Friday, September 5, 2014

On the infallibility of the Pope when he teaches on faith and morals

On the infallibility of the Pope when he teaches on faith and morals

"Before any conclave which elects a Pope, the electors are supposed to pray for guidance by the Holy Spirit. Now, if they are truly men of God, and they really pray, it is to be expected that the Holy Spirit will give them the right choice. But if they’re willful, ambitious, carnal men,  and they are not truly opening themselves to inspiration, an unworthy candidate of their own choosing may be the result.  That doesn’t mean that the man elected ceases to be Pope. That doesn’t mean that he loses the protection of the Holy Spirit when he teaches faith and morals. But it could be that this Pope will end up to be a disaster."

-- William Marra, Ph.D.



My comments:

Does anyone see the Holy Spirit at work in the ponitificate of jorge mario bergoglio?

What does it mean when the pope promotes false teachings in the areas of faith and morals?

What would Bill Marra have to say about the bergoglio papacy?

Isn't the changing of Church teaching on communion for the divorced and re-married a "game changer"?

I read the excuses of SSPX theologians as to why the "canonizations" of JPII and John XXIII were not infallible acts and was not totally convinced even though I wanted to be....

But what possible theological excuse can there be for changing Church teaching in the area of divorce? Even when it is dressed up in VII-style "pastoral" language....

... not to mention changing Church teaching on the intrinsically sinful nature  of homosexual acts which is the next logical step....

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St. Athanasius, pray for us.

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