Pride and Prejudice, and Joan Fontaine/Orson Welles' Jane Eyre come to mind. Some allege now that Olivier was bisexual, and preferred men to women when it came down to it. I read his autobiography and he never admitted to having any attraction for anyone but women, so not sure if that claim has any merit.

  2. Michael - thanks for posting my comment about the Huxleys. Anyway, I did go look at the yoga story you linked. My only "problem" with this story, while I have no doubt that yoga COULD be a 'window' for a demon (s) to enter into someone, especially as Crowley endorsed it as a regular daily 'exercise' for himself, was that the novus ordo gal allegedly 'possessed' through this means, had the 'demons' inside her get 'upset' when being exposed to the picture of Divine Mercy, which, being John Paul II's Sister Faustina 'devotion,' calls the entire 'tale' of 'possession' posted at this novus ordo link into question. Faustina was condemned by the Holy Office as having had heresy in her journals, and John Paul II was solely responsible for resurrecting that 'devotion.'

    Also, some gal was responsible for practicing "deliverance" on this novus ordo gal, purportedly "possessed." Deliverance is a protestant practice and is NOT Catholic exorcism. There were also something like 21 demons allegedly in this gal from her yoga participation; which, any true account of exorcisms I have read, from the TAN book regarding the famous (or infamous) 1920s Kansas one which, as I recall, St Therese of Lisieux appeared and assisted at, as well as the ones documented by Msgr. Cristiani in his TAN book Evidence of Satan in the Modern World - someone having that many demons inside would seemingly take a real priest several sessions of hard work, lasting from weeks to maybe months. This reality was somewhat accurately depicted in the post Vatican II film on exorcism with Anthony Hopkins called The Rite, though the book that the film was based on had the fantasy of John Paul II's "help" assisting the exorcism cited at the beginning of the book (which caused me to close the cover and consider it a work of fantasy at that point). That being said, the film was closer to Msgr. Cristiani's accounts of his experiences as an exorcist in South America and had what seemed to be more accurate depictions of what transpires during exorcisms. The story linked just had some very 'red flags' of novus ordo fantasy writing.