Monday, September 1, 2014

Is cartoon bergoglio infallible?

Is cartoon bergoglio infallible?

Here's a thought for all the neo-Catholic defenders of all-things-bergoglio.... and you too Michael Voris.

When the cartoon alter-ego of bergoglio speaks is it also "infallible"? Should the utterances and actions of comi-bergoglio be accepted as dogma and part of the magisterium of the Church? Are we allowed to criticize the virtual-bergoglio's pronouncements on the environment or on the equal value of all religions -- including the Catholic faith?

Just checking... because it looks like we are treading into hitherto unexplored theological territory with regards to papal infallibility.... never before has a pope had a cartoon alter-ego to present Catholic doctrine to the world -- especially toddlers and pre-toddlers.

Just think about that and the implications for the "new evangelization".... will the comi-bergoglio be making guest appearances on Barnie the effeminate purple dinosaur or on the cross-dressing Tele-Tubbies show or on the gay-friendly Sponge Bob square pants comic series.... or even on the Simpsons anti-Christian show... ?

Will their be a new office in the Curia dedicated to "inter-religious dialogue through papal cartoons" with a Cardinal as the head?

One thing we know so far... comi-bergoglio is "infallible" when it comes to scoring soccer goals.... but what if one day he misses? Would this disprove the doctirne of papal infallibility to the delight of the liberals and atheists?

Papalotrists beware.

Dear Michael Voris. Please consider this a wake up call rather than a challenge to your understanding of  the proper way to express loyalty to the papacy. Please, oh please.... no videos criticizing other Catholics for criticizing the papal cartoon character.


On Papalotry
by William Marra, Ph.D.


Before any conclave which elects a Pope, the electors are supposed to pray for guidance by the Holy Spirit. Now, if they are truly men of God, and they really pray, it is to be expected that the Holy Spirit will give them the right choice. But if they’re willful, ambitious, carnal men,  and they are not truly opening themselves to inspiration, an unworthy candidate of their own choosing may be the result.  That doesn’t mean that the man elected ceases to be Pope. That doesn’t mean that he loses the protection of the Holy Spirit when he teaches faith and morals. But it could be that this Pope will end up to be a disaster.

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