Saturday, September 20, 2014

Surprise! The synod is 'fixed'

Surprise! The synod is 'fixed'

Rorarte Caeli has translated an article from La Stampa by Marco Tosatti and is calling it "Explosive! One of our most important translations".


Most of the article discusses how the synod on the family (aka the synod on sex) will be manipulated. Is anyone surprised by this?

The same techniques were used and perfected during Vatican II. According to Father Stransky, Cardinal Bea and his "ecumenical" team had all the responses from the bishops worldwide ahead of time and were able to scan them and know who was on their side and who was opposed to them....

Anyway, the part I found interesting was the following quote:

"In effect the Synod itself will not be so important, but the synthesis that will be made thereof, and which will carry the Pope’s signature as a “Post-Synodal Exhortation”. Besides, very probably it will not be a clear definitive text, but based on “fluctuating” interpretation – in such a way that anyone reading it, may construe for himself the parts that are agreeable to him."

This is exactly what I have been predicting.

Still, I'm curious to know -- who is "the pianist"?


Here is what I wrote previously:


The "synod on the family" aka the "synod on sex" because it is really all about justifying all the sexual sins by casting a "mercy spell" is coming up soon...

If you haven't made up your mind about this synod, then what are you waiting for?

Are you taking a "wait and see" attitude?

Have you been completely asleep for the past year?

Are you drunk?

It is crystal clear already that communion for divorced and re-married will be approved.

Now the synodal document will not say that, but....

The secular press will proclaim that it is officially allowed....

The Vatican spokesman (or woman or transgender?) will reply that officially it isn't allowed.... well, sort of.... most of the time..... except under certain vague circumstances.... well, really its up to the priest in the privacy of the confessional.... well, sort of.... except....

This is already happening.... or didn't you notice...

The "synod on sex" will just put its official seal on this chaotic situation.


Also, I stated previously that Michael Voris is going to have a problem with how to deal with the fallout from the synod on the family (aka the synod on sex).


Now the problem for Voris will be this.... IMO the synod will not actually make a statement that says yes or no on any "controversial" issues. It will use Vatican II style pastoral language which can be interpreted however you please.

When the US bishops then interpret the synods statements in the most permissive way will Voris take the bait and go after the bishops again.... and ignore the papal involvement?

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