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bergoglio and the One World Faith

bergoglio and the One World Faith

As I mentioned in an earlier post the new Left Behind movie is scheduled to be released by Hollywood on October 3 -- just in time for the synod on the family.


The movie opening will come just weeks after Peres has asked bergoglio to become the head of a new "united religions" organization.


In the book series there are two popes. (Note: I never read the books and am relying on the Wikipedia description.)

The first pope is raptured (that's supposed to be good) because he has adopted protestant beliefs.

The second pope that takes his place is not raptured obviously (that's supposed to be bad). This pope becomes Pontifex Maximus of Enigma Babylon One World Faith.

Which description best fits bergoglio? I would say both. Who cares about being "raptured" anyway? Where is that described in the Apocalypse Of Saint John? That's just a bunch of baloney that some protestant sectarians made up.

So both fictional characters are equally bad and equally anti-Catholic. And yet bergoglio seems to match the description of both of them.

You can't make this stuff up folks... I mean it is made up... except the part about bergoglio that is... too bad... does he read these books for inspiration? has to wonder....

Oh, yeah. Here's a trailer.


And NO, I don't recommend watching the movie.


Left Behind - criticisms from Catholics


"The books are written from a Protestant viewpoint. As a result some believe the books are anti-Catholic, noting that many Catholics were not raptured and that the new pope establishes a false religion. While the fictional Pope, John XXIV, was raptured, he is described as having embraced some of the views of the "Father of Protestantism" Martin Luther and it is implied that he was raptured for this reason. His successor, Pope Peter II, becomes Pontifex Maximus of Enigma Babylon One World Faith, an amalgamation of all remaining world faiths and religions."

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