Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cardinal Burke comments on upcoming synod on the family (video)

Cardinal Burke comments on upcoming synod on the family (video)

I think this video was recorded around April 2014 based on a comment from Cardinal Burke in the video regarding the upcoming canonization of JPII.

It was posted on YouTube ( LINK ) and GloriaTV on July 8, 2014, but this is the first time that I have seen it . At any rate it is very timely with the synod on the family only being a month away.

LifeSiteNews has posted the video as part of an article titled " ‘We have to judge acts’: Vatican’s Cardinal Burke dismantles ‘Who am I to judge?’ "


The video is well worth watching. In it Cardinal Burke directly disputes the arguments presented by Cardinal Kasper in favor of communion for the divorced and re-married.

And it will be interesting to watch what Cardinal Burke and other like-minded Cardinals and bishops say -- and especially do -- before, during and after the synod on the family. I am not overly optimistic, but Cardinal Burke is certainly in my prayers.

By the way, the synod will not include all bishops. Participation is heavily slanted towards the more liberal leaning bishops since there will be mostly representatives from the different national bishop's conferences.


From Wikipedia article on " Synod of Bishops (Catholic) "


Participants in the assembly are elected by the bishops' conferences, one in the case of a conference with no more than 25 members, two if a conference has up to 50 members, three from a conference with up to 100 members, and four from a larger conference.[16] Other participants are heads of Eastern Catholic Churches, ten members of religious institutes elected by the Union of Superiors General, and the cardinals who head departments of the Roman Curia.[17]

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  1. Cardinal Burke seems to be one of only a handful of clergy still attempting to behave as a Catholic in our time of apostasy. I hope for his sake that he doesn't end up caving and going off with the one world religion now that it seems to be being officially announced by Peres to Bergoglio.