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The Plim-Plim-ization of Catholic moral teachings

The Plim-Plim-ization of Catholic moral teachings

John Vennari has an excellent article at Catholic Family News on the plan of the synod on the family to destroy Catholic moral teaching and thereby destroy the Church.


He mentions a part of the working document for the synod which suggests using the "language of symbols" to represent the natural law.

That got me thinking. I read through the section of the working document that discusses the natural law and although the document does not come right out and say it, there are so many objections raised to the natural law that it is clear that the plan is to discard this concept entirely.

And again, although the document does not come out and say it the alternative to the natural law seems to be to adopt "universal values" as a basis for Catholic teaching in the area of morality.

Notice in the following passage that it starts off talking about the "values of the Gospel" and ends up talking about a "language of symbols". Frankly, that doesn't make much sense.

So what is it talking about?



A Call for a Renewal in Terms of Language

30. The language traditionally used in explaining the term “natural law” should be improved so that the values of the Gospel can be communicated to people today in a more intelligible manner. In particular, the vast majority of responses and an even greater part of the observations request that more emphasis be placed on the role of the Word of God as a privileged instrument in the conception of married life and the family, and recommend greater reference to the Bible, its language and narratives. In this regard, respondents propose bringing the issue to public discussion and developing the idea of biblical inspiration and the “order in creation,” which could permit a re-reading of the concept of the natural law in a more meaningful manner in today’s world (cf. the idea of the law written in the human heart in Rm 1:19-21; 2:14-15). Moreover, this proposal insists on using language which is accessible to all, such as the language of symbols utilized during the liturgy. The recommendation was also made to engage young people directly in these matters.


IMO to understand what this section is referring to we need to turn to Plim Plim -- bergoglio's occult magic clown friend.


You see the creators of Plim Plim were inspired by the new age guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his teaching on universal human values. (Of course these are secular humanists values which at times are in direct contradiction to Catholic moral teaching.)

Plim Plim has different cartoon characters which can be used to represent different values. Each character is represented by a different animal and can have an associated color, musical instrument, saying, etc.

So the suggestion in the working document seems to be to abandon Catholic moral teaching based on natural law and substitute instead "universal" secular humanist values. Of course these values would have to be backed up by "Gospel values".

No problem, the homosexuals and feminists have been re-interpreting Holy Scripture for years -- reading into it whatever they want.

Next once there is a nice short list of "values" use symbols and colors to represent them -- kind of like Plim Plim's cute little satanic "coexist" banner... same idea.

Based on bergoglio's sermons and other statements some of these "universal values" might be:
- be nice
- be tolerant
- save the environment
- don't gossip
- don't judge
- live and let live
- don't proselytize
- world peace
- love
- end poverty
- human rights
- etc.

These are your typical godless humanist values which lead to "homosexual marriage", legalized abortion, high divorce rates, single parent homes, etc. And the synod on the family's working document says that the Catholic Church should just accept all of these things because... well, because that's just the way it is.

If this initiative by the synod of the family is successful -- and I think it will be -- then you can say "bye-bye" to the Catholic Church.

At first you won't recognize what the Church has become and then the Church will just disappear because it will have lost its identity and become indistinguishable from the humanist milieu that already surrounds us.

Come to think of it, that is already happening.

The only distinguishable Catholic entity which remains is the traditionalist movement which upholds the immutable truths handed down by Christ and the Apostles. No wonder that it attracts so much attention from young people who are sick and tired of this godless society which promises "happiness" but is totally incapable of delivering on that promise.

... because earthly "happiness" is an illusion, but we can find comfort and peace in this world through Jesus Christ and we can find Christ in the eucharist and in the sacraments.

It's really very simple. We already have the answers. We don't need a "synod on the family" to "update" Church teaching. What needs "updating" is our godless society by converting back to His Church.

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