Saturday, September 20, 2014

Don bergoglio's greatest hits

Don bergoglio's greatest hits

Here is a list of just a few of the "hits" carried out all over the world by don bergoglio -- the godfather of the vatican gay mafia -- and his international team of hitmen.

Protect the Pope blog in England silenced [LINK]

Cardinal Burke exiled [LINK]

Father Justin Wylie whacked (for speaking out in support of the Traditional Latin Mass in New York) [LINK]

Demolition of the Traditional Latin Mass at Fisher More College in Texas [LINK]

Franciscans of the Immaculate emasculated [LINK]

Iraqi Christians exterminated [LINK]

Roberto de Mattei thrown out a tenth story window at Radio Maria [LINK]

Monsignor Charles Pope threatened and intimidated [LINK]


Are you starting to see a pattern yet?

... a trail of tears.


I left the following comment at Protect the Pope, but it was never published because the site was already closed down.

+ + +

I know that you are not able to post comments, but nonetheless I want to give you this link to Chapter 1 of von Hildebrand’s work, The Devastated Vineyard, entitled The Lethargy of the Guardians:


I beg you to read it because it applies directly to your situation.

Here is a quote from the Devastated Vineyard:
(God Bless You)

But they want to silence the faithful believers who take up the cause of orthodoxy, the very people who should by all rights be the joy of the bishops’ hearts, their consolation, a source of strength for overcoming their own lethargy. Instead, these people are regarded as disturbers of the peace. And should it happen that they get carried away in their zeal and express themselves in a tactless or exaggerated manner, they are even suspended. This clearly shows the cowardice which is hidden behind the bishops’ failure to use their authority. For they have nothing to fear from the orthodox; the orthodox do not control the mass media or the press; they are not the representatives of public opinion. And because of their submission to ecclesiastical authority, the fighters for orthodoxy will never be as aggressive as the so-called progressives. If they are reprimanded or disciplined, their bishops run no risk of being attacked by the liberal press and being defamed as reactionary.

This failure of the bishops to make use of their God-given authority is perhaps, in practical consequences, the worst confusion in the Church today. For this failure not only does not arrest spiritual diseases, heresies, and the blatant as well as the insidious (and this is much worse) devastation of the vineyard of the Lord; it even gives free rein to these evils. The failure to use holy authority to protect the holy Faith leads necessarily to the disintegration of the Church.

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