Saturday, September 6, 2014

bergoglio's un-holy spirit

bergoglio's un-holy spirit

I will get right to the point.

bergoglio's perception of the Holy Spirit is a protestant one -- really a pentecostal/evangelical/charismatic one.

Protestants stress the Holy Spirit as a sort of direct hotline to God.

The Catholic Church as established by Jesus Christ is hierarchical and the Holy Spirit is received through the sacraments.

Protestants through their perceived direct access to the Holy Spirit bypass the Church hierarchy and think that they don't need the sacraments.

As a consequence bergoglio is attempting to "de-sacramentalize" the Catholic Church.

Based on this mis-perception of the Holy Spirit bergoglio spreads protestant errors like:
- having a "personal relationship with Jesus" because he doesn't believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
- "baptism of the spirit" (or "anointing of the spirit") because he does not believe in the efficacy of the sacraments to transform the faithful into followers of Christ.

I could go on, but hopefully you get the idea.

The image that I want to leave in your mind is that of a Christian Army -- the Church Militant.

An army needs discipline. That is what the sacraments give us.

An army needs leaders. That is what the Church hierarchy gives us.

In contrast the protestants reject discipline and they reject orders handed down through the hierarchy. They each want to decide for themselves on a personal level what their marching orders are.

True Catholic evangelization seeks to transform society by making Christ the King.

Protestant evangelization focuses on the individual and claims that society as a whole need not be structured on a Christian basis. At least that is what most present day protestants seem to believe, although this was not always the case in protestant history. But this seems to be the inevitable outcome of the protestant heresy.

This is a consequence of the individualistic nature of the protestant misperception of the personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. This leads to the protestant notion of "religious liberty" which then leads to "ecumenism", which leads to secular humanism, which leads to atheism....

You can imagine what this does to the effectiveness of the Christian Army.

What this means is that bergoglio as the general of the Chrisian Army is ordering his troops to abandon their weapons and disobey the orders of their superiors.

Paradoxically, in this situation all we can do as Catholics is turn to God who is the ultimate source of all authority. And God in his mercy has given us two centuries of Catholic teachings and the saints to guide us. So it is clear what we must do until the leadership of our Church regains its senses.

We must remain Catholic.

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