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Bishop Blase Cupich prohibited priests from praying the rosary outside of abortion clinics

Bishop Blase Cupich prohibited priests from praying the rosary outside of abortion clinics

In 2011 Blase Cupich as Bishop of Spokane, Washington made headlines in the pro-life world for opposing particpation of Catholics in 40 Days for Life.

Now he has been selected as the new Archbishop of Chicago by bergoglio...


"Confusion as Spokane bishop asks priests not to join 40 Days for Life vigils"
by Kathleen Gilbert

LINK [LifeSiteNews -- September 2011]

Pro-life leaders in Washington state are expressing bewilderment after their Catholic bishop apparently urged diocesan priests and seminarians in a September meeting not to pray outside abortion clinics.

John Weingarten of 40 Days for Life Spokane told that the instruction from Bishop Blase J. Cupich was potentially devastating for the local group, now only two weeks from launching this year’s fall campaign, as it is composed almost totally of Catholics and normally enjoys the support of local pro-life priests.


BTW, Kathleen Gilbert who wrote the article above gave up her career in pro-life journalism to become a Carmelite nun in October 2012. Please keep her in your prayers. I am sure that at this very moment she is praying for all of us and for the Church that she loves so much.

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"Farewell to Kathleen Gilbert"
by John Westen @LifeSiteNews


Today, Sunday October 14, Kathleen Gilbert our beloved former US Bureau Chief and intrepid reporter enters the Carmelite convent in Buffalo NY.  It is a time mixed with joy, pride, and hope, but also with sadness and hardship.  The sadness and hardship are easily understood on the physical realm: a great reporter with the skill to undertake the most sensitive subjects with care and discernment will no longer be investigating and writing for us.  However, after extracting many many promises of continued prayers Kathleen, I can safely say, will remain on the LifeSiteNews team. 

There was a very nice write-up of Kathleen’s journey from LifeSiteNews reporter to nun over at Catholic News Agency.

I would urge you to check it out.....


Here are a few highlights:

"Pro-life news career helps journalist discover religious vocation"

On Oct. 14, Kathleen Gilbert, former LifeSiteNews U.S. Bureau Chief, will begin her first year as a postulant for the Discalced Carmelites in Buffalo, N.Y.


Gilbert wanted to study exorcism and demonology, but eventually became a journalist, giving up her post-graduate studies in theology to write full time for, a non-profit online news site dedicated to covering stories from the culture, life and family spheres.

But that shift in plans was possible only because of the spiritual nature of her work, which was “enough to satisfy my desire to do good and, especially, fight evil,” she said.

“It was an absolutely spiritual workplace. Our daily bread is prayer,” she said. “Being able to bring such single-mindedness towards God into one’s daily work routine is a real privilege.”

Farewell Kathleen, we’ll be counting on your prayers always.

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