Wednesday, September 10, 2014

bergoglio strikes an anti-papal pose

bergoglio strikes an anti-papal pose

Acting anti-papal just comes naturally to bergoglio. While in Korea, his anti-holiness in another anti-"papal first" had his picture taken with priest Fr. Oh Woong-jin in a "heart pose". (See picture below.)

....and the Vatican news service thought this was "newsworthy" enough to post it on there official News.VA Vatican facebook page.... where it got over 1,400 "likes"....


Facebook user Rita Sim comments: "Great:) This pose means heart. Actually we all take its pose with saying "I love you" to each other in South Korea. The pose is taught by Fr. Oh Woong-jin, and also it is a representative pose of using in Flower Village."

Facebook user Plim Plim the clown commented: "Claro que sí!". (I just made that up.... but it wouldn't surprise me at this point...)

Facebook user Lou C. Fer commented: " I can't love him anymore than I do. He is precious." (I didn't make that quote up... but the user's name was Lisa Marie Love.... not Lou C. Fer.... )

News.VA does not tell us if this was followed-up with individual papal "selfies" with each person present....

...we suspect that where there is an anti-papal "heart pose" an anti-papal "selfie" cannot be far behind.

For more on bergoglio's anti-papal "selfie" obsession see CallMeJorge.


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