Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Don bergoglio makes Cardinal Burke an offer he can't refuse

Don bergoglio makes Cardinal Burke an offer he can't refuse

Obviously Cardinal Burke is doing something right.... otherwise he wouldn't be on the enemies list of the godfather of the gay mafia.

... and just in time for the synod on sex... i mean the sin-od on the family...


"Vatican Diary / Exile to Malta for Cardinal Burke"

As the impeccable prefect of the supreme tribunal of the apostolic signatura, he is on the verge of being demoted to the purely honorary role of “patron” of an order of knighthood. At the behest of Pope Francis

by Sandro Magister


+ + +

[28] Take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock, wherein the Holy Ghost hath placed you bishops, to rule the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood. [29] I know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock. [30] And of your own selves shall arise men speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.
-- The Acts of the Apostles 20:28-30



  1. In the chess game, is this his losing move?

    1. And who is going to declare "checkmate"?... no I don't think so.

      Most of the neo-Catholics will still continue waiting for 'c'atholic politicians to be denied communion. It is the neo-Catholics that deny reality. The 'c'atholics are fully aware of the real situation of the Church.

      The synod will go on as planned. This was clear months ago when Kasper revealed the blueprints. It was clear even before that when the "surveys" were sent out...

      Those who refuse to see the reality of the situation will, I"m afraid, not be shocked into reality by this.

      And I think this is in large part because even though they may appear to be "conservative" they are actually full-fledged liberals... they defend the separation of Church and state... they believe in religious liberty and some form of "ecumenism" and "inter-religious dialogue"...

      They defend "democracy" and the rest of the masonic propaganda package including the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence as if these were given to us by God himself.

      The masons have spread their poison to the farthest reaches of the earth and have all the positions of power... the only thing left standing in the way of implementing their godless utopian (dystopian) dream was the Catholic Church.

      Vatican II changed all that. Will the neo-conservatives turn against VII? Was even Cardinal Burke against VII? No, or he would have taken a position similar to the SSPX....

      ... the game goes on.

    2. Some conservatives will complain about this but others will say the holy spirit is working to restore the faith back in the church. Why the Knights of Malta will rescue Christendom once again with Burke at the helm! The whole time ignoring that Burke is a yes man for the papacies of Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and yes Francis too. These same people conveniently forget Burke and his scandal with Sister Julie Green, formerly known as Joel Green before the sex change operation. It is certainly an offer Burke cannot refuse because he can be loyal to Francis while at the same time appearing as a martyr for the faith to those in the conservative camp. Everyone wins!


    3. Hi CMJ,

      Basically, yeah if Cardinal Burke had really wanted to rock the boat of St. Peter there have been plenty of opportunities.

      I like Cardinal Burke, but we are way beyond "conservative" Church politics....

      Archbishop Lefebvre described Vatican II as WW III. The stakes could not be higher. And yet the "conservatives" act as if this was just a friendly sports match where everyone is playing by the rules....

      It's not "the Church of Nice" that we are dealing with.... it's more like "the Church of Hell"....

      Yours in Christ,