Saturday, September 20, 2014

bergoglio appoints "flattering parasite" Cupich as Archbishop of Chicago

bergoglio appoints "flattering parasite" Cupich as Archbishop of Chicago

... or just how slimy do you have to be to become an archbishop in bergoglio's "age of mercy"... hint: it helps if you can slither on your stomach... which doesn't come easily or naturally, but requires much practice to master the technique...

NOTE: "flattering parasite" is a common definition of sycophant.

"BREAKING: Pope Francis names Spokane bishop to Chicago, dashing conservative hopes"



Below are excerpts from an America magazine article on bergoglio by Blase Cupich from October 2013. An appropriate subtitle for this article would be "confessions of a papal sycophant".


"Francis the Witness: The pope presents a fresh vision of the Gospel" by Blase J. Cupich


[bergoglio], a remarkable personality...a gorgeous personality of humility, of spirituality, of religiosity

you see a man [bergoglio] you tremendously admire, who I think is going to have a tremendous effect on the world

we should drink the tea [referring to bergoglio -- I think he meant to say koolaid...]

[bergoglio] has experienced the same rush of speechless wonder and graced love

[bergoglio] sits in stunned disbelief that he is being singled out for discipleship. This is Jorge Bergolio’s story. The impact of seeing the face of God anew, a face which radiates first and foremost with graced compassion, has changed his life

[bergoglio has] an unquenchable thirst “to know the Lord more and follow Him more closely.”

[bergoglio] is centered in pursuing more and more the One who mercifully loves him, seeking God, discerning God’s activity and will in all things. This is why he is patient, not impulsive in making decisions; why he is attentive “to the things that happen, the feeling of the people, especially the poor,” and why thinking with the church means being part of “the people of God on the journey through history, with joys and sorrows.”

We should focus on a person [bergoglio] who reveals himself as a fresh witness of the Gospel, who is stirring our hearts to take up the journey with him as a fellow disciple with new vigor and purpose. His words and witness are an invitation to humbly and actively seek God working in the world and in the people called to be God’s own.


That's enough! I'm getting sick already.

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