Tuesday, September 23, 2014

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

Ten best ways to spot a 'c'atholic crypto-freemason.

1. He never kneels before the sacrament... but he kneels for the "blessing" of anti-Catholic ministers.
2. He is always speaking of "co-existence" between Catholicism and false religions.
3. Some of his closest "friends" are rabbis and protestant ministers.
4. He says that muslims, jews and Catholics all worship the same "god".
5. He never misses an opportunity to slam REAL Catholics.
6. All the other anti-Catholic crypto-freemasons can't stop saying good things about him.
7. He says the Gospel of Jesus Christ is really about feeding the poor and NOT leading poor lost souls to heaven.
8. He pretends to love the Blessed Virgin but at the same time insults her through his words and actions.
9. He talks about Jesus as if He was one of many prophets and NOT the Son of God.
10. Once in a while he will mix in a little Catholic Truth with his blasphemies to keep from being too obvious.


Hey! I see what you're doing here...

What am I doing here?

You're describing bergoglio's words and actions and saying that this is what a crypto-freemason would say or do...


I'm thinking...


Still thinking...


I'm still thinking...

Its not that hard...

Do we really deserve this?

Yes, that is the right answer...

Actually it was a question.

No, actually it was an answer.

The answer is a question?


God works in mysterious ways.

Yes, that is the same answer.

It is?... God have mercy...

I think we're done.

Anything else?

Pray the Rosary.

[Together] Hail Mary....

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