Thursday, September 4, 2014

Michael Voris vs. EWTN

Michael Voris vs. EWTN

The last two installments of the Vortex on ChurchMilitantTV have been full out attacks on EWTN for having abandoned the mission of the founder, Mother Angelica.



The problem with EWTN in my opinion is TMJP2 -- too much John Paul II. I'm thinking specifically of Jesuit Father Mitch Pacwa who refers to JPII as "John Paul the Great".  Voris points out that it was Mother Angelica's criticisms of one of the sacrileges committed at a JPII (John Paul "the great"?) World Youth Day event which got Mother Angelica in trouble with the US bishops -- especially L.A.'s archbishop Mahoney.

I stopped watching EWTN before bergoglio became pope (because of TMJP2), so I can't comment on how that has affected the network.

However, I have seen the bergoglio effect on some of EWTN owned media companies.

EWTN owns Catholic News Agency (CNA) which lately is nearly indistinguishable from the ultra-liberal National Catholic Reporter. This is due to the uncritical coverage of bergoglio which means that they end up giving support for all the left-leaning bergoglio causes.

EWTN owns the National Catholic Register which features -- among others -- the foul-mouthed Mark Shea. What gets Shea started up with his expletives is anyone who dares to criticize bergoglio's heretical acts and statements.

Of course we will have to wait to see whether Voris will cross the line and call out the pope himself in his attacks on the "revolutionaries" within the Church.

I have suspected for a while that some of Voris' backers have told him that the pope is off limits. But there is a hint in these latest Vortex shows that Voris and his backers might be willing to break their own hands-off-the-pope rule if the synod on the family allows communion for the divorced and re-married.

Now the problem for Voris will be this.... IMO the synod will not actually make a statement that says yes or no on any "controversial" issues. It will use Vatican II style pastoral language which can be interpreted however you please.

When the US bishops then interpret the synods statements in the most permissive way will Voris take the bait and go after the bishops again.... and ignore the papal involvement?

So anyway I fully back Michael Voris in this latest initiative to call out EWTN. It needs to be done and he is the only Catholic out there with enough influence to effectively do it.


Also noteworthy, Michael has just released a "special report" about Cardinal Dolan's capitulation in allowing homosexuals to march in the N.Y. St. Patrick's Day parade.



  1. Don't hold your breath waiting for Voris to start criticizing Francis' heteredox words and deeds. After Voris' vortex episode promoting opus dei, I have long suspected he is involved with the cult himself in some manner or other. And the cult (opus dei) will not touch the pope for fear of being subject to some inquisitorial "inspection" a la FFI, as well as for fear of losing their much cherished sources of money (for many of them, their god) and their "personal prelature" status. This is mainly what holds back Voris, IMHO, from speaking the truth about Francis. Remember, as it stands, from one of his vortex episodes, Francis is the "most misunderstood pope in history" (!!!). Go figure.

    Regarding, the Bergoglian Oktober revolution, I agree. No explicit statements overturning church doctrine will be made. But the door will be left wide open for "pastoral solutions" de facto altering the praxis of the church.

    1. Dear "Anonymous,"
      Your idle speculation is just that--idle speculation. Michael Voris is not involved with Opus Dei, and in fact, from what I understand Opus Dei doesn't even like him.