Wednesday, September 17, 2014

did bergoglio say "no, no, no NGO" or "go, go, go NGO"?

did bergoglio say "no, no, no NGO" or "go,  go, go NGO"?

NOTE: This is a followup to "Caritas -- what's wrong with this video?" - LINK

I commented in that article that "There's just one thing missing from the new Caritas video -- any mention of the Catholic Church. Also missing -- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

From Bill O’Keefe, a vice-president at "Catholic Relief Services" -- the American branch of Catholic charities, comes this remarkable statement:

"We assist people of all backgrounds and religions and we do not attempt to engage in discussions of faith. We’re proud of that. We like to say that we assist everybody because we’re Catholic, we don’t assist people to become Catholic.”

Essentially he is saying, "We’re ‘proud’ that we don’t discuss the Catholic faith."


Why do I have the feeling that O'Keefe would be more comfortable saying that he is a vice-president of CRS.... rather than CATHOLIC Relief Services....

That way he wouldn't risk potentially "offending" any muslims, jews, protestants, buddhists, hindus, atheists, satanists, freemasons, secular humanists, new age earth worshippers, etc.

One wonders whether O'Keefe actually believes in the salvation of souls through the Holy Catholic Church....

... ditto for bergoglio.... if it looks like an NGO and talks like an NGO and waddles like an NGO and likes to swim in an NGO pond with other NGOs.... then....


From LifeSiteNews


"For CRS to be ‘proud’ of the fact that it doesn't evangelize may help it to get grants from the federal government," said Steven Mosher, president of Population Research Institute. "After all, such activities are specifically forbidden to federal grantees. But it is an abdication of their responsibility as Catholics - really everyone's responsibility as Catholics - to spread the Gospel."

Michael Hichborn, director of American Life League’s Defend the Faith project, agreed.

“The bottom line is that there can be no division between charity and the work of evangelism,” he said.  “But CRS just stated that it is ‘proudly’ doing just that.”

Hichborn told LifeSiteNews he believes the statement highlights the fact that for CRS social works supersede evangelization.  

But in reality, he argued, charitable works “are the loving tools by which we evangelize. Any act to divorce evangelization from works of charity neuters the Church and relegates charity to mere philanthropy. Catholic Relief Services, by their own admission, is content to feed bodies and starve souls."

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