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bergoglio as the king of all religions

bergoglio as the king of all religions

Please see the excellent article provided by Novus Ordo Watch titiled "Here it comes... Shimon Peres to Francis: We need a “United Nations of All Religions”!" (yes, I know it is a sedevacantist site) here:


Please pay special attention to the excerpts in the article from Pope St. Pius X, Apostolic Letter Notre Charge Apostolique. I cannot say often enough that Pius X was a prophet for our times.

[And no I don't endorse sedevacantism, but it must be said that during the bergoglio papacy some of the most clear analysis of his heresies has come from the sedevacantists.]

What's going on? In my opinion this is an (desperate?) attempt to shore up the (crumbling?) reputation of bergoglio in anticipation of the upcoming synod on the family -- aka the "synod on sex"... aka the Oktober revolution.

The anti-Catholic forces have a huge stake in forcing the Catholic Church to abandon her teachings on morality -- especially sexual morality. Once the divorced and re-married are admitted to communion then the door is open to homosexuals and others who practice moral perversion.

And if the Catholic Church does not willingly open those doors then they will be forced open through legislative action in the courts. After all.... who is the Catholic Church to judge who should or should not receive communion?

This will open the door to other court challenges based on "human rights". Don't women have the right to be priests/bishops/cardinals/pope? Who is the Catholic Church to judge? On what rational basis do we argue against women priests in order to convince the secular judges? Religious liberty? That struck out with Obamacare because "human rights" trumps religious rights.

What about the natural law? Well that is no longer recognized by secular courts of law -- even though the whole western judicial system is originally based on natural law.

The anti-Catholic forces only need a small break in the wall to rush in their forces. They are concentrating all their artillery on the perceived weak spot in the wall which is the issue of communion for the divorced and re-married. And they have plenty of traiterous support from within the fortress walls of the Catholic Church...

... including apparently the pope himself, jorge bergoglio -- the man that they want now to proclaim the "king of all religions"....

... perhaps they should take a cue from Pilate and create a banner that bergoglio can hold over his head in english, italian and hebrew -- "the king of all religions"

ah, but then the jews will protest... "we have no king"...

... just notice how the state of israel responds to United Nations declarations that are critical of it... "we have no king"


Vatican Insider article: "Peres’ proposal to Francis to set up a UN of religions"



The Italian Catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana has interviewed peres and provides this preview of the full interview.

Original Italian article:


Google english translation:



09/04/2014 Meeting reserved in the Vatican: The former Israeli president has proposed to the Pope a body that brings together the major denominations and act as a peacekeeping force in the conflict. In this exclusive interview with Famiglia Cristiana, the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 explains why, after the failure of international diplomacy, this is the only way to build peace. And why just to head it must be Francis.

Riccardi: "Appreciable the spirit of Peres"

Tomasi: "From Peres a proposal that marks a turning point"
The observer of the Holy See at the United Nations: "From the Israeli leader recognizing that Francis is a symbol ...
September 4, 2014
"In the past, most of the wars were motivated by the idea of ​​the nation. Today, however, wars are being waged primarily under the guise of religion. At the same time, however, if I look around I know one thing: perhaps for the first time in history, the Holy Father is a respected leader as such not only by so many people, but also the most diverse religions and their leaders. Indeed, perhaps the only truly respected leader. For this I got the idea that I proposed to Pope Francis ... ".

Shimon Peres, 91, president of the State of Israel until last July, and the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1994.
In this interview, granted exclusively to the Christian Family, Shimon Peres, 91, star of the foundation and then the life of the State of Israel of which he was president until July 24 of this year, the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1994 together with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, presented the draft of which was a participant in the meeting this morning the Pope in the Vatican. "Today we are faced with hundreds, perhaps thousands of terrorist movements that claim to kill in the name of God. 'A whole new war than in the past, both in the technical and especially in motivation. To oppose this, we derived the United Nations Organization. E 'a political organization but has neither the armies of the nations who had neither the conviction that produce religions. And this is evident when the UN sends in the Middle East peace keepers who come from the Fiji Islands or the Philippines and they are kidnapped by terrorists, which can make the UN Secretary General? A beautiful statement. Which has neither the strength nor the effectiveness of any Pope's homily, in which only St. Peter's Square gathers half a million people. "
"And then, noting that the UN has had its day, what we need is an organization of the United Religions, a United Nations of religions. It would be the best way to fight these terrorists who kill in the name of faith, because the majority of people are not like them, practice their religion without killing anyone, without even thinking about it. And I think that there should also be a Charter of the United Religions, just as there is the UN Charter. The new charter would serve to establish on behalf of all faiths who cut the throats of the people, or make mass killings, as we see done in recent weeks, it has nothing to do with religion. That 's what I have proposed to the Pope. "
- Well you would see the pope as leader of the United Religions?
"Yes, for the reasons I said before, however, and also because he has already tried inviting Abu Mazen, the patriarch of Constantinople and me to pray in the Vatican."

- Yet there were also those who said what good is prayer, when there are people who kill?
"The people who most often shoot today, almost always says to do so in the name of God. What is needed is just an indisputable moral authority that says aloud: no, God does not want and will not allow it. You absolutely must fight against this exploitation of the name of God. Whoever may think that God is a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism? You see, those who demand that she says, is one that underestimates the strength of the human soul. There are not a few who make this mistake. But we should not become cynical. The man is far from being just a collection of flesh and blood. "

The full text of the interview
Christian Family # 37 on newsstands
and in the parish next Thursday


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