Monday, September 1, 2014

bergoglio teams up with Plim Plim the clown to promote coexist-ence between religions

bergoglio teams up with Plim Plim the clown to promote coexist-ence between religions

Just the other day on CallMeJorge I commented... " It's as if we were watching the Francis the Pope Saturday morning cartoon show.... " LINK

Right on queue the Vatican releases a cartoon of bergoglio playing soccer with Plim Plim the Argentine clown comic character to promote the "Partido Interreligioso por la Paz" (inter-religious soccer match for peace).... and of course bergoglio is the star of the cartoon and scores a "golazo" to the accompaniment of cheers and a shower of confetti.... (what? no balloons and fireworks?)

THIS IS NOT A bergoglio JOKE OF THE DAY... LINK (although I truly wish it were)

Rome Reports has posted the cartoon featuring the two clowns -- Plim Plim and bergoglio.


"Solidarity, teamwork and respect for the environment are just some of the values of this cartoon, which according to its creators, has a lot to do with [bergoglio's liberal/humanist/masonic] message."

Vatican Radio (in Spanish) has an article featuring Plim Plim and get this... a "coexist" banner!!!


OH.... MY.... GOD!


How low can "the humble" bergoglio go in his self-promoting media campaign and in simultaneously destroying the dignity and honor of the papacy?

As the popularity of bergoglio soars the dignity of the papacy plummets.

And what, pray tell, does "coexist" have to do with the mission of the Catholic Church to convert all the nations to Christ and His One True Church?

Short answer: Nothing!

Long answer: It is the antithesis of that mission.

"Coexist" could easily be the banner of the anti-Christ.

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  1. Plim Plim also promotes homosexuality. The Coexist has the color of the gay Flag.

    Sex change in children by Francis indigenous friend and promotion of homosexuality